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  1. Been visiting this npc for a couple of days now and this is getting exceedingly ridiculous. Not only have you have to fail his event to get the plants required for the collection achievement, i havent even seen the event once cause he is just standing there stuck with a bomb in his hands. Another bug listed even by the official wiki of the game: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bring_foul-smelling_underwater_plants_to_Lunt It will be one hell of an experience to read the steam reviews for gw2 once the community finds out that there are like 2 ppl fixing issues for the game, and the wiki is a collection of 2+ year old bugs, casually listing them as footnotes like it aint anyone's business. Seriously, what the hell?
  2. The achievement "beginner experience collection" lists 5 boxes and 5 items obtained from said boxes which need to be equipped on your character - Enhanced Mighty Helm - Enhanced Mighty Chestpiece - Enhanced Mighty Gloves - Enhanced Mighty Leggings - Enhanced Mighty Boots There are multiple bugs with the Tutorial Mastery achievements if you already had lvl 80 characters when these achievements were introduced, but for the sake of the argument, i will just assume that the system is telling me correctly that i obtained all 5 of these boxes, BUT never equipped the items contained within. So today i made a level 1 character, thinking im going to finish them up. I in fact did manage to finish up all steps except for these chests, then i decided to /wiki them cause i got level 9 without getting any of them, assuming im doing something wrong or that they drop from a specific source. As it turns out: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Enhanced_Mighty_Helm The drop rate is significantly reduced if the item has already been acquired and the contents were never equipped.[1] Thus, by pointed out in 2+ year old threads: if for any reason, one forgets to open those boxes and actually equip the gear, each box becomes legendary loot with reports of 30+ hours of unsuccessful farming and a requirement to stay below lvl 10. Same interesting problem with tutorial exploration achievements: If your chars already explored the associated area, the achievement is stuck and cannot be completed. Discussing this with my friends, the question came up that maybe this is intended to prevent old players who were playing before the tutorial system, from obtaining the achievement rewards, such as the couple of boosters, dyes and a 2 week pass of magisters terrace. I expressed my skepticism in regards of this because it would be INCREDIBLY petty for one and for another, it screams anti player sentiments from hundreds of miles away. Regardless its a possibility, but one way or another: its probably not a positive advertisement when the official wiki is littered with X year old bugs, potentially cause of an uncle Mc.Scrooge in the dev team who feels emotionally hurt over players obtaining 2 week long demo items and a few dyes which btw run for 10 copper a piece on the in game market. Its not good looks.
  3. Hmm, the first actually unique moment we had with my mates was on the second map. The city map. Somebody literally went to town (hue hue hue) with the map editor, thats for sure. It was a no expenses spared kind of thing and it was a beauty to behold in every aspect. Its unique, it pushes limits, its a nightmare to navigate, and we loved every moment of it. Everything else was up to expectation. We overall enjoyed the content. And before i say any negatives, i will underline that overall we agreed that it was a good experience. Negatives were: - After the second map where you could climb and scale basically every and anything, it was very jarring to end up on the third one where you have mountains that extend above the atmosphere "lol you cant fly here" style, invisible walls everywhere and playing hide and seek with traversable paths. - The politically correct over representation in the game's every pore with npcs arguing about jade tech pollution, about inappropriate war jokes of gramps, making politically correct remarks, near every romantic facet being LGBTQ.... sorry. Inclusivity'n all is fine, but its only so long before your players start to feel like they are on TWITTER instead of inside a fantasy world. Thankfully this was not present in the main storyline and was mostly a back seat experience. - and well... finally: the stupidity of the dragon's end map. This one i cannot comprehend. Not on the developers side and not on the side of the absolutely toxic trash players who are in favor of it. Those who are in favor of difficult content fall back 100% of the time on the same argument: Its good to have something that requires organizing, that challenges, that requires inspirational speech, morale, good times and what not. Yeah. Its true. And there is nothing wrong with any of that. Except: There was always such content. Its called raids and/or strike missions. Now here is a trick question for you: What is polar opposite of raid content in terms of difficulty? Correct. Its called open world map content. The content which requires the least difficulty because thats how mmos work. So please do tell why two completely polar opposite ends of the difficulty scale are mixed together. You can have as much challenging content as you like with raids, but that content does not belong in the open world which is accessible to everyone regardless of skill level, and especially not in a setting which makes personal contribution totally insignificant. I can be the best player of the entire god ****'n game but i would still fail this event cause im doing it with 20 people who are bad at it, and no: There is absolutely nothing i can change about it, nor anything i should change about it, because nothing positive comes from locking out players from open world content, unless you are literally making an argument for screwing up the community. The last event of Dragon's End is nothing short of a brain fart, created by someone in the dev team who has no idea about how mmos are structured, and its supported by eccentric, narcissistic, elitist trash to whom their ego matters more than the game's health, community and/or integrity. Its by far the most disgraceful part of the entire expansion, especially after having moved the spot light on all the trash pro-difficulty trash who afterwards went onto maps, intentionally sabotaging other people's runs for the giggles.
  4. The fix would be easy to do. Instead of tuning it all around the place, just add an additional 10 minutes to the fight or cut her HP by 20-30%. Done. Problem solved. As for the have and have nots: Whats properly disgusting on the forums are the "fine distinguished gentlemen" who a.) got lucky and had their arses carried by a good group, or b.) run with a guild or raid level of elite players, and fail to understand that they are the exception and not the rule, and that their experience has literally nothing to do with pugging groups who just wish to do map content. Im sick and tired of the brainlets in game who claim that this fight is "easy" while they roll with set premades that do not accept anyone to begin with, and i.e. require discord in mandatory fashion. This is not a raid girls. This is open world map content that is first and foremost done by random players. BY ALL PLAYERS. You can have this premade elitist argument about your dedicated strike missions and about your raids, but not about the friggin open world meta which is designed TO BE ACCESSIBLE BY ALL. For arena.net to try and force strike mission level content onto pugs, is one of the most brain dead moves i have seen in an mmo, and trust me, i have seen a few since the 90s.
  5. As a 90s kid, im looking at today's internet and generations, and i just feel suicidal.
  6. Just like i said to Brave Mallyki: Im not going to argue with someone who thinks that buying a car for 100 grand or buying the exact same car for 250 grand is a difference of "how to play the game". I'll just let your statement speak for you. I have outlined the core problem several times. If you think that achievements are supposed to make you pay for items at 3 times their value, then i'll leave you to that "consensus" of yours. Enjoy it.
  7. I have made this argument in the very first post. I do understand that to someone who unlocked all slots, this might be of value, but there is no distinguishing factor. At face value nobody wants to open bag slots on a character cause they are locked to the specific character. It makes more sense to buy bank slots and/or material storage, but lets say that you are a whale or someone who played this game nonstop since it came out, and everything is unlocked on your account. Sure. Then there is some value for you here. However, for every and anyone who is not walking in those shoes, this is literally a net-loss, a detriment, a scam disguised as an achievement, cause it makes you lose out on gold. HARD. Im not going to argue with someone who thinks that buying a car for 100 grand or buying the exact same car for 250 grand is a difference of "how to play the game". I'll just let your statement speak for you. Yes, as i have stated it myself: in such a situation the achievement is a benefit. I will fully agree with you that the problem here is a design one. Players who have no access to all slots probably should not even see this achievement cause for them its a direct detriment, disguised as an achievement no less. How it can be resolved in a positive manner, i dont really think, but my main point was that, this is a badly misplaced/thought out feature. Could have been a quest, or an unlock collection through some other qualifiers or perquisites, but just tossing this in there as a free for all achievement... that was a mistake. That IS a mistake. I wrote down specifically whats wrong here. For those who can unlock bag slots, this achievement is a detriment. Not an achievement. A scam. They pay for the same thing, almost double if not triple. That was the problem. As for making items free: Knocking on the wrong door there m8. Making items free just reduces their overall value and makes lesser versions obsolete. You trade in one problem for 5 other problems with that idea. Got both unlockable 32 slot bags. Has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, or the fact that this achievement is badly placed/designed. /kiss From the perspective of a few days, sure. It was a mistake to get worked up. I do stick to my argument that this achievement is out of place and badly designed to the detriment of many players. It could have been an achievement which unlocks when certain requirements are met. Not necessarily unlocking all bag slots on a character, but some requirements that make it drift closer to the players which actually see value out of it. As it is right now, its just a landmine in the open, waiting for people to step on it and feel stupid about it. Aka: Bad design.
  8. That is undoubtedly the case. I agree and i probably wont let this one single thing keep me from playing it. It was just a very out of place experience for me. Uhh... the achievement has literally nothing to do with unlocking any of the skins... you buy the base item and you are instantly eligible to buy the recipe for the "restored" version
  9. Offtopic, but just to humor your point... are you aware of the hierarchy of disagreement pyramid that details responses to a particular point and furthers a healthy discussion? It goes kinda like this from most productive to most toxic and destructive: 1. Refuting the central point: Explicitly refutes the central point of the argument 2. Refuting the general point: finds the mistake and explains why its mistaken in a general sense 3. Counter argument: contradicts the point, then elaborates why that would be the case using reasoning/evidence 4. Contradiction: States the opposing case with little or no supporting evidence 5. Responding to the tone: Criticizes the tone of the writing without addressing the point or substance of it 6. Ad hominem: Attacks the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance or point 7. Name calling Thought it would be an interesting read for you, considering that you didnt post anything about the topic, but went through the effort of combing through all of my comments and quote every sentence where you disagree with the general tone, regardless of context or point. Finally: Yes. I use hyperboles to underline my point. Not sure how interpreting this as "slander" is of use to anyone other than stirring up hate, but i can most positively assure you that if i want to slander someone, you will notice. I am not prone to doing it in a roundabout way, or softly for that matter. Fair point, i guess the fact that i had an extensive argument about it with my friends exacerbated the problem. At the same time though, i dont view this as a minor thing either. Expanding your inventory is not a small task, especially when you start out, and it doesnt help when you are looking forward to something for a month or two, just to figure out that its a scam when you get there. Regardless, you are right. Its not the end of the world, but it most certainly didnt sit well with me. I just cant even begin to fit as much as the concept, the ground work that goes into an idea like putting achievements in a game which are a net loss to the players, and then you get responses on the forum which range between "thats normal" and "you are not forced to do them". Not the point. The point was: Why are there achievements in the game which serve as a net loss to the players who to do them?
  10. This approach just baffles me. Im playing games since 1990, my first pc was a 286 XT and progressively i played through everything you can imagine from the first doom, duke nukem, command and conquer, etc, but never once have i met an online game or an mmo, even with scumbags such as EA games, which would put literal game content in the game for the detriment of the players. I mean this is a complete new for me, and you serve it with the first sentence "i dont understand the problem". You literally proceed to describe the problem. You have "achievements" (apparently this word is an ironical joke inside guild wars 2) which by your own admission, makes players lose out on things. Thats not what the word "achievement" means? Thats not what the gameplay concept behind "achievement" means? Thats not how "achievements" work? Thats not how any of this is supposed to work? Well, at least now i know from your post that this is normal for guild wars 2. Thats.... nice to know i guess... aside from the fact that i will need a few hours to internalize the idea that games exist where achievements are detriments, and that this is viewed as a normal thing by the players... that... is brand new to me, ill admit.
  11. While that statement is true, its does not answer the question: As a game designer, the only thing that gets in your game is what you put in it. So why are you putting "landmines" disguised as beneficial things and play goals in the game which exist solely for the detriment of the players?
  12. Partially. My problem is that it directly sets the store against gameplay in the most destructive way possible. As stated above several times: You have an achievement that lets you achieve something for 4 times the effort, twice the price and half the benefit. The literal way the ancestral forge achievement reads is: "Look ma, im a dumb _____" Why do you put something in the game as an ACHIEVEMENT no less, that makes the player feel like a clown and FORCES to view the developer team as a hustling, liar, car sales man?
  13. The line that answer your question was this: "Then i got one upped on it cause if you calculate this properly then you come out with the following conclusion:250 gold for 12 slot extra space (cause you gonna replace a 20 slot bag with a 32 one), or200 gold for 40 extra space if you gem trade" Yes. Bag slots will cost you 400 gems regardless of what you put in them, but i dont see what you mean by that. I can still get myself 40 extra space by spending 220 gold via store currency, but if i stick to the crafting and in game auction house then i get myself 12 extra space for ~250 gold. The point is that the entire boreal bag achievement is a joke. You do not achieve anything, you literally get lied to take a detrimental path to inventory expansion. This is not an achievement, this is the equivalent of the developers degrading themselves to a used car salesman who tries to screw you over just for the sport of it, and degrade you as the player into a literal clown. Yes. That would be the problem. As stated above: You have an achievement in the game which takes you for a clown. The literal only achievement you did by doing the ancestral forge line is to claim yourself to be a clown. The achievement in clear text literally comes down to what you wrote: Look mom, i spent 1200 gold on getting 60 inventory spaces (you are REPLACING 20 slot bags with that, so its not 32 slots but 12) instead of 400 gold for 100 spaces. Arent i a champ? Thats because this is an either or situation for anyone who did NOT yet unlock all bag slots for their characters. Its the "achievement". You "achieved" paying double and for half the benefit you can get by going through gem currency. It literally sets the store against the game play. By what logic do you call something an achievement (with a 70 gold requirement under BEST case situation) that makes a clown out of you?
  14. So i returned to gw2 after years long break and after world of warcraft. Particularly after wow, the game felt like a breath of fresh air. I saw innovation, i saw a community that was interactive and not just everyone handling each other like bots. I enjoyed the fact that old content was still relevant and i had great fun walking the story all over again while picking up all the new masteries and things. The tl;dr is that i grew pretty invested in gw2. I enjoyed it, until last night when me and my friends had a bit of a verbal spar over the 32 slot bags, and ended up taking a rather large blow to my opinion about gw2. Without adding any more filler: Creating a 32 slot bag, even with the boreal achievement is above 200gold. Probably closer to 250 even without involving the achievement requirements for the recipes and what not due to the runes of holding costing inane amounts, and we ended up in a rather heated debate when it came to the fact that the shop will sell you a new bag slot for 400 gems (100 gold gets you 512 gems at the time of writing) in which you can put a 20 slot bag that costs 10 or so golds. Then i got one upped on it cause if you calculate this properly then you come out with the following conclusion: 250 gold for 12 slot extra space (cause you gonna replace a 20 slot bag with a 32 one), or 200 gold for 40 extra space if you gem trade I get the arguments that maybe those who unlocked all possible slots "might" want this or something. The argument used in our debate was that its for "minmaxers". Im also not against the shop. At all. However this feels atrocious. Proper diseased. Ill intended. Trash and the rest of the jazz. You work towards an achievement with the benefit in front of your eyes that not only will you get a multi step achievement, but finally you will get to properly manage your inventory space, just to turn all that positive sensation, game play value and feeling upside down in one single go. Why is there an achievement in the game that is literally the equivalent of "hey everyone, i cant do math and im special"? Why do you have to turn shop usage into a literal toxic waste dump that produces situations like these? 12 slots for 250 gold or 40 slots for 220 if you use our store currency. I understand that many old players and farmers who have no gold problems and have all slots unlocked will probably completely disregard this entire topic cause for them its still an improvement regardless of the completely backwards costs involved, but as a returning/casual player i wanted to put this out there: You are more than just inept if you put "achievements" in your game which fulfill the exact opposite purpose of the word and take from the players while at the same time make them feel utterly stupid. It's probably closer to intentionally being destructive towards the game and your players.
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