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  1. it's a common misconception that Living world episodes are Free content they're Paid content that is free at time of release.
  2. if you don't like the Randomness, you could always get Cobalt
  3. and you get the advantage of not having to buy HoT, as it's bundled in with the other expansions. some of us bought all of the content at full price, and all we got was a glider skin.
  4. i can confirm that you don't need to have the collection items in your inventory to talk to the Courtiers. be sure the right achievements have been completed for the right Courtier, and confront them with the correct item from the list when gathering their testimony. if you are using multiple characters to complete the achievements you may also want to try talking to the Courtier using the same character. this has been a common bug with these types of achievements.
  5. i mean, just play a Sylvari that looks like Canach, he's the only angry cactus we need
  6. Add a right-click "Consume All" option for Limited Time Finishers, If I have to hear the Mad King laughing over and over again while I'm trying to clear my bag I'm going to become the 'Mad' king
  7. I don't think it's realistic to expect Arenanet to hire new voice actors for re-record 9 years of content.
  8. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Devil_Dog is about as close are you'll get
  9. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Metal_Legion_Band_T-Shirt_Skin
  10. you get 20 free coins a month from daily logins, plus whatever you get for doing a number of in-game events, and even as loot from some sources. it's really not that expensive
  11. it's not really a question of 'Cannot', it's just a lot of work for for something that can just as easily be handled with the elite specialization system we have already have. If you played any of the recent Beta week for the new elite specs, you'll know that the Virtuoso, Harbinger, and Willbender play very differently from their parent class Revenant was kinda of an exception that happened to balance out the number of classes to 3 light, medium, and heavy. but it also let the devs introduce the elite specs, and thats were we are today.
  12. had you used any crafting stations? i get an audio bug whenever i use a tailoring or leatherworking station that sounds like flapping cloth/leather(part of the sound from the progress bar for those specific stations)
  13. right, you might want to change your topic to mention the Mobile version of the forum, because the desktop version doesn't have any of these issues.
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