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  1. or you could get familiar enough with the skill animations by playing each class in pve/wvw/unranked that you dodge the stuff that can kill you. This definitely is NOT a insta-kill fiesta meta Yea it makes perfect sence that i had to learn ALL classes in order to play 1 so i can carry bots from silver to goldNOT a 1 second insta-kill fiesta but a 3 seconds insta kill meta wow big difference.Yes, you need to know what your opponents are capable of in order to succeed. Do you think anyone's half decent at starcraft or LoL or literally any other competitive game, when they have no clue what thei
  2. or you could get familiar enough with the skill animations by playing each class in pve/wvw/unranked that you dodge the stuff that can kill you. This definitely is NOT a insta-kill fiesta meta
  3. Literally every competitive game has an at least somewhat toxic portion of its playerbase. There are plenty of youtube videos that will give you the basics of rotation and others that give in-depth build guides. You also need to be at least rank20 to queue into ranked, and even then, if you aren't good, you'll get other low-ranked players. If none of that is good enough, find a guild with players that will teach you how to play the game. The 'Block' function exists. If that still isn't good enough, you can toggle 'Offline' on your Contacts & LFG tab
  4. I am more than happy that I am eating crow, and while it didn't hit everything I would have hoped, it's a great step in the right direction. Thank you, Balance Team.
  5. I would like to also note that there hasn't even been a preview yet for what they plan to do, so unless they surprise-drop it on us (something they haven't been doing lately, hooray for things getting better in this regard), that means that we're at least another 3+ weeks out from fixes. How long, exactly, are you comfortable with things being broken after the giant nuke patch? Because they assured us that they would do their best to get things back to normal asap and normalize things with their new vision of balance. Well, save for addressing 2v2 outliers, they haven't done that, and they hav
  6. did you miss the 8 times in that press release that they are still working, and that things are progressing as expected? And if they weren't, they'd inform the playerbase? And that since balance is them having meetings about how to address outliers more than anything, which, surprise, you can in fact do over the internet? Can I fit another question in here? Dare I push two? I shouldn't have dared. Bad things happen when you start to ask too many questions.
  7. How before the huge nuke balance patch, they said they were now more streamlined to push updates faster where they were needed, and that they were constantly evaluating things to address them quickly? OH man, I actually fell for it. My fault I guess for not learning from the past 7.5 years of dealing with Anet speak.
  8. This is why ranking doesn't matter at all. It's luck of the draw whether you can maintain a 2/3s win-rate with random pugs. I get a few bad matches and I'm ~-60 pts down, meaning I need to win at least 10 more, in a row, just to get back to where I started. There's no point in caring about rating. At all. I only queue on my main in primetime, and I can literally freefall from 1730 to 1600 with people making the most basic of mistakes. It's a farce.
  9. I'll look into it. Along these lines, it would be really nice (and I think fitting) if we could also get outdated reward tracks to be retrofitted with choice-chests at the end, much like the LS3/LS4 ones were. E.g., BSF gives you a choice of Blood Rubies or the headgear from that episode; would be great if say, Maguuma Wastes gave you the choice of all of those insects OR a choice of giant bags of 50-100 Bandit Crests or Geodes. An alternative here would be an NPC that exchanges those insects or unidentified insects for geodes/bandit crests in either heart of the mists or Dry Top/Silverwaste
  10. surprised that the 2x burst mes 2x pp thief weaver comp you got into me on Capricorn didn't make it into this, what a monkey aids fest that was
  11. seeing it during the monthly AT (like all day) would be a good idea imo
  12. psst..Arenanet devs.You really wanna blow the meta up?This should be a thing. I think it actually used to be a thing back when glory was a currency and hotjoin was a big deal if I remember correctly. I'm not entirely sure, but it seems familiar.i think one of the devs actually said recently in one of the AMAs that capping speed is actually affected if all 5 players are on it, but why would anyone ever to do that
  13. they've said before that it's not really a loss, just that it it's a poorly-worded display. It doesn't actually affect your placements, except that you only get 9 placements instead of 10 if you lose one thanks to an afk; it's like it never happened, basically.
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