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  1. I haven't spent 7000+ posts going after other users for their ideas. Just a few calling you out. If I had the ability to block you, that would make my day. This thread......the idea is valid based on how it would benefit not only the player base, but the game's health as well. Idk y you have to be so negative to everyone.
  2. I know enough about you to know what kind of poster you are. There's a few of you that create a toxic environment for other posters. Idk why Anet puts up with it....but I don't. So I will point out your hypocrisy when you go after other posters. PS nice touch going through and "reacting" to all my posts....shows class
  3. And your dead.......that's how not seeing other players works in WvW. You can back peddle all you want, but it's not changing what you said.
  4. While playing WvW that's not really a good option. You said they didn't have the resources. Resources scale with the size of an undertaking. So, yes you did imply it.
  5. Leyline once daily gives a mystic coin so more than 50s
  6. Still shooting down everything I see....what a contribution. They should implement it. Part of what makes games better is optimization over time. There is a reason WoW switched over. There is a reason other games have as well. It would benefit the game in a meaningful way. A lot of the work has already been done. They could make it an option similar to how the 64bit client was. The pros far outweigh the cons of doing so. I can't think of any reasons not to apart from small savings seeing how a fan did it for free in their spare time.
  7. It would be nice to be able to move shared storage slots from left to right alignment. Currently if you have less than a full row they default to left alignment.
  8. I would like to have the ability to gift expansion gem store items from my paid core accounts to accounts that have the expansions. Currently it is not an option....ie glider skins and mount skins...etc Note...they are not free accounts, they just don't have the expansions.
  9. Build synergy, voip likelyhood, and/or playstyle cohesiveness are much more likely in duo than in solo queue.
  10. Meh we shouldn't even have raids. The game was fine without them. Does that hold water? No. This is the equivalent of most of the comments I see here saying there shouldn't be change. They don't hold water.
  11. Meh...wealth inequality is mostly due to trading. It has had massive influence on wvw where guilds have been paid to transfer. I debated with JS years ago about it, but in his opinion his system was perfect. Time has proved otherwise.
  12. FIX Ele dagger auto attack plz..........has infinite range and no line of sight
  13. There's no3 strikes and you're out system in WA. It's an "at-will employment state". That means employers can terminate working relationships at will as long as they do not apply to the following: In WA workers cannot be fired for issuing a safety complaint, filing a workplace rights complaint, and /or filing an injured worker claim...none of which applies here. If JP wants a written notice of why (like that would actually be needed in this case) her employment was terminated she will need to do so in writing and ANet must reply in 10 days time. All of this information can be found very easi
  14. Or maybe we play more than others, maybe we're more efficient with the game, maybe we salvage everything and when we got luck as reward it had a function like a reward from the item if we choose to salvage something or event items. Instead we have an item that is a waste, it used to have value and everyone gets it which is possible for everyone to cap this but still get luck that has no use at all. As someone that has close to 15k hours in this game and keeps up with others with near the same:
  15. Right click > delete problem solved!This for the most part is a self inflicted problem. In the vast majority (I'm sure Anet can back this claim up if they'd be willing), players that have maxed out mf have done so actively. Just like one player admitted earlier in the thread of buying lunar fortunes in masse, most of luck comes from buying in masse...ie...salvaging drops alone doesn't get you to >300% except in the most rare of cases.It's basically like those that rush through content wanting more, but a much, much smaller minority.
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