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  1. You are missing the part where while in hulk mode the hammer don't do any CC (aparently). Check the end of the video the jumping attack does not knockdown the target. Can it be the hulk mode works in a similar way to AAO but does direct strike damage instead CC? That would be a change.
  2. Hulk mode seems to be high damage spike. Maybe in hulk mode CC abilities do extra damage instead CC. That would be change...
  3. Um does it look like the pet is rooted while in the green state? It looks like the ranger/pet can not move if they have the green goo
  4. Is it me or the pet/ranger is rooted while the green state is on the them ?
  5. The PvP forums are already complaining because pets connect some attacks the rivers of whining will overflow when more pet damage comes into play.
  6. Let's see how the mechanics works in a WvW setting. I am afraid this elite will do nothing for zerg play because single target pet.
  7. So it seems more damage from the pet incoming for PvP which is abold statement against thread like this. This is going to be so much fun.
  8. Ufff i hope no resource management. Best i could accept would be like a swap in/out where the resource is reset everytime the swap takes place .
  9. Yes that is my fear too. But if utilities are big AoE (the one shown looks like) and pets don't instadie because of the green gloo thingy i would not mind to play bunny thumper in WvW.
  10. Yes that is correct, the teaser says as much. Well the pet seems to be much tankier while empowered, and utilities seems like big AoE. If the pet does not instadie in WvW i am happy.
  11. I always felt like Empathic Bond belongs to beastmastery. It is a trait that interacts with the pet and that traitline feels like it should contain those traits. Ideally NM, WS and BM should each provide means to cleanse conditions. I don't fathom why anet keeps mixing different traits in different traitlines muddling the traitlines significance and utility. Empathic bond would be fine if it would keep the same percentages in PvP/WvW. Ranger could use that trait as means so it does not relay so much into WS traitline and the survival cleanses so it would open more bui
  12. More ignorant hate towards the ranger is shown... But well what to expect in pvp subforums. Some actual facts: Smokescales and drakes have 20K hp and the equivalent to light armor in case you are checking the stats in the wiki for PvE. Smokescale has been nerfed plenty of times, it practicaly does not damage. If you can't kite drakes then kill them, they will not dodge your attacks. Pets do not cleanse conditions. Maybe this is a you problem and could be solved learning to play the game.
  13. You are correct that is a very good question to ask. I would expand your answer (because ranged needs that ranged AoE from Thowable traps returned in some form) with ranger also needs the support capabilities returned. AoE damage alone would not cut it as it would need to compete with herald and necro spots. So this new elite needs also to bring propper group support with unique buffs. Another topic is why Soulbeast and Druid aren't working in WvW and simply is because Anet weird and unwelcomed decissions and limitations about those mechanics. The EoD el
  14. I share your sentiment but it is a shame Anet decided to destroy an utility and build variety from other profession to add a new one which nobody asked for.
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