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  1. Whether it was you or not, that was before this post anyway, sorry for the false accusation in that case.
  2. Did you even check the time stamps? I made this post before I even encountered you while I was theory crafting something that could even come close to what old damage was. I got really annoyed because you're built the same way people are, doesn't matter how many times you get punished because the spec has so much forgiving elements so long you don't mess up enough times, you'll always surpass anything in the game, if someone is pure damage and outplaying you you'll always win because you can get away with anything while still dealing enough damage, this is too remiscent of old druid or scrapper before PoF which sucked hard. Things like Holosmith might have really cringe instant damage but at least they're killable, Virtuoso has the same problem where they can have enough sustain yet their damage is extremely forced because every single burst shatter they have is allowed to be unblockable despite the ICD. It's boring effortless gameplay..
  3. That I always end up with, any dodge changes are always horrible. Dodges should always be the same for everyone and any changes should just be an ability tied to F keys or mechanics added around gameplay.
  4. Why bring something that you don't want to talk about? I made my buff list that you completely ignore to mention. And that's not what I said, because I remind of such thing is ironic because I never cared about what I reminded you. I'm honest about what I play, people surely aren't. Your personal preference to play something that ain't easy doesn't invalidate the fact that Vindicator is overdoing it compared anything else on the table.
  5. Wrong, false and irrelevant. I literally was the only person who popularized Herald Mallyx by getting insulted for ever considering Mallyx, posted on Metabattle just to argue that it was good until they shifted my post to another one like mine never existed, only one who ever played it for nearly 2 years until people FINALLY caught up after they killed perma might spellbreaker and braindead scourges while I even posted half baked Herald videos. Stop spreading false information. You're silly for thinking that it's okay for Infuse Light to full heal @ 3 second duration when people condi bomb so easily, at least have some dignity to accept that when you have a skill that's literally better than where the inspiration came from it should at least be in line with the homework it got copy from. Core is good, people just refuse to put the effort, nothing new in fact Core Rev is probably one of the better specs out of all other Core, the irony. I play Herald Mallyx on nearly a daily basis given it's still one of best way to be condition in the entire game for literally sending and healing 1 to 1 any form of damage despite poison being overpowered but I must REALLY hate it tho! Arguably Herald Shiro is just a one trick pony no one wants to admit while Core can duel because it has actual utility that Herald doesn't by default. I never moaned once about Stealth Trappers because it literally wasn't an issue to me, let alone that the entire concept was CRINGE anyway. So saying that your false statements about me reminds you of something I completely didn't care about is even more silly. TD;LR you hate putting in effort in the game + ignore anything I've said in the past, got it. Here's me to remind: https://i.imgur.com/cRZh7en.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/789352464876568577/1074425221819412682/gw2_damage.mp4 Keep assuming.
  6. But it never was a problem, at most Saint Shield being 6k total sustain was the only issue.
  7. You're not understanding anything I said. The spec was fine with 1 dodge and bloated utility. Not the opposite. Second. Dodging should never have been changed and the new dodge should have been an F2 instead. Whenever they mess with dodging the game is always out of whack.
  8. The entire spec was bloated for 1 evade, everything is going to get dulled down until it's no longer bloated. That's the sad reality of it. Not just people are getting annoyed. I'd completely scrap the evades away from endurance and replace it by the band-aid energy melt. That would be better than anything anet has done so far.
  9. I played Vindicator more than anyone has before it got the 2 evades, when it got the 2 evades that was the sign of things to come which everyone is now complaining while they act like they couldn't have seen it coming. I said this many times in the past and no one listened. it's going to keep getting gutted because y'all wanted 2 evades. High risk high reward as it was designed to be is what I want, everyone is just ignoring that fact in a 2D plane argument.
  10. None of that adds up. Power Herald is played as a +1 regardless and can't stand on it's own and has to disengage and give up node against anything decent. Vindicator can +1 and duel anything reliably and thus again why MAT is not an unit of measurement based on the fact that people have personal preferences. Meta is an illusion in this game, the main goal never changes. Have anything and everything at once with the least effort is always the meta and always will be. Trying to press the narrative that things ever shift is a waste of time, the goal is always the same. Vindicator gets more at the cost of nothing, the fact is plain and simple. Sooooooooooo, something none of the other elites and core can do on top of having more. Again, good at +1 and can duel. Only proving the point further. This is the public fault for begging 2 evades on a design built around 1 only. Y'all complain about getting gutted constantly after literally screwing up the entire design upside down to which now Anet has to play catch up until nothing interesting is left. Again, MAT is not a unit of measurement and I see more looping Vindis on average than dead end Heralds, the statistics speaks for themselves. To your statement about decent balance, Herald Mallyx is arguably the only thing that can compete Power Vindi sustain because it's using all manners of defenses while Vindi has everything built in by default. That's your opinion, Renegade is in a bad state but everything else has a healthy amount of content to offer, if you don't want to put the effort out for it that's on you but don't drag everyone else down with you.
  11. What's your suggestion to balance Phase Traversal then? Paint the whole picture here, not half of it.
  12. MAT is not a unit of measurement. You'd have to be in complete denial to play core, herald, renegade then Vindicator and not realize how stupid easy and bloated it is. For you to think Vindicator is the only decent spec? You're definitely not playing anything else Revenant has to offer competently. Given Vindicator literally hands you more tools, find me one opportunity where you as a player can punish and keep still a good vindicator user in a 1v1. I'll be waiting for that because in literally no scenario can you even do that since there's always a button to press. 2 evades does not belong on Vindicator. FYI if you want to point the finger at me for criticizing Herald, you better back it up with evidence instead of trying to meme about it.
  13. They can be definitely done underwater. Centaur can be designed to sent the tablet directly at allies or enemies with targeting, the same can be said for Renegade.
  14. Any competent players are unkillable in 1v1 because the spec is bloated with 2 evades as it was designed to only have 1 at once. Consider reverting back the idea to 1 evade that simply costs less (50), act just as quick (current speeds) and if the past nerfs to vigor are too rough to this revert them to accomodate. People can use GS outside of Vindicator. There's no excuse anymore, there's no appeal to use any other legend than alliances when using the elite either, others do. I'm sick of being forced to play it because it's literally just better than "all" options due to power creep.
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