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  1. Well, good players simply don't bother with convergences. The only real reason to do them is legendary armor and good players either have all 3 already or can get it easier and faster via Raids. Also, convergences have always been such clown fiestas. No thanks. Seeing one squad after another where 45/50 people do abysmal dps while believing them being bad is not the problem. We have builds that need like 2-3 buttons that do over 25k dps. And this doesn't even factor in stuff like potion/sigil of demon slaying and all the other extra dps buffs. Powercreep is INSANE right now but no, 5k dps andys complain that a boss puts a condition on them.
  2. One start to explore new locations is the place Aurene flew to, to nap. No way she chose some random place. She must have found a special place, one that gives the best connection to the ley line system. Could totally see this happening in a few expansion. (She will most likely be still asleep tho)
  3. Are you sure about that? Because as far as I know, quickness does not effect aftercast. Which was really funny when the New Dagger Primal had a full second of it. And I didn't notice a change between no Quickness and Quickness. Could be wrong tho.
  4. A winrate this high should not exist with a Matchmaker. If everything works as intended, players should always hover around 50% winrate after enough matches. Regardless of rank/elo. As that is literally the main goal of a Matchmaker. The moment a players winrate goes above 60%, it's time to investigate. Either the matchmaker doesn't work (unintended behavior or simply low population) or the player it gaming the system.
  5. If Warhorn was Main Hand, it would need an Auto Attack. So.. Do we bash the enemy over the head with it or toot loud enough to the point is hurts? What about enemies that can't hear? I guess because thief is about being sneaky/stealthy and wielding a gigantic sword is pretty much the opposite.
  6. That has been happening for a while now that someone "down votes" every post in this forum. There are some people who think warrior is this God class. So asking for buffs/fixes/rework is "ridiculous". "looks at warrior play rates" ☠️💀☠️
  7. The nation's are armed to the teeth after all these years of conflict with elder dragons and nothing to point the weapons at. Making sure that peace is assured is priority NR 1 right now. The leaders of all the big groups coming together to talk makes total sense. We need a cooldown phase globally. So that everyone can recover from the dmg the Dragon's caused.
  8. Huh? You can't override Ascended food with the cake anymore. Been changed a while ago. Edit: As of the November 28, 2023 update this effect cannot overwrite any nourishment effect.
  9. You could remove Adrenalin entirely and warrior would still be perfectly balanced. You can even leave Decapitate as is. It being basically an auto hit would not even be OP in pve. Given how high the new dps benchmarks are.
  10. We need a Mh support weapon tho. You can improve traits all you want. Switching off staff to x/Warhorn means most of your healing is just gone. Sure, it's just 5s but still. By lyssas double booty. Freaking Mace is the meta choice. MACE! The 2012 weapon. Because there is nothing else that even does anything. The best option is one of the worst weapons in GW2. If not the worst. Also, they want us to swap weapons as much as possible with the last balance patch. Warhorn skills are 20s CD....
  11. New Forceful greatsword: New name: Forceful Zweihander. New effect: Gain might on crit (50% chance) Gain 150 power. Both effects are doubled when wielding a 2h weapon. Also: Cooldown reduction of Greatsword skills removed and made baseline.
  12. Thing is, for many of us veteran players(hate that name) 40g is chump change. I can totally see someone sending it over to some newer player, who can't wait to finish their first legendary.
  13. Kinda crazy that mobs actually did dmg at one point in time. The mobs in Arah slap. I wish enemies would still be an actual threat.
  14. To clarify. I personally do not give a kitten if harbinger gets buffed. All I am saying is that such a big buff would come with a cost. Not because I want there to be one but I know how Anet balancing works.
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