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  1. Sooo, It's time to add dye channels to backpacks, especially now that there's back and glider combos. It seems strange that one would be dyable while the other one is not.
  2. I'm running this Metabattle build for PVE Renegade. I haven't got the accessories, rings or amulet yet.Do you think trailblazer trinkets will help or do you recommend anything else?Changed Kala for Jarlis.Any advice? https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Renegade_-_Condition_Renegade
  3. What gear should i use with Power Herald????????
  4. 1) Discard Jalis and take Shiro instead. Run something like this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vlAQNAsemnvN2gS6JvQRVlbosryPUYW5IKYs8EllNFiNMnZNtB4ALw+fHchA-jRSBQBJU9HzoEcDHSAOcCAAwTC4KK/wj+g9t/Q/0Q8O4AYraVrtSrtyZnd2ZndWDo1Wbt1Wbt1WbtVpAGbrF-e 2) Revenant has access to two half heals each 30 seconds so they aren't as strong as some others. But Glint has a regenerating passive skill that can be activated to a weak heal + 3 seconds of damage reversing, which well timed can be huge against incoming burst (which are easy to anticipate vs the A.I.). Plus both the shield and the staff have two aditio
  5. Well yeah, reaper is very "meaty"... It can kill many foes fast. So is the Holosmith. But not the Herald.
  6. I just brought my Herald into PoF, using Glint and Jarlis.What's the deal with the bad heals?Any tips om how to stay alive and still do reasonable damage?
  7. Please stop doing wings. They increase the gap between players and the rest of the world. Player-looks now days don't fit in the GW2 world anymore.
  8. Woow, i just love whatg I'm reading here.I'm just so happy that many of you agree on:"NO MORE WINGS" (especially dis...)"SYMETRIC SHOULDERS""NO MORE FEATHERS OF FLOATING DIAMONDS""MORE SIMPLE ARMOR" i'd also love some light armor trench coats as one poster said. Overall i dont mind bulky. I'd love to have more bulky shoulders.
  9. Is the fashion going the wrong way?Atleast i think so. I wanna make a few Points that's my personal opinion, please post what you would like to see from now on. I acctualy like trenchcoats as opposed to most posters here i suppose. I'd certainly not want them to stop making trenchcoats.Please make more simple gear. The players now days look so extravagant they dont seem to fit into the GW2 world. (Yes i'm looking at you, WvW charrs with lime green dragon ball hair)No More Huge Wings plz.More simple shoulders, big shoulders.No more feathers plz
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