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RIP Chronomancer

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    F's in chat.

  • 🦀crab rave🦀

  • rip gw2. Nothing but troll/meme builds now. Condi mirage is back in popularity, everyone trying super cheese condi thief, spellbreaker still stupid op, chrono is a condi class now with the broken f2 cooldown... probably missed something but man this patch made room for a lot of garbage.

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    Losing illusionary persona is a step back, this is how it use to be years ago... why did they do it? I just don't get it... I hope they bring it back, if not - rip chrono >> delete character.

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    edited July 17, 2019

    I like how Anet is slowly destroying themselves. It's like they have some kind of infiltration agent from WoW/ESO that's deliberately doing these changes to make people quit. Me personally? Yea i quitted chrono. RIP. Having no illusionary persona makes this class a joke. Clunky and not fun to say the least. And the sad part is that they won't revert the changes. They never do. People just slowly get used to it and still play it after time passes by. And then they say "well it's not that bad.... i can still play it.." with tears in their eyes lol.

    Thief: But i'm teef. We were supposed to be strong and cool and quick and deadly u know?
    Anet: Hold my beer. Imma steal your glory and bury u for good now.
    Thief: Wut the....?!

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