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  1. In pve the impact is not that great, unless specific situations you don’t need a 10 condition clear in 10 seconds. Not that it matter as pve is irrelevant for any kind of balance talk because you can do raids on green gear. in pvp probably is not that big of a nerf either: it is true the skill does less condi clears but you will see now how the skill works better to clear condi bombs. So I do think Bedo is on point here. Probably anet hasn’t done this because balance but because it is one of the few long lasting (10 seconds) pulsing AoE in game.
  2. This is my feeling about how the ranger should be balanced about: Alac it’s a thing should have never been creeped in into the Druid, it was a payoff because of the nerf to raid builds when grace of the land was nerfed. Druid should always been designed about the tether mechanic from some glyph for sustained support and CA for spike healing and less access to direct offensive effects but increase damage for friendly by baseline on the Druid traitline(like original designs for lingering light and grace of the land). if untamed would need to be reworked to have more impactful skills with much higher cooldowns (including hammer) and much more resilience (tank capabilities) for the player and the pet it would make sense for it to have personal access to alac instead quickness. Cantrips should have always been designed as team oriented skills instead whatever it is now so it gets a spot as tanks/bruiser with low spike damage and easy access to stunlocks. Ambushes could be thematic but those make sense to activate for untamed and the pet (the pets would need a generic ambush skill too) when they CC a target instead whatever mess is now. The specialization would need to be reworked from the ground up in any case. quickness should be a thing on soulbeast skills and traits for the player only, so the specialization removes so many multipliers (damage from BM and some skills) and instead get access to quickness as means to keep the spike damage by many hits. That benefits the power and the condi side allowing the player to pick the build they would like to play instead being pigeonholed into strike.
  3. I do agree with this and that doesn’t happen very often. But all glyphs should be pbaoe around the Druid by using the tether mechanic so the tethers became a the signature mechanic for the Druid with the CA. Tethers are different from pulsing AoEs in the sense they have an activation range and a leash range which breaks when it is exceeded. S&R should be the elite skill instead the rampage as one (or however is named now). That skill should be the team support signature for the other specializations. But again it would need the range increased, even if it causes issues on pvp.
  4. Anet devs do not like the ranger to have stability or spike damage as it seems.
  5. I think the changes to the traits are a nothing burger, it touches nothing of relevance for ranger builds. The changes to Healing spring seems like a big deal, it is not. Nobody would stay 10 seconds on that AoE during combat. The sleeper changes are done to hammer, if I am not mistaken the speed increase in auto attack chain is improved in half a second. And additional damage. And doubled AoE in the stun. I am not sure it is a good idea to make WS even more prevalent with added strike reduction to the already mandatory cleanses traitline. But again, anet devs would need to play with the ranger to see this stuff.
  6. If the maces perform well i expect them to be nerfed quickly, the enlargement thing is too random to have any balance control over it and Anet devs, like always, have put themselves into a tricky situation. I just don't understand why they always chose such weird and convoluted mechanics mostly for the ranger with dual or tripple indepent cooldowns..
  7. That maybe is an indicator of the Druid being a bit overtuned on healing and cleanses, but also you should think some Druids would like to mix turtle (for the shield) and moas (for the AoE heals) or other combination of pets.
  8. I haven’t been playing from long ago so I am not that sure Druid is actually over performing or it is just other mains fear Druid is a menace to their spot in zergs. But I am sure this three points I bring out are still valid.: * Ranger pets should be able to stay hidden during combat. This would significantly benefit Druid as it does not have any focused trait in its toolkit and that is fine for a healer. * specialization is still a bit clunky with the double or triple cooldown management. * rewards for healers is still subpar in WvW in general.
  9. From my point of view: * if an stowed pet would not pop up by itself when the ranger enters combat it would do wonders for Druid and Zerg compositions. Although now due to the push from anet Druid seems to have an spot as a healer the main issue stands which is the pets. Druid does not need pets in Zerg play because they do not scale above of small scale. This small change would make the pet to stay hidden until the Druid decides to use the pet (maybe some niche use) and then it would need to wait until coming out of combat to be able to stow the pet again. It would help core ranger and in some extend untamed too. * Untamed for me is a lost cause, I don’t see any benefits of using that one over soulbeast or Druid and I would rework the whole specialization so it would become tankier (the untamed and the pet) with focus in crowd control and team support and scaling to low damage and speed.
  10. Also I think anet removed the internal cooldown on the cleanse on dodge trait so maybe it is true we can get out of the wilderness survival trait line jail. Sounds interesting.
  11. I personally don’t think downstate or rallying is the problem here: an enemy has to be taken down for one player to rally. It is a balanced game system. What i find obnoxious the ability to just go and ress anybody just with the action button. The same as anet removed the ability to ress any fully dead player we should not be able to ress anybody unless using skills from the toolbar / traits / equipment effects. right now any celestial bunker can ress any downed player and there is nothing a single enemy can do, you will not have your burst available, you don’t have enough time to stomp and either way the enemy will be resurrected before you can do anything about it. just disable the action in wvw.
  12. Question: are the spirits still like unplayable garbage or did anet improved on them?
  13. Moving at 50% speed while channeling the skill would help quite a lot. and as I shared before: * leading the wind (or however the LB GM is called nowadays) should make unblockable any projectile which triggers a combo field. How the devs want to treat the chance of a projectile triggering the combo field can be tweaked . This trait scales with amount of allies so it makes the weapon behave better the more ally AoEs there are. And some access by long CD skill (elite signet active??) which gives a temporary buff that would allow the ranger to strip boons on each successful hit would also help to make effective use of the skill.
  14. Every year same issues no solutions given by the devs. Look we discussed this already to the extenuation in the old forums: * make the pet to have a lower target priority than other players for AoEs, exactly the same as for boons and friendly AoE effects. It would be great if this didn’t applied for the pet’s ranger thou. * Make the pet to replicate the defensive boons by baseline from the ranger like the minor trait from nature magic. * increase the HP from 25% to 50% over all the pets. * reduce the leash range while on passive to 250 units tops. The lack of control over passive pets is disgusting at this point. Not only because they keep going to the middle of random AOEs but also they are usually too far away for the use of defensive skills. * when the ranger uses an skill/trait to cleanse a condition pet is also cleansed by the same amount. yeah pets will still pop out of existence if they get focused by a heavy dps but they should not disappear if the ranger keep up with the Zerg. aside from a full rework of pet skills and maybe giving core the F1-F3 from untamed. I don’t really get why that is not a thing already.
  15. It is an step backwards from the old alliances. My guess is we will need to pay gems to swap those guilds so they do not want you to be an stable alliance. So it seems the reason behind alliances delays and reworks is simply monetization, anet doesn’t know how to make you to pay for extra services. “bandwagoning” whatever it means for you will still happen just it will have a price tag, a cost to join the winning guild.
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