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  1. Hey all, These changes are not live yet, but coming Very Soon.
  2. Feedback on this bit: a good change that toughness is coming off, but vitality feels like a bit of a shaky choice here. Is it possible to change the toughness component to armor instead? That would make it functionally identical but solve the raid boss aggro problem. We can't roll it into armor directly, unfortunately.
  3. Or it's neither, and they may have forgotten to include that trait, or simply didn't think of that trait. But the fact they state "merging/unmerging will now count as a pet swap" should tell the whole tale in itself. Spirited Arrival is included and will work with merge/unmerge, but it won't have text on the trait itself listing this until a bit later.
  4. Regarding FMW changes - we're going to see how things land after this set of changes and adjust further, if needed. We're not trying to take FMW out entirely - it should still be a decent source of group quickness, but it shouldn't be leading to stuff as dominant as it currently is. With some of the other changes coming in this patch, including a bugfix to Zealous Blades still granting 10% damage when it wasn't supposed to, there are enough moving pieces that we don't want to do so large a takedown that something becomes unused entirely. @Kamui.3150Thanks for askin' about those bits. There ar
  5. Firstly:Thanks for the feedback from the balance preview posts (original global preview).Sweet feedback, salty feedback, spicy feedback it's all deeply appreciated as long as it is kept civil. We got these additional changes for upcoming update that'll likely be in the late notes, so if you don't see them in the immediate release notes, these changes'll still be there. New Changes:Feel My Wrath (FMW) was near the top of our list for adjustments for PvE and your feedback pushed it to be unsplit from PvP & WvW now rather than later. With the balance update, across all modes, Feel My Wrath wi
  6. General:Auras: Aura effects have been updated to be larger and more noticeable. The previous aura effects are now used for auras on allies and for all characters viewed by PvP spectators when the "Effect LoD" option is checked in the graphics settings. Buff icons used for auras have been updated for consistency.Unblockable (Tooltip): The unblockable description has a new icon.Unblockable (Effect): Skills and traits which grant the unblockable status now use a unified buff. This buff is intensity stacking and stacks are lost whenever attacks hit or miss. Single strikes which hit multiple foes o
  7. Hi Everyone, Today we're previewing the next set of balance updates to come to Tyria. With this release there are a significant number of changes we've put together for the the competitive game modes, but many of the fundamental principles are applicable in every game mode. In particular, the focus on gameplay being more active is a big piece of the planned changes. That said, we recognize that there are many specific differences between game modes and the nature of changes for game modes should follow suit.eg. Many bosses and creatures in instanced content focus attacks on the player with th
  8. This was not intended and is going to be addressed in the next (non-balance) update.
  9. Hey all,It looks like the change for Zealot's Defense didn't make it into this release in time: Zealot's Defense: Increased PvE damage by 20%.We're aware of this issue and the change is in for the next release (not next balance update).
  10. Greetings all! As before, here are the planned Balance update notes for next week's release! We look forward to your discussions and theorycrafting. ~GW2 Systems Team Profession SkillsGeneralWhen we originally created the alacrity and barrier effects, they were intended to be profession specific, but we've changed this stance after seeing how the game changed and evolved over time. While the original effects were visually iconic to their initial professions, it was a good time to update them with a look that could fit any profession. Barrier: Updated the visual effects of this effect to be le
  11. It seems there is some need for additional clarity. tldr; By all means, please keep constructive feedback coming! We'll review it once we're able. The initial post was not to say "Okay, feedback is now useless", but to communicate that further feedback isn't stuff we're going to be able to review/address with this next set of changes. We'll get to reviewing feedback and addressing it when we're able to, but right now we're no longer in a state of being able to review feedback for this upcoming update. I pointed out that Scourge, in WvW, is an important topic and, we're going to continue to kee
  12. Hey again all, Thanks for the feedback on the proposed Balance Changes over the last three weeks - as a result several notes have been altered and re-visited.This post isn't a request for more feedback, but a heads-up that we're going to be getting the changes tested and vetted internally while we get stuff ready. It has been excellent to see that many of the conclusions we have reached internally are the same ones that you're having regarding the proposed changes. It has also been great to see your counterpoints and suggestions to some of the changes we proposed, as they've raised discussions
  13. Greetings again all, Thanks for the feedback regarding the proposed changes posted last week. Below you'll find a set of changes we're looking at which is WvW-centric, as well as a few modifications to some of the changes from the last thread. With these changes the objective is to bring the dominant builds and compositions into line and offer more build diversity to the existing meta. Because there's been some confusion, we want to clarify that we're continuing to balance for other game types, including (as some of you guessed) significant changes to the warrior's Tactics line as well as the
  14. Greetings fellow Tyrians, We've been thinking about implementing the following changes and wanted to share them with you to hear your thoughts and feedback. We’re aiming to bring into line some of the more dominant builds and compositions of the current WvW meta so that new options can be brought to the table, so the bulk of the changes shared here are WvW-centric. This is not the full list of changes that are being considered for the next balance update. This is not a call for general profession feedback. Here are a few questions to think about while looking over the potential changes: Would
  15. Hey all - the Elementalist notes were missing an entry from the initial posting: Power Overwhelming: This trait has been reworked. It now grants 150 bonus power while the elementalist has at least 10 stacks of might. This power bonus is doubled while attuned to fire.Sorry about that - it was a change made early, but with the note coming in a bit late. That should be all the notes.
  16. Greetings fellow Tyrians! We've prepared a Balance Update that is slated for next week and in keeping with our push to get the Release Notes to you early so that you can theorycraft, discuss and prepare... here they are. Enjoy! GeneralWith the upcoming update we're continuing to create the promised tradeoffs to some elite specialization lines with changes to chronomancer shatters, an overhaul of scrapper specialization traits, and some improvements to the base necromancer Death Shroud, all in order to make the choice of an elite specialization more meaningful. We're also doing some follow-up w
  17. Hey all, While the team is working toward the release of Episode 6 and the future of Guild Wars 2 development, a few of us are building out a stable of bonus events. You’ve already seen the World vs. World weeklong bonus event with no down state, and the Queen’s Jubilee Boss Blitz weekend, but soon we’ll release other bonus events. The first iterations of two of the planned events are complete, and we have two more in active development. Our intention is to run these during times when there are no major releases, and reward players for participating. The first of these events, World Boss Week,
  18. Greetings all! We have a Balance Update slated to release next week and wanted to get the Release Notes to you early so that you can theorycraft and discuss. Enjoy! Profession SkillsElite specializations were introduced with the Heart of Thorns™ expansion and have become a regular sight throughout Tyria. These specializations have sometimes come with trade-offs, and sometimes they've been purely beneficial compared to a core specialization, often because they add something on top of everything the profession already does. We believe that elite specializations are a more meaningful choice when
  19. We're aware of this issue and a fix is being tested and will be out in the next hotfix.
  20. To answer a few questions that have arisen: Regional drops are on their own separate tables. So the uniqueness of things like Krytan weapons is preserved by those only being available on the appropriate maps.Gear that comes from champion bags and other regional bags that would yield generic equipment are replaced by unidentified gear at level 80.Opening bags on lower level characters will continue to yield gear appropriate to that character's level.There won't be Path of Fire Unidentified Gear, Heart of Thorns Unidentified Gear and Core Tyria Unidentified gear. There are the different tiers
  21. Yes, magic find will continue to increase your chance of a direct exotic drop.
  22. No. This is not right. When you get a loot drop if it is an exotic you'll get that exotic directly into your bag.If it is a lesser rarity then you'll get the unidentified gear of that rarity. On top of that if you identify the non-exotic gear there's ANOTHER chance for it to become an exotic.Hope that clarifies it.
  23. Greetings, Tyrians! We’ve been working on a few major changes to loot drops at level 80 which will provide both quality of life improvements and help with the long-term health of the economy. These will go into effect on March 26. • Core Tyria and the Heart of Maguuma regions will now drop Unidentified Gear rather than individual fine, masterwork, and rare items. • Magic find will no longer affect the results of identifying Unidentified Gear. • Unidentified Gear reward tables are being changed to account for their availability across Tyria, including: o Setting the frequency of rare item drops
  24. Greetings all, I posted last week that we’re looking forward to talking to you all about the balance changes once the release went live. Due to the delays, that obviously hasn’t happened. We’re getting the Balance notes to you now so that you can speculate on how they will affect your gameplay. We won’t be discussing them with you yet however, as the changes aren’t live. I hope you’ll enjoy theorycrafting for now and take the time to try out the changes and join the discussion about them when they arrive. As a quick note: It is easy to judge a change in isolation – I ask that you consider h
  25. ‘allo fellow Tyrians, Just wanted to give you a heads-up that we’ve been preparing a set of balance changes that are slated to go live next Tuesday. We look forward to playing with you and discussing the changes to skills and traits once they’re available next week! Sincerely,GW2 Systems Team
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