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  1. Thanks. I can get close to this through Trading Post, but I can't get Runes of the Sanctuary. What would be the next best option between Traveler, Divinity, Pack or Fireworks?
  2. Thanks for that video, but I can't tell what runes and sigils he is using. Please advise.
  3. It's new mount will be advertised "as easy to get as the turtle".
  4. I've found some power builds, but I'm curious what the "best" Conditions one is for PVE and survivability. I've seen some mention flamethrower, but others mention grenades. Seen some mention Mace, but others says Pistols. Before I go all in a Celestial set of armor/weapons/trinkets I'd like to know what I'm building toward. I am a casual "button mashing" (OK, a little better than that, but not much) player who does PVE Open World only, and wants to do respectable damage while also not dying :) My previous "very hard to kill" Renegade with tormenting runes was nerfed the day they released
  5. I like exploring the Guild Halls, and fishing in them now, and I have 3 of the 4 now. Thanks in advance for your invite. Veteran PVE player of over 8 years now.
  6. I am still learning the EOD maps and such, so last night I joined a squad for the meta in the very first zone. The squad grew to almost 50 by the time it started. Apparently we need to split into 3 paths, do some fighting, and we'll meet up together for the big fight at the end. So I'm following one of the groups (not the one with the commander in it), and during I think the third fight/area I went down. There was no waypoint anyway nearby (there are only 4 in the whole map). So I figured after our group cleared that fight, one or more of the 17 or so people would see me lying there and g
  7. This is not an insult, so please don't take it that way. My son and I have been playing the game for almost 9 years now. We are NOT good players, though he is better than I am. We don't do Dungeons, PVP, Raids, WVW, Fractals, Strike Missions, etc. Just casual PVE. But I noticed that because of my massive collection of experience tomes/scrolls in the bank, that if I want a level 80 character I just create them and then give them all the scrolls they need. Problem solved. I'm just guessing here that most Veteran players do the same, because leveling a new character now is just
  8. Fast experience gain, not Mastery points. Sorry if that was not more clear.
  9. Just to offer some support to the OP - you are not alone. I am a casual gaming parent myself, and neither myself nor my son would have bought the expansion had we known the Turtle was locked behind a nigh impossible luck-fest meta and a Strike Mission. They told us it would be like getting the Roller Beetle - they lied. You don't need to explain why you don't like what you don't like. I was encouraged by my guildies to try Dungeons with them, when I watched videos as you did and decided I would not enjoy it. I did two dungeons with them and still hate them. I tried about 5 fractals with
  10. Not counting the final Meta, which I won't do (yet). Just trying to get the masteries I want and then go back to other parts of the world. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  11. Should a person considering investing in a Celestial set wait until the 3/15 update, to see if they nerf this build already?
  12. Sorry, just now logged in. Where would I see the invite? Main character is Fatty Von Fatface, if that helps :) Edit: Doh, I see it now. Thanks!
  13. Casual 8 year player here. Does anyone in the guild like to fish? :) If so I'd appreciate an invite. I also do PVE a lot, and my 20 year old son plays as well. Thanks.
  14. From what I understand, the new Guild Hall in EOD comes out near the fishmonger, which is a good thing. Besides being interested in the new guild hall, I'm also hoping there's a guild out there that does casual fishing trips. The fishing is the number one thing that convinced me to get the expansion. Other than that I'm just a casual level 80 player with many Alts who has been playing for the last 8 years. Thanks in advance.
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