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  1. given they didn't add a new mastery for Path of fire's release, no, they won't add a new mastery track
  2. i'm just gonna leave this here 😉 https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/15-gemstore-requests-new-items-items-offered-again-merged
  3. remind me of my first character, was forced to change it in the first 24 hours because of a player report, apparently 'Phaenis' looks took much like something else.
  4. I editted the very first post in this thread with an update on their feedback as soon as they posted it.
  5. we need more Adverts like the old SAB trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60TCwX11PVw
  6. it's funny that people are acting like it's a 3 hour long map-meta that needs completing; it's 3 llamas, that we already know the locations of, that we have mounts to reach, it will take 2 mins IF we need to find them again, most likely the game will run a check to see if we've already got the old achievement, and we'll just be given the acheivement when we log in next week. 🤣
  7. fix coming next week, don't worry, the achievements don't disappear at the end of the week, they just move to the Side Stories tab. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/96429-issue-with-legacy-of-the-llama-locator-achievement/
  8. The acheivements won't go away, they're just moved to the 'Side-Story' tab in the Acheivement panel So any play that didn't complete last weeks Gates of Maguuma & Entangled meta-acheivements can still complete them at their leisure.
  9. They've literally been talking about it for the last two weeks https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/news/return-to-living-world-season-2-story-begins-may-25/ and a post yesterday https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/news/guild-wars-2-weekly-events-schedule-may-31-june-7/
  10. the new Llama locator meta-acheivement for drytop is bugged i already have the original acheivement for finding them, and i can't interact with them again to get the new acheivement. --------- Update from Devs: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/96429-issue-with-legacy-of-the-llama-locator-achievement/
  11. Free respawns or checkpoints on more Jumping puzzles. Similar to how Adventures let you respawn back at the start of the if you run out of time/die, allow players to respawn at a fixed location for a selection of Jumping puzzles. currently only Griffonrook Run, Spekk's Laboratory, and Goemm's Lab has this option, but it would be a very welcome feature for puzzles like Dark Reverie, Not So Secret, and Chalice of Tears, where the reset for the puzzle can be really long or requires doing another puzzle entirely.
  12. you wont miss a thing, the only downside of a level booster is you might get overwhelmed by all new skills and abilities you'll have instant access to if you haven't played that specific profession before. some people will suggest playing the class naturally until around lvl 30-40, where you'll have unlocked all your utility and elite slots, and have a better idea of how builds work.
  13. like the majority of black lion chest armor skins, they'll probably be available for purchase for Black lion Statuettes from the appropriate vendor
  14. Does World 1 tribulation mode give more as well? Compared to normal which I did todayDaily: The glorious chests at the end of each zone(Normal and Tribulation modes only) each drop 2 Bauble bubbles(henceforth referred to as Bubbles), so doing all 6 zones from both worlds will give you 12 Bubbles per mode, 2 additional Bubbles per mode can be acquired by completing the bonus event after the final bosses (Cart, and Robbers). Repeatable: 250 Baubles can be converted into 1 Bubble by talking to the Super Adventure Box Trader(the 2nd npc in the main hub).there are various farm routes to gather Baub
  15. Arenanet, if i can make a suggestion:please add the Ultra Shiny skins to this event, I'm sure many of the people that were around for the original event aren't running raids to get these skins, so it would be a good opportunity for newer player, or those that missed out on the event to get these skins
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