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  1. Calling Staff dmg overnerfed is an understatment. Rifle needs more dmg. Has someone at Anet looked at Mace Mainhand recently? Is there even a point to this weapon? Hammer Primal Burst does Autoattack dmg in PvE for some reason. I seriously hope that it wont be just another Balance Patch with effectivly 2 lines of Text.
  2. You underestimate just how bad the majority of players is. They need the free cc.
  3. Thing is. I trust the Balance Team as far as i can throw. And thats not far, because of my noodle Arms. 😄 They will find a way to somehow ruin it again.
  4. If you have pulls, like Spectral Grasp, you can pull the enemies down the Stairs. So Paitha doesnt run up. Worked for other players i know.
  5. On the pve side, it totally depends if the build shows up on snowcrows. If it's determined playable, we will see nerfs.
  6. Is that another Untamed Fartcloud situation where you can't see kitten anymore? Have not fought the new bosses yet.
  7. Given how worthless these are, the sheer amount of it on the TP and they fact that most people actually vendor them. Yeah, we need a black hole.
  8. Had other players also tell me they don't understand why the walkable area at the end is so tiny.
  9. So, I'm a Warrior main and therefor can't speak to much about Ranger. But let me tell you, when I started Raiding years ago, my raid leader used tools to analyze my dps rotation. He told me I interrupt my auto attacks to much. After me learning not to do it anymore, I improved my dps by like 3k. Auto attacks hit hard these days, so casting 90% of the Autoattack, only to interrupt it. Negating all the dmg does hurt your total dps. Also, the guys like snowcrows who pump the big dps numbers, tend to intentionally interrupt their skills to ignore after cast. Some skills stop dealing damage earlier then the actual cast time is. Knowing that means you can stow your weapon, cancel the unwanted cast time and immediately start the next skill. Thats however really next level gameplay most of us will never reach.
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