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  1. Everyone who played WvW in HoT knows that condi should never be viable again.
  2. Gathered Focus Removed Powerful Aura Moved from Grandmaster Major [Water] to Master Minor [Tempest] Reason That [Tempest] has to take the [Water] Traitline to perform the basic task of sharing Auras, which is its main feature, is bad design. Opens trait choices in [Water] Grandmaster. Soothing Power In addition to its previous effect, the effect of the Trait [Soothing Mist] stays activ regardless of attunement. Reason The Healing [Soothing Mist] provides while under the effect of [Soothing Power] is good but it forces the [T
  3. All i want is my Hammer dmg back. THATS ALL I WANT! 😔
  4. Because WvW Warrior has one utility slot that doesnt have a mandatory skill in it. And there are not many good choices, so maybe that could be usefull?
  5. Hi. Banners are basically a gigantic 5s Lightfield on a 20s CD. The Lightfield stays even if you pick the Banner up again. If the Banner CD would be reduced to 70s, it would be a Lightfield on 10s CD. Kinda, maybe usefull.
  6. Got double hit on the big bristlebacks but not on the small ones.
  7. Could it be that it hits twice on large hitboxes? Because i dont get double hits with it. Edit: Yes you hit large hitboxes twice.
  8. Vuln(10 stacks) and cripple still 10s and 5s . For the second part. TO THE TEST AREA!
  9. Ammo: 2 Targets: 5 Recharge: 12s (base) Cooldown: 6s (base) You hit only 1 target, then targets behind it in a 450 Range Cone. If 2 targets are rights next to each other, you only hit one.
  10. Hi. Seems "fine" but the dmg is really low. 1679 base dmg with 3k power. Could have been double of that in PvE. Edit: Looks like you hit Large Hitboxes twice with it.
  11. Hi. Being the single (known) Dragon Champion left thats is. If we dont count Caithe. While im a sucker for a good power fantasy, it feels a bit wierd to know that we + Aurene and the Crystal Bloom could easily be seen as the most powerfull "faction" in Tyria by the common folk. What could even stop us now? Other then maybe the Pact.
  12. You do know that the balance team only can change numbers? It's another team that changes skills/traits and they are busy with EoD. That's why we still have the 300s CD traits. Cmc simply can't replace them.
  13. Watch a balance patch hit while the servers are down. Do you even want one at this point? I can't wait for necro to get buffed again in WvW while Warrior gets another slap in the face.
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