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  1. I think you're confusing SERVER resets and weekly WvW resets. New WR servers will be reshuffled on the dates you linked. WvW reset happens every Friday @ 10pm EST for NA servers and 5-6 hours earlier for EU servers. The pips you're referring to are based on the weekly WvW reset, so if you transferred before yesterday's WvW reset, your pips will begin again after this Friday's WvW reset in 6 days.
  2. But that's just it Grimm. You CHOSE to do that. So many people who are coming here to complain are the same ones who sat back and did nothing while others on their servers were preparing for this. And now that they've gotten the short end of the stick they want to whine about it.
  3. What I'm reading here is the same thing I've seen from every beta prior. Some players made an effort to form up alliance guilds that would be strong, others did nothing at all and now they reap what they sow. We all know what the meta is at this point. WR or servers makes no difference. Either you change with the times or you get chewed up and spit out.
  4. See but here's the problem. You're talking about the Mag from 1-2 years ago. I was on Ebay, linked with Mag for the past 6 weeks prior to the WR beta starting today, and I can attest that the Mag you speak of is DEAD. The Mag on EBG was DEAD. Nothing but a group of random pugs, a quarter of whom where afk-running into walls at any given time. No guilds, no clouds, no nothing. And that's what server pride means to so many of us nowadays; nothing more than a relic of the past. Yes, there were 1-2 servers that stuck together and remained strong with more or less the same community from 10-12 years ago, but for almost every other server it meant NOTHING. So for most of us WR is a breath of fresh air. A chance to get out and meet new faces, form new alliances, start over, because what the servers had become was stale and boring. And I'm sorry if you weren't proactive and took the several weeks prior to WR to start forming an alliance guild, but many of us did and we're better off for it. And if you don't like what you have now, you have every opportunity in the next 6 weeks to start an alliance of your own for the next beta reset. And if you don't want to do that but just sit here and complain, well that's on you.
  5. Dear gods no!!! If the powercreep that comes with every additional e-spec gets any worse, we'll all be 1-shotting npcs just by glancing in their general direction.
  6. Game is crashing repeatedly at the character select screen after the last patch.
  7. I'll admit I never tried to craft a gen 1 precursor, so I assumed it was similar to the cost of crafting a gen 2 precursor, which was NOT cheap at all.
  8. So just buy the precursor. Even at the current asking price of 258g you're still guaranteed to make a profit. (and odds are it costs more to craft the precursor than it does to buy it directly off the TP).
  9. This video would probably get a lot more interaction being posted in the WvW forum. The Community Creations forum is more for people making art, guildhall decorating, and writing based upon the lore.
  10. That Goldfish drop can be brutal. It's held me up on completion for more than a month at a time sometimes...
  11. Give Sandswept Isles (specifically the Strait of Panube/Atholma/northern half of Chukara Sea regions) and Rata Sum (specifically Rata Sum Port Authority/Idea Incubation Lab regions) a try. I fish almost exclusively in Sandswept Isles and routinely repeat both Avid World Class and Avid Saltwater collections along with Avid Desert Isles, and in the past I've had a lot of luck with World Class and Saltwater fish in the Rata Sum map.
  12. Anet is actually working on a WvW map to be released sometime after the next expansion. It will be underground; a few large caverns connected by a lot of narrow, windy passageways with a few crevices here and there. But what makes the map most interesting will be the fact that it's entirely dark, similar to the area in OS. One player in each party will be required to carry a torch at all times, forgoing weapon and utility skills. /s
  13. Also make sure once the race has hit 15/15 for the guild mission completion that you talk to the npc at the end of the race to give your guild credit early. I've forgotten to do that in the past and left the map without my guild getting credit.
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