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  1. I see a glaring L2P issue here. If a full rapidfire from a glass ranger only takes half your life you are going too tanky to be able to do any damage. Start with something like this: Build:Deadeye_-_SA_Rifle_Roamer or this Build:Deadeye_-_Malicious_Oneshot_Roamer There is nothing else i can explain to you as thief has plenty of active defenses and damage.
  2. Ddin't Anet nerfed the stealth some time ago? And then buffed it again.
  3. Isn't like a GM trait which shoot panda bears instead arrows? and then you have to fight the bears while the ranger keep shooting more panda bears?
  4. The immob itself is already a problem with a 10s CD which is much shorter than any other cleanses in game. But additionaly you have to deal with the other 16 different cover conditions so you end up entangled sooner rather than later if you want to survive. And thanks to trailblazzers and Dire sets the casters are extremely tanky, so it's not like you can try to one shot them. As i said, the binding roots themselves are not a issue, Entagle Elite is fine. The issue is the trait Ancient Seeds which needs to be deleted from the game.
  5. Yeh there are so many problems with how the ranger traitlines have devolved over the years... There was a trait which casted a healing spring when downed (which healed the casted for that amount) for example. Also protective wards should be a GM in WS traitline, it does not make sense to have that trait in NM which has no synergy with. Ranger should have access to group support with Nature Magic traitline, i don't know why Anet keep reducing roles from the core class, Anet only do this to the ranger. At some point somebody got the idea of turning the ranger into a a pewpew thief
  6. Thomes and Testimonies only benefit "Only play PvP" players. You need to lure the PvE players to come to PvP and reward them to do better, not only for spending more hours.
  7. Yes agreed. But the game also need a way to incentivize new players to join the scene, and for that they need to understand the game mechanics and learn to want to get better. That should happen organically and for that the players need to be rewarded for playing better. As such some rewards for getting the achievements "top something" should be good enough, as bots rarely are able to get those. We have the example of artifically increasing the population in WvW with the weekly events, yes they bring new players to the game mode, but less every time and they sta
  8. I agree with your points, ATs should replace ranked. But i would add the following: Liquid gold in unranked chests would need to be removed, so it is not that profitable to run bots 24/7. The liquid gold could be increased in the ATs rewards. That lost gold in unranked should be brought back to the "Top" achievements you get at the end of the match(top healer, top damage,etc..), so: Reward is constant rewarding players for playing more. Rewards active gameplay and learning to play better. It is no so important to keep a population
  9. Remove reflections is like removing downstate: It makes the game dumber and less interesting. The rest of the classes don't have the same issues as ranger being a single target burner based in projectiles. As such the correction should be placed in the ranger for the moment, and with the traits i suggested i think it would balance out, giving the shortbow a role in zerging and the Longbow less puninshing if used properly and a good opportunity to use a trait to teach the game mechannics as to recognize an trigger combo fields.
  10. Ranger needs to go back to the drawing board at this point.
  11. Soulbeast is a meme spec, not good for PvP or WvW. If at any moment Sic'em, trap runes and OWP gets nerfed soulbeast will be uterly useless. Druid is not worth even commenting, most of us agree the spec is useless. Don't say a shoehorned buff bot in raids is actually "useful" . Core is dead meat in any game mode. Yes i am not happy with the current state of the ranger.
  12. It doesn't matter the weapon, i want a fun spec which is not nerfed during follwoing months until is unfun to play with .
  13. I don't see warrior blocks like a problem thou, the projectile hate creep came from AoE Blocks or reflections, like the auramancer, scrapper or FB with the valiant bulkward (the bubble) and the recently buffed Wall of reflection and Shield of Absorption or the Spellbreaker's Winds of Disenchantment, i don't understand why that elite needs the projectile block...
  14. Party mirroring is just a result of not very well though raid and class design, the diversity was not improved by the 10 target skills but reduced. You just replaced the mirror support for one of the DPS meta making raids even easier. It did not open slots for other builds/classes. Powercreep is never a good solution just a lazy one.
  15. 10 targets should have never been a thing, a clearly power creep for PvE.
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