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  1. Same here bugged at 2 out of 11 despite having done all the previous masteries , fingers crossed for a bug fix on this one
  2. same thing happned to me just now 2 Amnytas meta events successfullydone no hero chest either time still bugged
  3. Tried ths many times with many people both breaking bar regularly quicky and disrupting rifts when coalesence appears no reward, is this bugged?
  4. EU Server: Account: godsie.2864 From Seafarers Rest Current Team: Seven Pines Expected Team: Thornwatch Selected WvW Guild: The Guilds Alliance [Beta] - "Pending WvW Guild"
  5. Just curious as having collected all the "star" themed mount skins so far, siege turtle is the only one missing - would be nice if one was developed?
  6. For me its Phase 2 Behemoth's can get it to progress have done several events in all 3 phases still no progress
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