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  1. Let us rearrange equipment and build template tabs without having to re-create them all the time.
  2. This should really be fixed.
  3. I agree with you, Stealth Gyro in its current state is not a skill worthy of being an elite especially when there are utility skills that do much better than it. I do hope it gets updated in the next pass.
  4. On NA a bunch of people got stuck at 1 queue and after ~1 hour the queue finally popped, got the prompt, clicked yes, but it kicked us back out to 60+ queue. Sadge.
  5. Ok after playing it for a few days + reset I think the change to Stealth Gyro is healthier for WvW so great job! At least until the meta stabilizes. I still think it could do more though as it is not quite as comparable to Mesmer Mass Invisibility or Veil (Stealth duration and target caps). Opens up the secondary support options for Vindicator and Tempest, I don't think Druid works that well but I saw people running it. If you camp Med Kit 1 as a support the heals should exceed Tempest, but Tempest is still better at cleansing (it was better pre-Oct 4th patch compared to Scrappers of similar skill level in my experience) and burst healing as previously mentioned. Comps can drop Scrapper completely if they want now.
  6. It should have at kept the smoke field, right now Toss Elixir S is better than the elite. Projectile 3s stealth, 5 targets, 45s cd or 3.5s stealth, 5 targets, 36s cd traited. They should have thought this out better.
  7. Druid is actually a hard choice because Verdant Etching and Celestial Shadow are in the same trait slot. It could theoretically replace a Scrapper Stealth Gyro in group content since it has the same target cap, but that will have an impact on WvW roaming and PvP balance. What if they moved Celestial Shadow to grandmaster and deleted Ancient Seeds? Immob Soulbeast already does it better and Ancient Seeds was always annoying to fight against where the counterplay was to DPS the roots or apply resistance and walk out of them.
  8. Point about Mass Invisibility is taken, but you don't understand that the removal of the smoke field means that in a comp other secondary supports (specifically Tempest) which could blast for their party will be impossible to take now. We were also looking at Druid as another possible secondary support but Verdant Etching with the wording "Verdant Etching: This trait now grants protection to nearby allies after using a glyph skill instead of its previous effects." might means it removes the cleanse. I think one of the glyphs would need another cleanse to keep up with Tempest/Scrapper. At least then they could still blast a smoke field for their party. This is balance.
  9. They could actually gut Medical Dispersion Field or Med Kit 1 heals somewhat and then the healing would be comparable to Tempest. idk about trimming the cooldown on cleanses like Purge Gyro/Fumigate/Cleansing Field though because Tempest without Glyph Res is already competitive in cleanse numbers. Removing the smoke field on Stealth Gyro just removes Tempest as a replacement in comp. Ideally the ratio for Tempest in a squad will be 15:1 where Scrapper is 15:2, but if no smoke field on Sneak Gyro then Tempest is deadish. The stealth duration per pulse does not matter.
  10. In GvG Immob Soulbeast and Daredevil are part of party comps, and they do not replace Scrapper. They just replace a 2nd smoke field. The only thing bad about this change is the removal of the smoke field which means you have to run 3 Scrapper as opposed to 2 Scrapper + 1 Tempest which knocks Tempest out of comp. Open field fighting for general WvW, yeah this is a better change for reducing the amount of easy stealth engage. Only more skilled or tryhard groups will be able to blast for stealth with the right comp.
  11. That actually forces 3 Scrapper instead of 2 Scrapper, 1 Tempest bc no more smoke field... or just 1 Veil. For such a subpar stealth duration too. Better off blasting for Stealth.
  12. A bit better but 10 target and 6-7s (traited, but who does that?) duration vs 5 target, 3s duration. Also Grav Well is too good a CC to give up for Mass Invis. No drama, but the typical non-driver party comp has 2 support, 3 DPS. People comp in 15 for GvG so either Soulbeast/Daredevil/Chrono will cover the stealth, or run 3 Scrapper with this change and OOC Bomb Kit (no Tempest anymore bc no smoke field) or unorganized groups in open field won't run it at all.
  13. Not a great comparison since Veil has no target cap.
  14. This deletes Sneak Gyro from the game mode with nothing in return. No one is going to run a 3s stealth elite with a 60s cooldown. If we at least kept the smoke field, maybe yeah. This is bad because in comparison Smoke Cloud/Smoke Bomb are 20s cd and it is 3s stealth for 5 targets per blast on a regular smoke field. Thief has lower cooldowns and more access to smoke fields, so there are the comp options.
  15. I am aware, but it would not matter if the superspeed was applied at the beginning, end of the cast, or if it would apply in the well or around the scrapper currently. We would still have to stand in it to get all benefits of the well or it would effectively tick once or twice per pulse. Either way stationary Wells and superspeed are two contradictory concepts.
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