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3 small trait twiks to ranger that could really make an impact

LughLongArm.5460LughLongArm.5460 Member ✭✭✭
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I would like to offer 3 changes to the 3 most problematic trait-lines of the Ranger profession, in my opinion. The following will not solve all our issues, but I predict will have huge impact on build diversity without investing much development resources.

Minor Grandmaster: Regain opening strike whenever you gain fury.

Remorseless: Opening Strike has an increased chance to critically strike, Opening strike deals more damage.

Why this change is needed?
As we all know, the MARKSMANSHIP minors are probably the worst minors in the game without the Remorseless trait. This trait-line really pushes you for one direction instead of opening build and game play diversity. With this setup, Remorseless builds will be unaffected, while non Remorseless builds could benefit from MARKSMANSHIP minors and other traits/abilities which were designed with the original "Remorseless" mechanic" in mind. (Such as the brutish seals for example).

Minor Grandmaster: When swapping weapons, the next ranger weapon skill you use will recharge faster.

Quick Draw: replaced with the new Hunter's Tactics: Increased damage and chance to critically strike while attacking from behind or the side

Why this change is needed?
Not only that the Quick Draw effects fits perfectly with the SKIRMISHING trait-line "minors theme", it is also much more suitable for a dynamic hybrid damage nature of the SKIRMISHING traitline(power and condi) . Also if we look at the new "Hunter's Tactics", with both damage bonus and crit bonus, it definitely qualifies as a "Major Grand master quality trait" on the same level of traits like "Predator's Onslaught" and "Oppressive Superiority". And like "Predator's Onslaught" and "Oppressive Superiority", "Hunter's Tactics" is a specialized trait while "Quick Draw" is much more holistic in nature and would benefit to every gamplay style and game content.

Minor Grandmaster: Reduces the duration of movement-impairing conditions. Your movement speed is increased as long as you have none of these conditions.
Natural Stride: replaced with Natural Mender: "Increase outgoing healing whenever you heal another ally"

Why this change is needed?
The current druid passives doesn't offer enough gameplay versatility to the druid specialization, other than a dedicated group healing support gameplay . Druid is the only support specialization with its minors designed like that. This change will offer some unique utility to druids that will benefit other builds and gamplay beside group healing. Natural Mender role is a Specialized trait, makes much more sense for it not be a minor trait. Specialized group healers(especially in PVE) will probably keep on using Natural Mender.


  • anduriell.6280anduriell.6280 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I think ranger could also benefit from:

    • Markmanship:
      Trait to improve access to cripple. We have a trait like predators onslaught but no way to trigger the effect other than with opening strike (alpha focus) . Maybe a trait which triggers on crit with an icd? Focus in power damage and crowd control. It could replace the trait farsighted and thus remove a bit of powercreep.

    • Skirmish:
      The traitline needs access to sharpened edges to minor, hidden barbs to make that minor reliable. It needs to be focus to apply conditions, one trait to trigger on pet swap. Like maybe a trait which add expertise and condition damage for a brief time after a pet swap.

    • Nature magic
      It could benefit to bring back spirits unbound.

    • Beast mastery:
      Needs to make ranger baseline all the stat increase and speed to pets . This trait is too dominant right now in all subclases as it is required for pets when fighting players.

    • Wilderness survival.
      Another trait line too dominant because it holds the only reliable cleanses the ranger can get. Empathic bond needs to be moved to another traitline (i say BM ).

    Those changes seem pretty simple and it would helps lot to make ranger less clunkly to play with. It would need much more work to bring the class to a same playibility as other classes but it could be a beginning .

  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Invigorating bond:: change it to apply effect whenever you switch pet (and, if need be, balance the healing amount). This trait and it's 20s CD have been bothering me for far to long already. I just can't stand this ridiculous CD.

  • Eleazar.9478Eleazar.9478 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 6, 2020

    Jokes on you they dont read the ranger forums, but I love the change