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  1. The problem with this is the problem they're having with this map in PvE. They overloaded the map with so many visual features that it can't hold the usual player population on the map, which is why it ends up with so many instances. The only way Anet could make it work without the servers continually crashing is to limit the populations to 20v20v20 or at most 25v25v25.
  2. Except that what most of the posts on here are complaining about is NOT what Anet is focused on fixing. They were focused on making sure the players who correctly selected their guild were placed in the proper matchups, not "let's make this a fun beta where all the teams are evenly matched 24 hours a day". Anet can NEVER guarantee that the matchups will be 100% evenly balanced until players start making WvW like a real-life job where they HAVE to be online and in WvW from time X to time Y. A lot of these matchups already seem unbalanced because the players who didn't select a guild initially
  3. Whining about your matchup is feedback that Anet can't use to improve the product, it's just whining about your matchup in a beta week that is meaningless as far as the matchups are concerned.
  4. You do realize that the unbalanced population could be due to players on your server/shard decided not to show up. Anet can allocate an even population across all three server/shards, but they can't force those players to actually play this week. If you ended up on the server/shard that didn't coordinate beforehand and ended up with a lot of random/unguilded/(players who forgot to select a guild), there's a good chance a lot of those players simply decided to skip this week or go do something else.
  5. At what point are all the people complaining about their matchups going to realize that this is the BETA for Anet to work on the kinks on their side of things? This wasn't about putting players in favorable matchups whatsoever. Yes, there were several guilds/servers who put together "Alliance" guilds for this week's beta, but Anet has no control over that.
  6. It would make sense on the one hand, but considering all the complaints and how devastated some players seem over this, I can't help but think that might backfire and instead result in a lot of players just taking the week off.
  7. Seems like we've all become so popular...they're now following me on every thread and giving the confused emote on every post. OH NOES!!! Some sad little teenager is trolling me, my life is over!!! I can no longer WvW or even play GW2 because my feelings have been hurt. 🤣🤣🤣 But I guess when you need to ez-mode your way through life, this is the best you can do lol.
  8. @Stonemist.4680 @Rubi Bayer.8493 When this WvW Alliance beta rolled out this week, those of us who are WvW veterans knew what to expect; We knew to follow the official GW2 forums, we knew to open the WvW panel and select our guild there to determine with whom we'd be linked up during the beta (which seemed to have worked much better this time for 99% of the players who did the process correctly). However, there seems to be a large portion of the player population who was 1) still confused about the correct process or 2) completely unaware that this beta was happening. Anet NEEDS
  9. For our server during NA primetime we're routinely seeing queues in the high 20s all the way up to 40+, but apparently in another one of the matchups the queue for EBG was well over 100. That's enough to completely fill up another map with a queue of 10+. Hopefully that won't be a recurring thing when Alliances are released.
  10. Do try to remember that this beta is NOT for the players and not about giving us a glimpse of what Alliances will be like, but rather it is for Anet trying to work out some of the kinks with the Alliance system. I'm sorry if you got stuck with a crappy server/shard for the week (which is why Anet gave us the buff this week to encourage us all the come out and test the system), and if it makes you feel better a lot of us are frustrated with the high queues and the fact that almost every guild/alliance this week is running tagless making it a bit of a kitten-show as far as player coordination, b
  11. For the most part it has been better than the previous betas. However, there have been some hiccups. We had a guildmate who was on our server/shard on Friday night, then when he logged in tonight he was on one of the enemy servers. When the queues finally died down somewhat our guild group decided to move to a new map, and our guildmate who was no longer on our server swapped maps as well, and suddenly he was back on our server again?? It's also been a pain trying to determine which map guildmates are on, as you see one borderland in the Guild tab and/or Friends' list, and yet when you look
  12. You can't hold everyone's hand. We had one member of our guild do the same (and we had it posted both in Discord and guild MOTD). But it's only a week, and at least he took responsibility and wasn't complaining.
  13. And based on all the confused reactions our posts are getting, making an effort doesn't sit well with a lot of players responding to this thread. 😉😇
  14. As UmbraNoctis explained above, there is a beta going on this week for WvW where everyone has been placed on a new "server" aka shard. If you were a member of a guild, you had the opportunity to select that guild for the beta, but otherwise EVERYONE for this week is on a new "server". Don't worry though, it's only a week. You'll be returned to your original server for next Friday's reset. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/wvw-world-restructuring-beta-4-begins-on-august-12/
  15. The thing is, Anet DID balance the populations for the beta; they just didn't balance the skill level and/or organizational skills of the players involved. There were several guilds who formed "alliance beta" guilds so that they would all be together for this beta, and conversely there were a lot of players who didn't organize and/or select a guild prior to the beta, so they all got assigned randomly. And naturally the organized group is far more likely to dominate the unorganized group. Furthermore, just because the populations are balanced, it doesn't guarantee that everyone from each server
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