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  1. Actually, having looked through my account just now, I did get a mount skin from a chest once... it was a Warclaw skin... I don't do WvW 😆.
  2. I don't think I've ever gotten a duplicate mount skin from a chest... I don't think I've ever gotten a skin period... but weapon skins, those you can sell on the TP. some go for a lot of gold.
  3. I honestly didn't know that option was there, thanks for the info 😅
  4. Honestly, saying that something in ESO is handled better than in GW2, and for it to be cash shop related, is not something I ever expected to do.
  5. I sent a message to Anet stating that the drop chance of the Jade Tech Wings is unacceptable , their response was, in essence "Buy more Keys" what the hell Anet? I have opened SEVENTY FIVE Black Lion Chests and no glider, I mention this in my guild and somebody tells me that they just got it with a FREE KEY! How am I supposed to feel in this situation if not justifiably angry? Had I gotten the glider from the 75th key I might wish it had dropped sooner but I'd frankly be glad to have it. instead I'm out a pretty decent chunk of cash and all I got for it is a pretty crappy Ice Reaver staff skin
  6. I've recently started using her again and 2012 me was not great at character design... I only had a hair-change kit when I first came back to her and it didn't really solve my issue with the design sadly. here's a screenshot of her https://ibb.co/VHJ21dF I know I'm not giving much to go on as to appearance, this is my Thief who I'm much happier with design-wise but don't want to re-use the same sliders https://ibb.co/jwxh6M4 https://ibb.co/DYgYB4T thanks in advance for anyone who is willing and able to help out.
  7. I have trouble enjoying WvW solo, and I never seem to be able to find a zerg to follow so I thought I'd ask here if there are any people around who run on the same server I do.
  8. Still room? day one player that took 8 years off, been back for about 6 months and struggling to figure out some stuff lol.
  9. So, the title says it all really, I'm 29 going on 30, came back about two months ago and am looking to join a few guilds. have a few level 80's and two of them, Daredevil and Soulbeast, are running Ascended gear. I'm working on a second set of trinkets by doing PoF achievements at the moment. only done Fractals the one time and never raided but have a little Strike experience. I live in Australia so there's really no difference to me between NA or EU focused guilds in terms of time for activities. Also I have Commander Tags though they don't see much use. Hi
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