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Mesmer or Necro for an alt?

I'm thinking on making an alt and want some input. Which is more fun to play between Mesmer or Necro? I love summons/minions and both have access to something like that. I also love being tanky, which Necro has, but I also like playing support, which Mesmer does well. I'm a little torn and would like some input from the games more seasoned opinions.


  • try scourge

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    Both professions and their elites can be played very different - melee, ranged, minions, no minions, etc - so there is a lot of flexibility. I'll play a ranged minion mancer when I want an easier play experience, or melee reaper when I want more action. I haven't played much with my scourge, so can't comment on it.

    I'd say my favorite of those choices is power greatsword chronomancer.

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  • I have both necro and mesmer, and to me they are both fun, particularly as scourge and chrono. Scourge is kind of like driving a schoolbus whereas chrono or mirage is like driving a jetski, so they are very different creatures, and the appeal will differ for everyone.

    It's like asking which is better: raspberry or strawberry? Everyone is going to have a different opinion.