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  1. Just did a T1 version of it today to check it out but overall I really enjoyed it. It had an interesting setting, a neat story (the gravesite especially the long message at the gravesite made me emotional), and most importantly had a GREAT final boss fight. Seriously, I would love to have more fights that have this many mechanics. It's definitely among the top best three fractals along with Nightmare and Shattered (Shattered still claiming the undisputed number 1 spot though). I can't wait to check it out at higher levels. One issue my party did have is when we wiped on the boss once the boss
  2. What are all these people talking about that want to nerf Warclaw? If anything, I think it should be buffed. 20% more hp, 50% stronger engage with bleed, and like 15% faster. This new change, frankly, will probably drive me back away from WvW. Which is a pity because it became fun again with the Warclaw negating all the stupid ganking going on.
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