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  1. Whatever it'll be, it's gonna be hard for me to not pick adventurers.
  2. It's on hit so you wouldn't get the benefit of Resistance unless they made Adrenaline be spent on cast. I wanted to suggest Resistance but it's a bit overboard because then you can just hurrdurr burst burst anytime you want and not be punished for being reckless whether you have Weakness or not. It's not particularly difficult to hit someone at the end of an evade, or bait them for that matter, Eviscerate, slow as it is still tracks pretty well. Traits that ignore Blindness or Remove blindness are not as rare either. Just having immunity to currently applied blindness alone is
  3. Simplifying the topic. Make Expertise matter to conditions like Ferocity matters to power. The issue here is that you need a lot of expertise to make 1 second conditions even reach 2 seconds. This is why at a minimum most soft CC should sit at about 3 seconds depending what they are then damaging conditions depending on their type should be slightly higher, around 5 seconds or so for bleeding as a baseline. Things like Weakness should be carefully tweaked if you want them to stay relevant. Stuff like Inspiring Reinforcement has 6 seconds of Weakness because it's either
  4. Most of my complains will come from the jankiness it currently has on GS skills, Blocking acting unatural and is too loud, 2nd skill AoE effect is misleading, 3rd skill distance lies and is extremely small, 5th skill is supposed to act like a meteor shower but right now it operates by randomly tracking and quickly spamming all over the place when it's supposed to last way longer. F2 consuming energy is too much, it should only consume enough if people trait for the skills to be all reset. F2 on core rev literally gives a buff relevant to the legend and more energy, just giving endu
  5. Removing blindness on burst (not hit) should be a thing for Cleansing Ire. Clears and Resistance CDs on the professions are way too long to ever justify wasting them in synergy with a burst when your burst itself is gonna remove conditions.
  6. Gizmos should not be exclusive to mAT winners but the "highest competition" aka 3 finalist teams with only the title being the actual thing to work for in first place. If you make them more common, the less value is attributed and more people would be willing to work for 'em. That's a better way to bring detriment to the situation and you can more easily spot those who screw with the system as well. For those that are known to have wintraded/match manipulated the system, They should have their title slot permanently revoked instead of a ban. Bans don't do anything to al
  7. I can get behind such change, although that would make it really underpowered for some classes since some have little access. Sometimes only once per 10 second.
  8. They could, but here's something to take from it. Mallyx does play fine right now with Resolution, it can be used if properly handled by the player, tough be doable, it's only when Poison starts to come in that everything falls apart. I am all for not having total immunity to condition damage, it's fun, I always played purely with modifiers and only had Resistance for the Empowering Misery. The recovery is where it's impossible because Poison can't be specifically countered, ruining any hope of surviving. There is place in the traitline to improve Resolution effectivene
  9. Damage can stay, nullifying the healing cannot if Resistance is at play. It causes way way way more havoc by merely existing as a random condition with it's secondary effect than the actual damage against players in any builds, Resolution does not compensate in anyway since the damage can be low and still be extremely effective. That is overpowered with it's really common application with some professions, fact being that even 2 auto attack chains in the game have it and things like Mallyx greatly suffer because it cannot do "anything" about it. Guardian is the hard second because all healings
  10. Ranking means nothing. Rating does in ranked only, this is the result of high discrepancy in between ratings, normally games tend to be more interesting the more balanced player skill is in between teams.
  11. Or a simple line of effect like Banish Enchantment. They could literally just recolor it dark green and I'd be content.
  12. Even after it's being elaborated. Nobody gets it. Anet did move the topic here for whatever reason when it affects everyone.
  13. I like Herald by theme the most, but Vindicator gameplay competes with it, Renegade is eh, it's fine but I don't play it as much. Core is what I normally play all the time.
  14. After the recent update, I was no longer crashing from using Core Rev so it's fair to believe they're making progress but it's not complete yet.
  15. Been a while and motivation struck so I've looked into the gigs of clips I have, tried to pick the most unique and relevant to display the build I've been playing for months now. (Fix Hammer 2 Pls Anet and Initial Stability on Inspiring Reinforcement)
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