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  1. Hello guys! I had this idea yesterday and i think it would be a great addition to the game and i really think it would be easy to implement. I always wanted to wear outfits while i'm not in combat or adventuring somewhere but since you need to go through the menu , i never bother with it. Wouldn't it be great if we could map a key for the outfit to be on or off? (Basically a key that checks and unchecks the little box in the outfit window) I hope you guys can support this idea and maybe someday we get it.
  2. Welcome i suppose! Right now,GW2 is the only good mmorpg on the market , for the people who have a job and busy lives. Enjoy your time here friend ! Again,welcome to Gw2!
  3. Probably not as long as it's not real money.And ... send me a mail in game with the price.
  4. Nury.3062

    Rytlock dies!

    Rytlock dies saving his son(because of Bangar) and somehow Logan is around to go on a rampage and kill Bangar in revenge! What do you think? Too generic?!
  5. Yea....repaired the client....nothing...idk....and it seems the ones who don't have the issue they don't can't see yours....if you are inside your mount due to the bugg they see you normally.
  6. The core players are not mad,the ones who waste away in Lion's Arch are mad...the ones who usually complain about anything and everything.The forum people are mad,some don't even play the game anymore but have an obsession with spreading whatever negativity they can....and reddit....which is the same.People who have nothing better to do,usually who have a lot of time on their hand,rush content and skip stories,the ones who don't support the game in any way,those usually complain. Ofc there are exceptions.
  7. The character moves around when the mount moves...sometimes ends up inside the mount...or on the side with one foot inside the mount and another one outside...etc.
  8. Thank you for telling me how it works, but I've been playing for almost 7 years and I haven't changed anything when it comes to the chat. It does seem different than before.
  9. Has anything changed recently in the chat restrictions? I can barely use map chat or whisper because i am supressed most of the times.
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