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  1. Could be a bug this game still has plenty.
  2. Yeh man. Even 1-3-1 is especially strong in lower ranks because even if you lose mid, a good player at far can force enemy rotates to them and make room for another mid retake. Also the likelyhood of the enemy team sending people far when their home is contested is very slim in lower ranks. But same rules as before so both strategies work still. Depends on your team really. You dont want to go mid if you have say 2 mesmers or 2 thieves on your team. So Improvise! But its not a good player going far without speaking up prematch more often then not in low to mid ranks. Its often not even on a s
  3. Also knows every spot on the map to stand where movement skills won't reach because of los map glitches so he can pull of his 1 button magicianry. Without doing that he wouldn't be able to kill a ham sandwhich. This guy shouldn't be offering balance on tying shoes.
  4. Not to be rude but what are your credentials? Usually to be sought after as a teacher you should have some accomplishments. Im sure you do but like what are they x amount of top 100 finishes? Finishing in the top 250 every season I mean anyone can finish in the top 250 a few seasons? being part of teams that have won tournaments? I think you should tell people instead of saying Im an expert let me help you so they can decide if its worth there time. Not knocking people trying to help but just being willing to help is not automatically a good thing. I could offer Stephen Curry to help wit
  5. Everything is circular. Once they nerf the builds people are crying about the most Spell Breaker will get complained about again. Imo they do deserve some more nerf its just not as urgently needed as some other classes. They still have to much sustain and still hit too hard for the sustain they have.
  6. Regularly is a vague term. I think it happens enough to be a problem and thats all that matters imo.
  7. I would be happy if they would just revert all the nerfs to life force regeneration and put shroud back to the old cooldown.
  8. Power reapers are easily picked out and killed especially at the beginning of matches when they have no life force.
  9. They forgot about it (mesmer and thief brain dead condi builds) because other builds were stronger. Then they nerf those builds and the other bad builds become popular again. Its really stupid on A-nets part.
  10. Im going to defend A-net for once and make two guesses which could obviously be wrong. People complained when the break between seasons went from 2 weeks to 3 weeks so they made sure it was 2 weeks this time. Patches are every 2 weeks and there was a patch last week. There will be some pvp balance changes in next weeks patch that weren't ready for the june 5th patch.
  11. It would help if the matchmaking was better I dont care what anyone says it sucks. Im no pro usually about 1500MMR range and when I complain sometimes you can't believe how often someone tells me they are completely new to the game they didn't understand what they are doing is wrong. Starting MMR of 1200 is a gigantic problem. Beginners should start out at the beginning which would be Bronze 1 MMR.
  12. There is more to this story. You don't get two hour dishonor for going ld 2x in a day. Seriously man stop racking up so much dishonor in a 24 hour period.
  13. I actually agree with this. Its really something that should be balance dogma you wonder why stuff like this continually makes it into pvp in games. The fact good players can counter it is meaningless. Its dumb and its annoying. I kill pp thieves all the time 1v1 but every once in awhile Ill get sandbagged when my attention is elsewhere and its just not fun to die like that period. Games are supposed to be fun. A guy materializing out of thin air and downing you in a couple seconds from full health is not fun.
  14. I was talking about spvp where they are worthless and they are.
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