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  1. It could be a Spellbreaker trait, on Destruction of the Empowered or a Strength trait.
  2. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Brutality Brutality Specialization https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/4/4c/Revenant_icon_small.png Devastation (trait list) Quickness (3s): Skills and actions are faster. Boon Removed Stacks Removed per Strike: 1 Interval: 1 second Combat Only
  3. Because these 2 didn't were there when that balance patch happened. Willbender and Harbinger are just the strongest roamers right now, both specs are on almost the same status as they were launched in PvP and everybody and their nan was playing willy + harb in pvp, but since devs keeps ignoring the roaming part of WvW, these 2 specs are still really strong roamers. "But thief" yeah, thief is really annoying and unfun to face, but now you got a boon heavy stab spam assassin that hits like a truck with insane mobility and a necro that REALLY abuses cele stats. I'm not saying that they should do roam oriented balances, but put a stop to the abuse of certain builds that makes the experience bad for everybody that isn't playing SA thief, Willy or Harb. Roaming is ALSO an important part of WvW. That thing that zerg-only players do to reach their zerg is also roaming, WvW is not just zergs.
  4. Yeah, there's a big difference between 'casuals', 'adepts' and good players, GW2 PvP is way far from being casual friendly or casual oriented.
  5. Power berserker has NO damage, unless you're playing a meme build, meanwhile spellbreaker has dmg on meme and non meme builds. You need to pump those modifiers on berserker to get some damage, and that doesn't happens on spellbreaker.
  6. I was expecting them to talk about antifun things, wintraders, soloQ issues, sweaty duos abusing the terrible Qs system. And we just got more ATs basically, i'm not an AT person and i will not play ATs, even after the improvements, nothing really changed for me.
  7. This is a nerfed build, but i think they haven't learned the lesson on why there shouldn't be more stealth, specially for builds with potential oneshots/bursts https://clips.twitch.tv/TenderOptimisticSalmonCharlietheUnicorn-gOqDpNtQYCGNUUrH It was even worse in the DE era. I was expecting something about this, on today's stream, but heh... 💀
  8. Vindicator is just a stronger Strength Warrior, there's a reason on why they hard nerfed the DMG on dodge from Strength Warrior.
  9. WvW Willbender is really strong but at least i can see that class doing things, have some interaction, meanwhile with thief it feels like the only player having an interaction is just thief while in stealth lol
  10. I've been doing some matches as rifle berserker, and i just noticed that i barely use rifle 5 and it's not easy to land it. This weapon just feels like a 4 skills weapon (if we don't count the F1 ofc) Just, please, give some mobility or something else to rifle 5 that is really useful @Cal Cohen.2358. Rifle 4 should also dodge AND chain at THE SAME time. The 'Crack Shot' traitline only reducing rifle 4 cooldown makes no sense, autos are also barely used (but way more than rifle 5 tho), it should increase the dmg of the whole rifle, not just autos, and don't count this build as an excuse to not overhaul that trait, since this a carry glass cannon meme build, it has NO real sustain, it SHOULD hit hard.
  11. Hi, I just wanna say that i'm trying to record offmeta builds (like strength spellbreaker, core warrior, rifle berserker, etc) and upload it on my YT, so more people sees how these offmeta builds works and maybe we see more off-meta enjoyers. Here's my latest video (builds in desc):
  12. Specially if your class needs the target to be quiet to land 1 hit and no multiple hits. That's why i only play warrior builds with staff or Arms traitline.
  13. Yeah i tried some Defense Staff+Axe/Sword then Axe/Axe and stills not enough, spellbreaker is just superior.
  14. It's either wintraders or sweaty duos with really boring meta abuse builds at obnoxious hours. And the pepega matchmaking... We need a soloQ mode, let the sweaty duoQ guys that almost never plays without duos in their game, even if their Qs lasts 20 minutes, i don't care, if they wanna play the game, they'll do the Qs or move to soloQ.
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