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  1. I would prefer if we got a new elite with a better control aspect. We got a support then a dps spec, so a control spec should be next. Longbow fits a control aspect better than rifle.
  2. PoF stat are one of the options for Pvp, and wvw gear. Just select griever or mashal stat for that armor if you need to get ascended versions of PoF stats. You can craft them too.
  3. Zhaitan probably woke up because of the abundance of magic in Orr. After Zhiatan died thats when Mordomoth started to be active. You start to understand why Scarlett Brair did all of that during LS1. She heard Mordomoth call and started to work for him. The scene at the end of LS1 showed that Scarlett gave Mordomoth even more magic by tapping into the leyline energy in LA, so during LS2 mordomoth became very active., then we had HoT. With LS3 we started to understand how the other dragons absorbed Zhaitan and Mordomoths magical energy.
  4. Wvw is not a fair competition. Competitions start of fairly matched but once things start taking a turn for the worst the match should be over fast. With wvw the match continue for days after its decided why? Comeback mechanic would encourage players throughout the week instead of taking the week off because the match-up has been decided. Yes thats what casual wvwer do they ignore the score and play for fun. I just want servers to matter more than everyone just bandwagoning to a server to win(better fights). Wvw has issues with keeping players and wvw not being fair is part of the problem. A
  5. I would prefer that A-net makes wvw more competitive than bandwagon to win. Wvw needs a few comeback mechanics to make servers have some hope of winning. Instead of my server do not have enough player to win so lates transfer to another server.
  6. The idea of server pride went out the window during the wvw tournaments. Its apparent that their are no comeback mechanics and coverage = win. Skills do not matter. It boils down to play for fun with your guild or roaming and that becomes stale after awhile. Gold reward for finishing diamond, hum it would make wvw more profitable for the older players. It would be more of a reward for a small amount of hardcore players than anything else. Lets just wait and see how A-net does with the new obsidian weapons for wvw/pvp.
  7. If mounts were added to the game A-net would have to rebalance alot of things in wvw. All walls/gates/camp guards should have low Hp because of how fast everyone would be able to response. Seige would need a anti siege damage buff. Then you would have to look into balancing the dismount attack and exploits with the mounts natural skills. Roamers are already have issues with players being able to disengage from fights but with mounts that would make some classes stupidly OP. Imagine a glassy thief he fails to burst you the first time so he run, stealth and mount up to get away. Mounts are a goo
  8. wxp in a zerg is exploding, dunno kitten your doing while zerging but im ranking up so much WXP when blobbing around nothing is better then blobbing especially when ur blob is winning. The amount of wxp you get from zerg is comparable to roaming, average ~1.5 levels per hour. If you are the dominate zerg every time you log on you can get higher amounts of wxp than that but it does not happen all of the time. Also you have to take into consideration the queue for those peak hour maps. Roaming (depending your tier) you fight players every 2 to 4 camps with most player hanging around the southern
  9. Roaming vs zerging for wxp is about the same. Assuming you are focused mostly on objective when roaming (camps/towers). It is boring but its helps your server (most do not care about that anymore) and something to do in the offhours. Its just that roaming is difficult now compared to classic gw2, alot of proffessions that can disengage and high burst. Roam during the low periods and zerg during the high periods. Most of my rank comes from roaming platinum scout now.
  10. The high wxp rank for that armor is due to the top 10% of wvwer wanting something unique for people that have stuck around in wvw. No its not worth grinding if you hate wvw. Average say 2000 hrs, but with boosters down to say 1200hrs or so.
  11. A new item, Gift of Desert Mastery, has been added to allow crafting legendary weapons by playing in Path of Fire™ maps. The following weapons can be created with the new gift: Flames of War, Sharur, Shooshadoo, the HMS Divinity, the Shining Blade, and future legendary weapons that are part of this set.Legendary tributes can now be purchased from various vendors in Path of Fire maps.PoF players can craft most of the generation 2 legendaries. Their are 3 gen 2 legendaries tied to HoT, also the trinket requires HoT and LS3. Their is no outrage for the legendary ring because the players that craf
  12. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJArYnMMAlMg94CeOAM5ilGAToCEA+gFZhrQU4uS3pD1A-jJRHQBA4EAktyA/Y/BH+AAAA FA build are more about ending a fight so try not to fight players for a prolonged period of time otherwise you will lose. The core FA elementalist can stay and fight better than weaver but it has less burst. Just swap weaver for water and you have a build that can sustain better.
  13. Plasma Beem crits for 5 time for ~2000, Lightning strike for 3-4k, arcane blast 2-3k, air attument 2-3k and the air auto attack. Around+20k damage assuming you do not dodge or have protection. Earthern synergy it hit for 3-4k but stuns. If you notice a red line aimed at you dodge you will mitigate some of the damage but its hard since the combo has mostly instant cast skills.
  14. For me its fashion and legendaries. You can slowly upgrade your bags to 24-28slot (32slot bags are to expensive) or get 10 bag slots. You can do some of the rare collections. They give you titles and unique items like mawdrey, ascended backslots and titles.
  15. Fresh Air Scepter/focus build air 2-2-2, arcane 2-3-2, water 1-3-1 marauder bunker support dagger/focus earth 3-2-1 water 1-3-1 tempest 2-2-3 celestial Condition Sword/x water 1-2-1 arcane 2-3-1 weaver 3-1-2 viper/celestial trinkets or sage gear The weaver builds lack the abundance of passive boons normal elementalist are use to and have more reactive defenses. Sword has 2 evades with short cd but you have to be in the attunement at the right time. Stun are a bigger issue with weaver since they do not have as many boons as core elementalist or tempest, so they take bigger hits. Tempest has
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