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  1. Aside from the much needed rework for action cam, we need a way to create toggle targeting profiles that may be accessed through mapped keys. for instance, Action Cam Toggle 1 ( Target Enemies only) Action Cam Toggle 2 ( Target Allies only) also options to ignore certain targets like minis / minions etc.
  2. The build setup i had, focused on Shadow force generation. I would deal damage building shadow force, then double tapping to heal. I would cycle back to dealing damage again to build shadow force. You cant build life force in shroud, so i had more healng potential when i can build shadow force outside of shroud. I had the option to stay in shroud for damage/defense, or teather an ally for single target support, Whatever the current situation called for. The choice is taken away from me, and less heals overall is a nerf I get what youre saying but id prefer it the way it was.
  3. Clutch heal for allies, not myself. I want to be reliable. The changes are a nerf to AOE healer thieve builds
  4. i am very dissatisfied with the AOE heal change stepping out of Shroud. I want my clutch big heal back. I really liked having the option to use my shadow force for shroud or the big aoe heal. Whatever i chose at the given time. Now, i cant aoe heal when i want to. There's a build up, and you have to wait for it. Not worth it. I really enjoyed the build i had. I focused on gaining more Shadow force from Siphon and attacking, so i can use the aoe more often. Or if wanted to stay in shroud i can choose to. Damage vs Healing. Now, i cant heal as often, since i
  5. I understand what youre saying, but im specifically talking at the point that Anet took less control from us when it comes to how or when we want to heal. And it all depends on how long the wind up is. If your teammate has 60% and start winding up, who knows if they would be dead by then. To keep them alive youd have to release the heal early, resulting in a crapy heal and no shroud.
  6. You wont be able to clutch heal your allies. Youll have to wait when its ready instead of acting when your allies need health.
  7. hmmmm. Im just super worried. I really liked double tapping the heal, then i can focus on Shadow Force generation since im not in Shroud to heal again. Now i have to wait and stay in shroud to build up a multiplier. I cant heal when i want, which defeats the purpose of the build i had. i feel like it should be reverted, it was a Trait to begin with that doesnt have to be selected. so sad
  8. Im going to have to try it out. But i was really happy with all my shadow force being used to aoe heal. If i wanted to deal damage i would stay in shroud instead. I focused on getting Shadow force too with traits, so it felt just right. I hope these changes dont affect that style of play. Id be super sad. itll be like ripping candy from a baby 👶
  9. yes please. i need something like the OP suggestion. Specter feels unplayable with Action camera. I personally would want advanced settings for action camera. Settings to control what is targeted, and what is not. Also settings for action camera that will not override/change your toggled target. I personally would want action camera to never target allies, and while an ally is targeted via toggle input, action camera never switches targets.
  10. My suggestion could be a setting in the menu. You haven't encountered issues where action camera hit an enemy with specter instead of an ally? or vise versa?
  11. Action camera + Specter New Action camera suggestion that focuses on ease of use with Specter in mind. While action camera is toggled, by default should only Target enemies, and never allies. I ran into issues after toggling through allies by button input , just for the action camera center point to take priority and change target when trying to heal that ally. A feature should be added that you can only target an ally with the keybound options (Target next ally/closest ally etc) when in action camera mode. While an ally is targeted, action camera should Never switch targets. Untarget you
  12. Most of the single target support is tied to using Shadow Shroud. A viable support aoe build is possible if you use your shadow energy as Healing when leaving shadow Shroud as soon as you enter. Use your wells, and provide barrier when stealthing allies It feel aoe viable to me Consume Shadows Leaving Shadow Shroud consumes all remaining shadow force, healing nearby allies based on energy consumed. Allies that are fully healed receive the rest of the value in barrier. Traversing Darkness Heal allies in the area around you when you shadowstep. Ga
  13. This honestly has a Simple fix. Anet could Swap Bandage Self with Vital Burst. Vital burst seems more like a toolbelt skill to me anyway.
  14. I personally would love this. My main is Revenant, i like range and the hammer is no good. Simply put, i NEED Bow on all specs. Also would love to run a Scepter/Pistol + Staff Specter. I wouldn't Even mind if we needed to complete an extra long quest to unlock each elite weapon for the base class.
  15. well if it fails, a simple change can be made. All allies near your tethered target also receives all support effects and healing. For balancing if needed, the healing can be split to x amount of allies near your tethered target.
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