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Another LW Episode... And More of the Same

Here we are again. Another LW episode and we have as expected:

Same Bland Map
Same Useless Masteries
Same Ugly Armor Designs
Same Aimless, Empty Story
Same Lack of Any Actual End-Game Content
And to top it all off, this is a BRAHAM focused episode. Because we clearly haven't been annoyed to death by that character enough. Here he is featured front and center.
Double, triple, quadrupling down on this same awful content again and again. Is this really what all that gem store profit goes to? This?

Maybe next episode will be better?! Nope, we have a whole season/year of this to go.

GW 2, a once brilliant and exciting game has been dying a steady death. Unless it gets new blood and new direction, this is all we can ever look forward to.


  • Ghetx.1752Ghetx.1752 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 29, 2020

    @Ruadan.9301 said:

    • Geographically, objectively, Western Bjora marches aren't bland. Anet are masters of map design and this map extension is beautiful to look at. I found Eastern Bjora somewhat bland, but not this. The colours are vibrant, the soundscape vivid, and verticality really makes you feel like you are in the mountains. I wanted this feeling and I am glad episode 2 delivers.

    You realize not everyone has good enough computer to enjoy actual looks of the stuff in game,right?

    I bet you 90% if not more playerbase plays on medium graphic.

    So,lets focus all of our effort into how map looks,something that less than 10% playerbase can enjoy,rather than focusing on things everyone could enjoy.

    I started story and logged off,not even 20 min into it.Why?

    Because masteries are useless.Map is going to die in 20 days same as every single map released so far.There won't be any use of those masteries after 20 days.

    Look at the previous masteries (example ) Bond Of Faith.Useful thing,same as many others until Icebrood Saga started.18 mastery points,not a single useful ability.

    37 Achievements for emote?No thank you.Its not like anyone pays attention to emote,and its not like i can wear it and actually enjoy it,unless im standing and /emote like lunatic 10 hours a day every day until i go literally crazy.


    Anyone who tells you they don't play for rewards is hardcore lying.

    That's why riba goes for 24/7,Halloween lab lfg with over 20 different squads for the full duration,AB,DS,TD meta events,daily fractals...After some time there's nothing left to do but farm and working on that new items you want/need.

    Latelly,farming new maps for rewards simply doesn't pays off.There's really a limit one can do events that gets him Eternal Ice Shards,1 bag of gear of unidentified gear and Drop of Liquid Karma.

    You gonna spend 10 hours doing new map and earn 50 gold,you could easily earn 200 gold doing anything else for same amount of time.

  • cptaylor.2670cptaylor.2670 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Snowy zones aren't really my favorite, but this part of the map is anything but bland. It's actually quite beautiful. Lots of places to explore.
    The bad thing about the map is just that, as I said in another thread, I feel like I'm being funneled into the same events over and over again. Events that aren't overly exciting.
    Like, why are there three events dedicated to carrying fish to a table? lol.....

    Masteries - agree. And they're just an absolute pain to try and get because it feels like some stacks fall off by the time I need to do something with more mobs of the type I need.

    Ugly armor design - yeah, the raven set isn't really that exciting. But at least it isn't some asymmetrical spiky crystal gear again.

    End-game - is dead. End-game is strike missions. And potentially some new fractal at some point but that's about it. Honestly I find the strike missions pretty challenging but I usually just go into public with no formal group comp and hope for the best - only to usually wipe. The rewards are just usually pretty lame, as they are everywhere else in the game. Dismal chance to get something cool and unique with about a 99% chance to get some blues and greens with some map currency.

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    I love snowy maps and yeah it is a map which isn’t up to the standard they once set. A real shame because it appears that the once excellent map design and map storytelling of old is all but gone.

    It just lacks the excitement a GW2 map used to have

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