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  1. likely only in PvE though; the wording in the blog post makes it sound like the WvW version will remain relatively unchanged outside of the listed changes to Chain pull, Sniff, and Lance
  2. what on earth are you rambling about? Opening Arcane chests, Kryptis rifts, and operating Ley-line looms and updraft generators use the Heart of the Obscure; Hence, all those features are on the "Heart of the Obscure Research" marstry line Rift mastery (which i is the only rift based mastery related to armor crafting) provides more Kryptis essence when completing rift events, and is the mastery right before Obsidian Armor Crafting which required a boat load of Kryptis essence to complete none of these are 'unrelated' to one another.
  3. this skin will automatically unlock when you purchase the skin, this isn't helpful
  4. over half the mastery points needed can be eatned through stoty completion and mastery insights; the remaining half can easily be obtained by simply doing events across the 3 maps. compared to IBS where a huge chunk of masteries were earned thought weapon collections, and grinding for commendations, SotO was unbelievably easy
  5. Just logged in on my alt account, I can confirm that the Seven reapers legguards skin is still available, it has been moved from Recent black lion chest exclusives to Vintage black lion chest exclusives, with a price reduction to 25 statuettes if it's still not showing up in your game, and you are certain you havent already purchased the skin (check your wardrobe), then submit a ticket to CS.
  6. rubi just confirmed that they're now hiding items you already own in the black lion chest merchants
  7. only if you plan of stepping away, surrounded by mobs letting Engi turrets or Necro minions protect you, at which point you're an AFK farmer
  8. that will explain it; it just looked like something was broken since nothing was mentioned about the change in the patch notes
  9. the tabs for 60 statuette and 45 statuette items are blank, it's like the merchant has been reverted to a previous state
  10. she's always in your home instance as a vendor in order for you to reset your Caladbolgs form and stats
  11. while you're checking that, the black lion statuette vendors are bugged too
  12. Black lion keys are only available for purchase as a single key for 125 gems, and no longer offered in bundles of 5 and 25
  13. personally i play with my camera offset horizontally about 2-3 head-widths to the right
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