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  1. My prediction. (1): +25 Vita (2): +35 Thoughness (3): +50 Vita (4): +65 Thoughness (5): +100 Vita (6): 10% Dmg reduction while standing still.
  2. You just put more thought into Warrior then Anet did in the last 2 years.
  3. Even if both would do exactly the same dps, there would still be a reason to use one over the other. And why 2 dps options when we don't even have a good Wvw option and our PvP option is nerfed so much it basically doesn't exist.
  4. What exactly are you gonna use Bladesworn for? Everything works in Openworld/Story, so that doesn't matter. Is it good power dps? If yes. Better then Berserker? 2 Power Dps options are not needed. One will always be better than the other. It's useless in PvP and Wvw. A place we're Warrior desperately needs help. In the current scenario there are 2 ways it can go. A) Bladesworn is better Power Dps the berserker on Golem. Making power Berzerker obsolete. B) Bladesworn isn't a better power Dps and completely worthless in all aspects of the game except Op
  5. So you are telling me that they have to change this again? We already had that problem with the Wvw dmg reduction meta in early HoT, when Tempest was literally immortal thanks to dmg reduction stacking. Anet fixed this by making dmg reduction multiplicative. As it stacking was unintended. Somehow they are stacking again?
  6. So basically Wvw Builds in PvP? Imagine full tank minstrel builds. Imagine 2 of them on both nodes. Ahhhh fun.
  7. Almost all dmg reductions already worked that way before the patch. Except for some leftovers. Nothing changes for tempest here as it worked that way before anyway.
  8. I want the [ Critical hits grant bonus adrenaline] effect of Furious as part of a Minor Trait. As its the only reason i use Arms outside of Condi. This way, you could actually design good GM Traits.
  9. Warhorn skills getting Ammo. 😍 Yes please!
  10. My Hammer does 2 dmg now? NICE! 🔨
  11. Rework the Hammer Trait. Rework the Arms and Defense Trait lines. Put the Banner Trait into Tactic Adept. Delete Soldiers comfort. Redesign Berserker from the ground up. Rework both swords, Mh Mace, Rifle (again) and more.
  12. By lyssa what a necro. First posted in 2018. Then necro in 2020. Necrod again in 2021. Let it rest.
  13. Spellbreaker is for PvP Berserker is Power and Condi DPS on Golem/Raid bosses. Bladesworn taking the Power Dps role from Berserker is not needed.
  14. Bladesworn is the answer to all the problems. It's so bad, it makes you switch classes.
  15. Problem is that the entire mechanic is unusable in PvP without Unyielding Dragon.
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