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  1. I play a base mesmer (used to be mirage before the dodge nerf) running a condi/trailblazer build. I have no problem soloing camps (T3 or otherwise) and towers, and win probably 75% of my 1v1s (and to the above commenters about beating up on zerglings...if someone decides to solo roam on their zergling build, I shouldn't be blamed for their stupidity). I should add that I rarely win any fights in under 30s. NPCs never change their tactics, so once you've figured them out you're good to go. And most players these days look for the easy, one-two punch builds...so if you can withstand their in
  2. Here's a thought. Instead of imprisoning players, how about...hmm...every time you die, you lose the use of one hand for the next 15-30 minutes. So no more use of 2-handed weapons for those 15 minutes, and you're double-wielding, you either lose skills 1-3 or 4-5. BUT to make it even more interesting, anyone taking part in your death ALSO loses the use of one hand for the same time duration. Oh wait, that would ruin the fun for all those gank squads who like to roam in packs of 5-10 and kill solos. Nevermind!! 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 Of course, this is a te
  3. The larger problem here is you're asking for balance from people (I'll let you decide who I'm referencing) who have no concept of it. These are the same people who give ports to all the stealth classes, who give some classes the ability to cover large distances (rangers/thieves/holos/warriors...and who can forget the dagger-dagger ele wayback when lol) while leaving other classes with no such ability (necros, unless you run that stupid worm). The same people who give high dps classes unblockable skills so that fights end in 5s. A lot of this is because, as mentioned above, the ga
  4. I hate to say it, but players such as yourself are why there ARE players/commanders who aren't interested in helping newer players. A majority of us play WvW because we like the game-mode, mount or no mount. You're out in WvW not because you enjoy it, but because Anet has forced you to enter the game-mode to work on your legendary. A lot of us aren't too keen to help someone who wants nothing to do with the game-mode but only to help themselves to an item. Furthermore, getting the mount will only make WvW easier in some situations. Wait til you've got your mount but fall behind
  5. You mean how 90% of the players play on EVERY server these days? You either get that, map queues blobs made up of boonballs or "roaming" groups in packs of 10-15 to kill solo roamers. It's the state of WvW these days. BUT I'd still rather deal with that than PvE where every npc reacts the same way day-in/day-out, or SPvP where >50% of the players are bots nowadays.
  6. Actually I'm glad you brought it up, as you didn't attack me by mentioning it, which in turn caused me to go re-read what I had written in the comments the other night and allowed me to correct myself. It was the other guy that decided that my slight misquote somehow sullied the integrity of the entire thread and made me out to be a "liar". 不
  7. WOH WOH WOH!!! You think SBI hit the jackpot when we were linked with Mag?? I thought that was Anet punishing us!?!? 不
  8. Nah, you decided to insult me over semantics in your initial response, and in your second response called me a liar (your cutesy cross-out notwithstanding) over it with your second response, all while ignoring the overall context of the thread. That's why I apologized to XenesisII.1540 instead of you. Maybe if you focused more on what was being talked about instead of attacking me over a minor misquote (which overall changed nothing in regards to the context of the thread) we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  9. kitten, my bad, I hadn't realized I HAD misquoted it in one of my later comments. Oh well, that's what I get for commenting at 3am. But still, the notion in and of itself is laughable (Yeah, you better believe the first option in the voting was the one I chose for myself 不).
  10. Actually if you go look at the title of the thread, I didn't state that they had always called WvW a cornerstone of the game. Just that they said WvW is a cornerstone of the game. Could I have added a word or two to make it more in the present/future tense? Certainly. But I wasn't expecting some of the above arguments to be based solely on semantics rather than the actual context of the thread. But I agree with you wholeheartedly. It's a wait and see. *I would also like to share that this was my first ever poll, and the editor kept bouncing it back. At some point
  11. 1) We've seen this before. Anet HAS communicated with us in the past, always right before something is about to be released, like PoF and HoT. They put a little polish on the proverbial kitten, make a few changes (while ignoring a lot of the bigger issues) and then go silent for months or years thereafter. 2) Not going to go digging for more comments on Twitter or Reddit or other outside sources to prove or disprove what the poll in this thread already shows me. (Which to me shows that the players who've been around longer don't have a lot of faith in Anet overall, regardless of
  12. And it seems clear to me that you're unable to grasp the context of this thread. After almost 9 years of playing in WvW, if you believe even a single word that Anet says, I really can't help you. They've let us down too many times for us to believe ANYTHING they say until they actually DO it. I don't care if it's the old leadership team, new leadership team, whatever. It's been the same letdown over and over and over again. Then again, maybe you're one of those people who likes to get burned over and over again. Anyways, I've had my say. You can go whine over semantics to som
  13. As someone who tags up very sporadically, I can tell you that a large number of variants will factor into you getting numbers. 1) Depends on the time of day you're tagging up vs. the type of activity your server/link has during that time of day. If you're tagging up, say, during EU hours and your server has almost no EU population, you're not going to get many numbers. 2) How well you communicate, not only with your squad, but also in both Map and Team chat. If you're just tagging up and wandering around aimlessly, other players will be less inclined to follow. Have
  14. You can take the text of what they say and break it down however you like. You're also welcome to believe that they're being genuine, which is another reason I made the poll; As I stated above, I wanted to hear what others thought in regards to the statement they made. Personally, I've been around in this game long enough that I don't really believe what they're saying anymore, and until they follow up their words with actual actions that seem to benefit the community-at-large (there will always be some who are unhappy no matter what direction you go in), I'll keep on believing that. Trust
  15. You seem to be neglecting the fact that while EBG has a large queue, those of us on Mag/SBI who are playing on the 3 borderland maps almost always have the Outnumbered buff.
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