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  1. ^^ Agree with this. In cities mounts would be very "carnival" like.
  2. Honestly the glider reminds me of a skill a warrior would use to enter battle >.>
  3. Self promoting youtuber here trying to start some good discussions on the new forums! What are your thoughts on the demo we just had? Anything you liked or disliked? I did a little reaction in the video btw...
  4. So I made a little preview of the new glider! Isn't it great? Personally I think the gliders that are not really gliders are better. Your thoughts? Also how is everyone liking the new forums???? Check out the video because I'm a self promoting YouTuber >.> (don't hurt me)
  5. Thought I'd take the opportunity to self-promote (I know I'm being scum) and try out the new forums!! Lets get some mount discussions going! Go ahead and checkout the brideo....https://youtube.com/watch?v=7e73S_k1z8c
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