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  1. Has it not been fixed yet? Pounce still doesn't seem to work at all.
  2. Would love to know as well! I couldn't find anything - I take it there is no word about it yet?
  3. Ah, thank you , I somehow must've missed it! I stand corrected in that sense then. Maybe it really was then a weak attempt at making it unisex? A really weird choice and still culturally kinda insensitive but hey, who knows.
  4. You're trying way too hard to be way too deep. Isn't usually the rule of thumb on things like these a simple what actually has a significant cultural meaning and what doesn't?
  5. Evidently you didn't even read the whole post. Like I said in it, even if this was some weak attempt towards more unisex character options, the fact that it is only available for female characters kinad proves that if anything this is just a result of their ignorance on the subject. If it was about unisex characters, it should be availvable for both. And quite honestly, every answer that says "but this is in Tyria, not real life" is just a lazy excuse to continue being ignorant. As I mentioned in one of the previous replies, as long as the source material and reference comes from real life,
  6. If it was just a general "jogging in yoga pants hairstyle" it wouldn't be a problem - but it's not though. It is the sangtu hairstyle - the headband is identical and even has the buttons on right spots by the ears. It's accurate. A general headband with topknot wouldn't be an issue - but this isn't just general topknot with hairband hairstyle. That is the issue. And? The reference taken is from real life. Cantha may not be real but the original source for these references are part of real life.
  7. First things first and I want to say I'm all for inclusivity. But this has absolutely nothing to do with that. But it is something I want to bring more attention to cause quite frankly it's an embarassing oversight and quite frankly shows the lack of respect towards asian (or more specifically korean) culture. I'm talking about the human female hairstyle with topknot and a headband. This one. The hairstyle is actually a historical korean hairstyle, worn by men, called sangtu. The headband is called manggeon and is exclusively worn by men, mostly used to keep sangtu, as well as po
  8. Maybe it's just me but I found them extremely disappointing. Human female hairstyles are so bad. The one with a topknot and manggeon.. it's literally what men wore historically. Why is it a human female hairstyle? Also Asian Hair Streak trope is getting old and I just wish that there at least was a normal version of the long straight one. SMH, it's 2021, you wouldn't think this sort of stuff was an issue, especially in game like GW2. After PoF just expected.. a bit more I suppose.
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