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  1. I have to admit, the item is great. But not only that, you have made a refference to Berserk manga without doing it, just with one picture. A great marketing idea Areanet. It is all there, the eyepatch, the sword and also the metallic arm. Gutts in Guild Wars 2. There is just one thing i would like to ask: How much time we would have to wait for a straw hat skin? 😉
  2. Hello everyone, long time no seeing you. I have finished EoD today, I know I am late to the party, and I want to share something with you guys. Since I first received the first letter, I have try to figure out the identity of Mister E. First was Lady Wi and later I thought he could be Demmi Bettlestone (because we have never received any letter after season3and she had the connections with the order of shadows and she is a human noble) I do not know if someone has written about this already, but here is the thing: No spoilers. During the last episode of EoD, the epilogue, there is an option to buy some flowers to bring to the party. The dialogue is from the wiki. Yes, I'd like something for two of my dearest friends. I have just the thing. And don't worry⁠—this bouquet is on the house. For all you've done for Tyria. For the world. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/4/47/Talk_more_option_tango.png Wait, how do you know who I am? Let's just say that you and I have a mutual connection in Divinity's Reach. But a girl's gotta keep a little bit of mystery in her life, don't you think? But a girl's gotta keep a little bit of Mister E in her life, don't you think? We know that Mister E is related to Divinities Reach in different ways. If this is truth Mister E is still alive and kicking. Could it be this his way to say thank you guys? Or I am just confused and is just a simple dialogue with no importance?
  3. Amazing. They even wrote Alliances When in the article. That are then kind of details that show us that they are parte of the meme. Our mission is almost completed, just a bit more, Our watch is near to end.
  4. Thnak for your comunication. That is fine, at least we know E has not fallen into oblivion. However, give us some hints, has someone in this post written the resl identity of E?
  5. Ganker's Paradise City, like Gotham but full of pew pew Rangers
  6. That is like saying i know the key of eternal happiness but i will tell you when you are ready.
  7. ALLIANCES EVER!? COMMUNICATION WHEN!? I do not know how to increase the size of the lletters...
  8. After 8 months of my last post in this topic, i have two questions; Alliances when? And Mister E´s identity When?
  10. Do not worry, WvW Alliances will be here... Soon...
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