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  1. 10 Tickets and ~ 67s for the chance of 56s at max. "Tickets have one of the biggest list of items to buy" Yes but 98% of them are trash.
  2. But every other currency can be turned into gold in some way or form. Except Skirmish Tickets. They are literally useless after some point. Add the fact that what teh vendor offers (except leg stuff) is a complete joke for 4 years now.
  3. The Skirmish Tickets got intruduced in June 2017. This means WvW Players could have over 76k of them without any use. And i forgot about the useless Emblems. Just let us vendor them for like 1-2g each.
  4. Currently, if you dont want Legendary gear, Skirmish Tickets a practically worthless. Lets give WvW Players with tens of thousands of Tickets something worth buying. Gift of Exploration Chest of Raider's Weapons and Armor * Magic-Warped Bundle Magic-Warped Packet Tribute to ______ (Legendary Token) ____ Shipments (Wood, Metal etc) Provisioner Token * The Ascended Gear from the Skirmish Vendor has been extremly overpriced from the very start. It should be a lower price then crafting if i use a extra currency. The 25
  5. In Yugioh the Players QQ every single time a new set comes out and the new cards are OP as kitten. But when a new set is actually balanced, every single YT Channel tells you not to buy. Balanced/Fair in gaming means = not viable.
  6. Warrior is balanced, but we all know that balanced = unviable in gaming.
  7. 35g average with Craft daily cooldowns 45g average without. Crafting ascended gear has been very cheap for a long time.
  8. Always has been. And even if not, the game throws ascended gear at you anyway.
  9. Crafting a ascended sword: ~ 35g Crafting a legendary sword: ~ 1500g This would make legendaries and the legendary armory pretty pointless
  10. The reason Hammer Rev is B Tier and scourge S Tier: Consistency Scourge is always usefull. Melee? Range? Wierd terain? Doesnt matter. It bringe ALOT to the table. Hammer Rev can be made useless because of terain. Enemy above/below you? On the Wall? Some rock in the way? Also, Hammer has only 2 dmg skills (and the dmg isnt even THAT good) . DtH is more usefull for stealth blasting then actuall cc. There are SOOOOO many situations in WvW where you only can use Phase Smash and then wait for it to come off CD. The fa
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