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  1. Just add minion deaths to PPK for an easy deterrent, or not have them affect target caps.
  2. Feedback: Never liked the idea of Mechanist for competitive game modes. First having a golem AI as a pet, and second with mace as a weapon which I did not like at first but seems ok. If I wanted to play AI pets I'd be a Ranger main. They should rework the golem to be more like current gyros: no more AI, cast from the character model, and all the F skills on the toolbelt. I'd be happier about it that way, but for now I probably will only play it in PvE for the alacrity support in open world or fractals/raids, but even then it will not be my first choice.
  3. So the game UI option in Settings does not update properly when using -dx11. The box stays unchecked but the game is definitely using dx11. Tested this by installing dx11 arcdps (Guild Wars 2\dxi.dll) and deleting the dx9 install (Guild Wars 2\bin64\d3d9.dll). Launch the game with -dx11 and it works, but launch the game with -dx9, and arcdps does not load (expected result). Note that if you set it via the UI and restart the game, the checkbox will still update correctly. It is a bug because the change is not reflected in the UI when you launch it via the command line so it may
  4. Agreed, but also do not necessarily need a runaway build to disengage a fight vs cele because it still takes forever. Have done it on glassy classes without any problems as it should be recognized as a bad matchup that should not be fought.
  5. Celestial is boring, takes to long to kill with it. Run into one 1v1 and it's an easy disengage bc no one should be dumb enough to fight it.
  6. At least in a more official capacity, it was one of my most favorite bugs to ever exist.
  7. Overnerfed another very unrealistic golem DPS benchmark. Just how out of touch can they be?
  8. I once reflected a Harbinger's Elixir heal in melee range and got its Blight on a non-Harbinger class. Didn't get any of the health disadvantages either.
  9. This explanation sounds reasonable enough because the attunement disappears from the status bar and is replaced by the tornado type. I was hoping this was not intended by design because there are far too few use cases where Elemental Lockdown is useful outside of Shocking Aura into Fire Attunement.
  10. Tornado (skills Dust Charge and Debris Tornado) does not proc the boons from Elemental Lockdown. The text could also probably mention that "Disables include stun, daze, knock back, pull, knock down, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear." like most other trait text that mentions disables, of which Tornado has Knockback and Launch.
  11. What did it for me was keeping the camera close and Settings -> General Options -> Mounts (very bottom) -> Checkbox for "Disable Conditional Mount Movement Ability Input". That setting was key because drifting didn't behave as responsive. Had to rebind my mount keybinds and relearn over the old muscle memory and in a few attempts it was done. Best of luck!
  12. Any skill that requires you to be stationary is not a great design imo. The F2 skills feel on par with burst skills which Berserker and Core Warrior do better.
  13. Heal skill doesn't proc any rune effects. I tested with Air Runes.
  14. - Hammer needs at least 2 auras to compete with D/D or D/F weaponsets - All of the utilities would benefit from having a 1/4s or instant cast time - Cast time on a stunbreak never made sense - Augment stunbreak (Invigorating Air) superspeed is too situational, don't want to be forced to stand in the tiny sphere radius to get superspeed - Earth Hammer 2 (Whirling Stones) and Water Hammer 2 (Rain of Blows) feels too slow - Water Hammer 2 (Rain of Blows) should just add chill even if all 4 hits don't land - Earth Hammer 4 (Immutable Stones) can't get this to block in another attunemen
  15. Action camera WASD movement for non-action camera movement. Currently it is restricted to tapping About Face and holding Left Click alternating by tapping Right click. Only works for W and S vertical movement, which is too hard for most casual players. Action camera also needs to let you W key backwards while casting skills, currently it is not the same as WS movement with About Face and mouse keybinds. I feel this will benefit general movement in competitive game modes like PvP and WvW in a healthier way.
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