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  1. I think they said when they released the first dye-able back item(I think it was the cape?) that they didn't have any plans to go back and make the older backpacks dye-able. Personally I think it's something they consider since it would make a lot of the older glider/backpack combos more desirable, which would translate to more gem sales, but it may be more involved to do than they feel it's worth. I know I'd buy the Legion Jetpack Glider/backpack and maybe a few others if I could dye them though, so I hope they consider going back and improving them one day.
  2. I am old gw2 member, and I sm cleary understant that for most players who play any new spec is useless. But you will not see to much posts "ou, he say true !! elite spec is fail" .. no because all this people play, but not do posting here. Despite your assertion that "for most players who play any new spec is useless", I see elite specs constantly. Weavers, Deadeyes, Dragonhunters, everything. The last two expacs gave us lots of new ways to play that I see people running all the time, there's zero reason to believe that new elite specs wouldn't be used and lauded as well.
  3. "Bangar’s war machine has driven out of the Far Shiverpeaks and farther west, to the dense forests of the Woodland Cascades—an area inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest that ArenaNet calls home" As someone born and raised in Washington, I'm ****ing ecstatic. Anyone else hype for the next LS locale? I'm already dying to explore it.
  4. I'd really like to see them explore new design space with the one-handed weapons by making some specs that use one-handed weapons that were typically relegated to one hand to the opposite hand. Stuff like main-hand shield for Guardian or Warrior, or off-hand scepter for Ele. Would love to see main-hand focus for Mesmer, dual-wielding The Binding of Ipos or the Chak Focus would be cool as hell.
  5. Would just like to thank the devs for reading this thread and making the Venom Warblade available the week before last. Picked it up for my blacklight poster inspired S/S Mirage to complete his wardrobe and it looks bad@$$, much appreciated <3 <3 <3 I would very much like to see a Mordremoth or Sylvari themed mount pack. Preferably plant/Sylvari. Sylvari mounts that glow at night with a dye channel for the glow effect would be a day 1 buy from me.
  6. Would like to request the Venom Warblade, or even better, the Black Lion Weapon Vouchers pretty please.Made a character recently that I'd really love the Venom Warblade for but sadly I didn't have the foresight to purchase the last time it/the weapon vouchers were available. The next time the weapon vouchers are available I plan to grab an extra so I don't run into the same situation again.
  7. I hope I am right as I could not find it in my Wardrobe of heavy helmets, nor on the GW2 Wiki. I know I have seen it before in-game on NPCs, though...Yah I did the same thing and didn't have any luck either. I don't recall having seen it before so I thought it might be a new skin you get for the "Bound by Blood" mastery, but it looks like that only gives you a new emote.Damn shame, really like it.
  8. Hoping someone can help me identify the helm this NPC is wearing. He's at the top of the stairs just East of the Rank 'n' File Pub PoI in Grothmar Valley. Already looked through all the heavy armor helms in the wardrobe and couldn't find it.
  9. They were released in the cash shop in china before hand as the wiki stated, and personally i'm in 4 guilds that are extremely active with hundreds of players on and nobody in any of them have gotten those drops.Like I said, the drop-rates are absurdly low. That's why they sell for over 10k gold.
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