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  1. i managed to get his build (it was core rev) afterall, but he's not very responsive after that, so no further info. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmAUGSHdEygqpmgmUP5U0iypnkGYf9F4EKogEOOL9LPA-e I experimented with this a while ago, but couldn't prevent my rev from losing life over time, but I never had any barrier. however, now that you mention it, the other rev had a bunch of boons at the time, which might've been the thing that made it possible.
  2. i'm looking to build a perma embrace the darkness rev build. replenishing despair trait should help with that, as it provides the 1 energy pip required, however, it drains you slowly from health, so the challange is to retain a positive HP gain - either by increasing healing effectiveness or some barrier generation (or something else I haven't thought of). can anyone advise on the easiest way to achieve this? i've been looking at anything that generates barrier, but couldn't find enything useful. i'm sure i'm overlooking something, as I'm 100% positive I seen another guy
  3. @Rinagal.9235thx, i'm aware of the procedures, but I can't recall the exact steps that I need to do with the ring in order to make it more profitable to salvage it (I mean, as long as salvaging *is* actually the desired last step - maybe there are other ways..?)
  4. so I feel a bit dumb that I can't google it (as i'm 100% sure there are a number of guides for that), but can anyone please advise about the procedure to make ascended trash rings (i.e. with worthless stats) into something useful? i recall something about attuning and salvaging afterwards, but I just can't find any guide now. perhaps has to do something with many more guides being about getting ascended stuff, not getting rid of it 🙂 thx!
  5. So none of the celestial builds I ever found use sigil of stars nor all-stat runes (e.g. rune of the revenenat). Does that mean the all-stat boosts (esp. with the recent update of "all stats" actually meaning all 9 stats) are not viable? any thoughts on running such "true full celestial" build? thx edit for clarity: i don't want to restrict the viability scope to particular game mode. i'd like to hear thoughts on all game modes. also, feel free to pick a game mode you feel like you have an opinion about, and disregard the rest 🙂 having said that, soloing hard P
  6. Recently I noticed on one my characters - scrapper - the camera zoom randomly goes to something like "combat mode" - it basically just zooms in (I call it "combat mode" just b/c it happens only in combat). so far I haven't been able to narrow down the conditions when this happens. also i haven't noticed this happening on my other characters. does anyone have similar experience?
  7. I understand the reactions, as well as suggestions to search the forums for similar questions.however, the nature of the question makes it kinda difficult to search for, so..as for the source - it doesn't really matter - I could name the person, or their character, but how would that help?anyway, thanks for the response, @HnRkLnXqZ.1870. would it be too much trouble to link the forum topics discussing this matter, please? unless you have a suggestion for good key words to use for search, that wouldn't produce a lot of irrelevant results... :)
  8. so I got an unverified info (though the source claims they tested this in WvW) that some damage skills (Phase Smash - Herald hammer 3 was tested, as the source claimed) split the damage listed in the skill's description among the targets in the area hit; e.g. if a single target would be hit for 2k, 2 targets would be hit for 1k each (ofcourse, modified by whatever defense boons/gear each target has).now, according to https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Area_of_effect this shouldn't be the case.can anyone confirm/deny/comment on this please?
  9. This should be working now. Repeater is now classified as a Dual Wield skill (it was an undocumented change in the patch notes a while back). It may not show on the skill tip but if you test it you should see poison stacks. But you said P/P which doesn’t have Repeater it has “Unload.” @saerni.2584 my bad - I meant Unload, ofcourse. plus, I just checked, it applies poison on Unload as well.thx
  10. any update on this? i also noticed that, for example Repeater (P/P) doesn't have the poison listed in the skill tool tip when Deadly Ambition trait is enabled.
  11. same here, with 2 different non-ravenant characters - game crashes as soon as I open Traits tab.
  12. @"pninak.1069" what do you mean by "correct"?also, i think I opened more boxes, but this was the only item that became soulbound to the "wrong" character. I'm not sure, since I don't wanna risk losing another item :/
  13. what are the ways for an item to become soulbound to particular character? as far as I know, an item is soulbound the moment it is equipped by particular character the 1st time. there's, however, probably another way, b/c I have a heavy helmet from a WvW reward box opened by a thief soulbound to this character (which can not use it - thief wears medium armor). does anyone know how is this possible? i'm not complaining about a bug or anything, just would like to know what might I have possible done, so I don't repeat the same mistake again. thanks in advance for any helpful posts, and since thi
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