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  1. I tried this but it still displays - very annoying because it obscures my map scaling tool when I go to map and I have to wait until it's finished to zoom in/out.
  2. Anything you have, if you don't know exactly what you intend to use it for, just hold onto it. You may discover a use later on.
  3. I just tried Relic of the Ice on my necromancer and used Chilled to the Bone. It appears to add damage but not duration to the chill effect of the Elite Skill. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Thanks - it may have been, but as I was not maxed out then I wouldn't know about it, and I was unable to find anything on the forums using the search function.
  5. I'm already maxed out in the number of slots in use. Will the expansion increase the max by one of each or are these wasted benefits?
  6. Oh of course. Right. Thanks. I knew I must be confusing myself.
  7. I'm probably overlooking the answer someplace, but I can't seem to find it. If I buy and soulbind a precursor to a toon that does not do crafting, will I still be able to move it to my crafting toon for upgrading to Legendary? Most things that are soulbound, I cannot remove from the bank. Is it a matter of putting it into shared inventory? I don't want to commit to soulbinding before I know this. Thanks in advance.
  8. I think it's a good thing to make it difficult, so that it can keep people engaged until the next expansion (which may never come)... To finish all the new content quickly and easily should not be anyone's goal. However, so much time is put into an attempt at the meta, that I do think even if it fails there should be some partial rewards so people don't feel like they wasted their day.
  9. I see. I thought something like that might be the case. But you're saying that all else being equal, a given % condi bonus is just as good as the same % bleed bonus. It's just easier to get to the cap by making it bleed specific. Thanks.
  10. I've had it recommended that I use runes/sigils that add to bleeding dmg specifically, because most of the condi dmg put out by virtuoso is bleeding. Okay, but doesn't +10% condi dmg add +10% bleeding dmg, plus all other condi sources? Or are the ones that specify bleeding actually more effective somehow than a simple condi bonus? I just don't get why + bleeding vs + condi.
  11. Getting e-mails saying "welcome back to the game", and when I logged in there was some kind of message saying I need to unlock the latest living world content. But... I play every day. As far as I know the content is already all unlocked. Why am I getting this stuff as though I'd been away from the game? Are they just sending the same messages to everyone regardless?
  12. I mean, he's basically saying: "I can't see why anyone would want to play this game unless they enjoy it." What game is that not applicable to?
  13. Really what's the difference between no swapping in combat and just limiting us to one pet? But yeah this particular thing is making it impossible to even play properly.
  14. I keep finding my pet 'deactivated' (for instance if I dismount or fall), and when I get hit or I enter combat, it considers 'activate pet' a swap, so I can't do it. Suddenly I spend half my time with no pet available to me.
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