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  1. And just to make things clear about my point of view is. I got all masteries from Heart of Thorns by playing the game. The key to unlock those masteries was playing the game, the maps of that region and its events. In Path of fire, since griffon, unlock masteries and mounts has become a job. You have to actually compromise your time and log into the game to work on it if you ever want it unlocked. You can't just log in, have fun in the game doing events and get it unlocked. You have to go from location to location to unlock collecting stuff to unlock something useful to explore the maps a
  2. Before I start I want to say that it is my opinion and I don't care if you don't agree with whatever I am saying and you don't have to read this either. I've not been so active playing guild wars 2 for at least 3 years now. The reason is I have a good Job and life to deal with. I have both expansions released so far and all LWS episodes unlocked. I always log in once in a while to not miss any new episode. But I can't or even feel like I can be back playing. The reasons are because the things I want to do take in the game so long, but so long, that I can't compromise myself and my
  3. Hello Community, I am a returning player. I usually main a mirage mesmer, although I have 5 other professions. 2 thieves (Yeah, Criticize me), 1 guard, 1 elementalist and 1 necromancer.I used to do a lot of stuff over a year ago before I stop playing and now I am trying to get back into the game. I feel like I need some motivation to stay and I think that would help if I had people to do stuff with. I am mostly into the PVE content. I have commander tags, because I used to run some hp/mp trains, lead some metas, bounties, etc. But I am not gonna lie that I am a bit rusty so I am probably not
  4. I am a veteran player. at least I have been playing guild wars 2 for 3 years back and foth. I have been a bit away from the game, but I intend to come back playing just need a little motivation. With that in mind, I am offering myself to help any new player to get along in the game. So if you need someone to play with, or to help with anything. just add me.the ingame name is the same you will see here as my forum username. Cya.
  5. I didnt want her to die, but now that she is dead, I hope she remains dead. As a punishment for these bad writers who can't think about anything new. The technical part of the episode was great, the written story felt empty and they had to add something to it to make it feel special. Since this game name is Guild Wars not Dragon Wars, they could add something else other than dragon's killing. We already killed enough dragons and even when we don't, they kill one for us. Also, I am tired of being commander and just do everything other characters tell us to do, go from one spot to another doing
  6. that until the next main character snuff it, Anet should make a votation poo thread and title it "what main character you want us to kill next? vote here". Seriously your order mentor, Belinda, Eir, Trehearne, Blish, Aurene. Zojja hasnt apeared since she was released from her pod wayyyyy back on HoT so she might be dead for all we know, gosh even SNAFF appeared and the one to recieve him was Tai- omg i just remembered that Taimi its supposed to be terminal... there is another main character on death´s door right there, i just answered my own question ! For me, after killing Aurene, they coul
  7. They are still owned by NCSoft, they are still a NCsoft company, so they can be independant in their creations, management as a subsidiary, but if NCSoft decide to take any action on ANET, they can. And right now, I think they just shoot their own foot with the way it ended. I mean, if they wanted to end it to create something, I'd accept if we all died, ME as the commander in the story, braham, catie, taimi, aurene, but the way they ended it, it killed the game for me. It would be more awesome if we all died.
  8. I was in need of something to keep me away from the game for a while, and it was hard for me, because I enjoy doing many stuff in the game specially stories, and that was keeping me around to finish doing it. But now, after the way this story ended, it was a relieve. I can finally go away from the game for a long time and not willing to come back so soon. Thank you a lot to all story writers and developers who put your hard work on this, you really did a great job, killing ithe game for me ^^.
  9. I think in this past month I've seen 3 changes in the meta build for a condi mirage. Before we would use runes of renegade, that would give us more condition dmg, and with all gear and traits expertise we would reach 100% condition duration. Then now, they changed it for Elementalist runes, you get more power dmg, but you lose around 62 points from condi damage and earn 10% condition duration, that, in my opinion isnt needed unless we can, now, stack conditions over 100% duration.I used to use Berserker runes, that would still give me more power dmg than the actual elementalist runes build and
  10. you can mail me in game or /whisper me for an invite. My ID, as you all can see is, OlsenSan.2987
  11. [NA] [F.A.P] Friends Are Power is a brand new guild, only 2 weeks old and with 60 members in our roster. We are very active, talkative and helpful.This is a guild made by 3 awesome friends who wanted to make new friends and get to know other people who needs help in the game or like to help other people.What would be a game without one helping another and we all grow, learn and play together? F.A.P Is the best place to give a hand to someone who needs it.We already got a Guild Hall and have been working on upgrades. we have a discord server, guild lotto, events calendar and much more. We are s
  12. I've had good fights against mesmers in my core thief or d/d thief. Not taking much DMG, since I was good at evading their shatter and with some few cleanse on traits, healing skill and utility as much as good mobility and stealth. I don't really care which class is "OP" I wanna defeat them. The time I spend crying is the time I could have fun playing and learning how to defeat "OP" classes.I'd say thief is the best pvp class, but people in here would say I don't know what I'm talking about. I've win pvp matches in 1vs2 situations against a mesmer and DE. But probably they didn't know what the
  13. It's nice if there are op classes in s game, because when you are able to defeat it, you know you are not op, but a GodPowered player.
  14. Mesmers are op because people in forum says we are op, and when we show up in a fight they die out of fear. When they realize that people in forum doesn't know what they are talking about, they can win a fight. It's not easy to fully understand and master any class. So no class is op, and any class can be op when you master your class and are experienced enough to understand what the opposite class is bringing to a fight. I had hard times fighting some classes in other games, they were also known as op. But once I found out how to fight them, what they'd usually do, and was able to counter, in
  15. Thanks. I think it was a great explanation. I really think I deal great DMG. No one ever complained. Maybe I could give it a go and see how it works for me.
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