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  1. You can find some guide on gathering to make good amount of gold on this site:https://www.peuresearchcenter.com/
  2. Ok, apart now is hard to find 5 man group but ill try it.U know if its normal the health stay at 100%? or am i missing something
  3. Hi all,im trying to do Salt on the wonds achiv, but i cant understand if its bugged or what..My problem is that when i try to hit one on point health didnt decrease, its always at 100% and it show a red Miss messageI cant understand if i miss some mechanic, im sure i select the point cause otherwise i will not see the health bar, and skill 1 cant be directed just spam it (3 times per point) Last thing, all the point on last wing u fly over seams cannot be hit, when i spam 1 no attack is performed (i try also from afar while approaching) I also tryied to do it with some other pug player but sam
  4. Same thing for me, u manage to solve the problem ?
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