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  1. Most of what you asked for is confusing. No randomized Gear pieces and weapons? That's fun part of any BR, making your set on the fly based on RNG via looting. Doing so for Anet would be extremely complicated, they'd have to come up with gear and weapons that work with anyone. GW2 strives on profession uniqueness, it's a difficult concept.
  2. If the transfers didn't happen so often, it would require the user to somewhat manage and actually dodge which would greatly balance out it. Having each Minion to transfer a condition individually every 10 seconds is a lot to take in a 1v1 while already able to sit down on the LF and shroud consuming. If it was more like any Minion transfers a condition under an universal cooldown of 5 second, it'd be more balanced.
  3. Even when there was people, the whole place was mostly condensed at the bank point anyway. In the end it would be nicer to have a large area for FFA.
  4. Smokescale has nothing to do with the topic, even if that's all people can ever use paired with whatever. Tail Swipe is an universal skill to a family of pet, that's enough said. I never said that was a problem either, again. Missing the point.
  5. It's not an argument, it's a fact. I even said it and you're dead set to tell me otherwise. Dense AF.
  6. Why is everyone always avoiding the argument? At this point the fact is pretty obvious, y'all just want to keep the stupid co-efficients for yourself. The mechanic isn't OP because it's a pet, the mechanic is OP because the values reward too much. Is it really that hard to grasp? Edit: And that is all not mentioning how you can still CC someone 3 times while in downstate as a Ranger, then get revived faster seconds later, THEN if the pet gets KO from the cleave and you somehow manage to get the skill to go off again, your pet will revive you and be immune to all form of
  7. What if you're the one unable to do much and rely on a overpowered mechanic to compensate for your lack of ability? Ever had that come to your mind? Most professions have to do way more than they used to for success, Ranger pets have yet to be fully overhauled. Smokescale keeps being brought up as an argument which is completely irrelevant to OP, most rangers play without Drake or Tiger, even Jaracanda (Easily avoided) or Gazelle, damage is all mediocre compared those yet Rangers do fine and don't have issues to win 1v1 or stall 1v2. So now adding the abilit
  8. I've had a similar idea as well. However the concept could be complex for Anet to implement for their engine idk. * Players have a pool of 3000 pts to spend. * Toughness, Vitality add 15% extra cost if paired together. Maximum per stats 900. * Healing Power, Concentration, Expertise add 15% extra cost if paired together. Maximum per stats 500. * Power, Precision, Ferocity and Condition Damage otherwise cost is 1:1. Maximum per stats 1200.
  9. HotM is basically hell, it's not supposed to be pleasant. Altough I do miss the old lobby. Could have re-used that dead area in the back for FFA instead.
  10. I've been discussing with my Druid main friend and my idea was that Ranger should be able via AoE placement to position the pet like Ventari Tablet works on Revenant instead of just pet swapping because that feels like a lazy cope out for not having entire control, so that the pet is actually useful. Even better, find a way to implement all skills to work with rather than just one and the rest randomly. F1 is attack/track and when attacking, it flips to return. 2 buttons in one. F2 is the target manual control to which flips F1 to return if there is no target in the AoE to focus, h
  11. Could have been using Retribution damage traits, there's no need for corruption with Ancient Echo allowing for perma IO. I get the one button meme, but that's potentially 20% more damage missed out. I didn't have super expectations but 25k for just autoattacking is pretty high IMO.
  12. I really doubt that. Reaper as way more short coming that Ranger does and that is still irrelevant to my point when I am not asking for anything on Ranger the player to be changed, just the pet co-efficients that are absurdly high and weren't affected by the wide game nerf. Maul can whiff and the pet still gains bonus damage, so whether you're fighting the Ranger or not, the pet is able to hit for 25% extra damage if the user command so, CD is low enough to pair with any strong attack. There's nothing exaggerated about it. Neither Smoke Cloud, this is t
  13. Nah, bird could do that much and apparently that was okay but I don't agree and I still don't now. Why should pets with absurd co-efficient be immune to the wide adjustment that everyone had to go through? Or are you not aware of it? We wouldn't be having this conversation if Anet had actually done everything perfectly, that's why some people bother to put it out. I get that some skills weren't in the need of changes but those are just as obvious compared the ones that need it. Most have to run glassy stats to do any damage and pets that haven't changed with
  14. Icerazor is kinda spreaded out though the vulnerability that it brings is really good for everyone and definitely better on single targets. Soulcleave after the nerf be kinda eh. It doesn't beat Impossible Odds DPS wise unless everyone contributes yet still, given that with quickness IO gets really nasty on auto attacks. Herald is hard to justify since other classes can fill it's place easily while I have my doubts as Core with Ancient Echo, I know it can really push forward a lot of cleave as either Power or Condition because energy can be extended a lot constantly.
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