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  1. In the recent release that had recipes for runes and sigils, we did not receive a sheet or making Karka Slaying sigils. They have been long out of circulation and I'm sure there are a few players that would actually use these items, so the recipe sheet is conspicuous by its absence. Strangely, karka drop a recipe sheet for Grawl Slaying sigils. I have a theory that the wrong item was assigned. One of the neighboring item IDs in the API is unrevealed, and could easily be hiding the proper recipe sheet.
  2. A suggestion for one of those random draw weapons from the black lion chest: vampiric dragon sword skin from GW1.
  3. I just want to give a big FUCK YOU to the jackass that blurted the ending out in map chat last night.
  4. The wiki tends to have trouble filling out screenshots for the armor gallery, but OWOG doesn't delve into those all that often.
  5. We just had one of the popular weapons, so my guess would be one that is less popular. Warhorn seems pretty likely to me.
  6. New merch is often posted during the festivals. Don't rule it out just yet.
  7. Just updated the charts last week, and of course I forget something. Bringers and Givers stats are missing.
  8. Here's a good one for when you're ready to get it on
  9. I was in Istan a few nights ago when we had someone exhorting the group to fail the event so he could farm more champs. You know what they say... those who cannot learn from history are doomed to **** it up for everyone. And now it has been "fixed".
  10. GW1 is a study in the utter pointlessness of this request.
  11. Jory, because she's the only one wearing clothes.
  12. Yes, that's him. He's been contributing to the story since Nightfall in GW1
  13. Funny you should bring up Jormungandr, as there was a weapon in beta named Jormagundr, or something similar. No, but each stage of it is scribed with some unknown alphabet.
  14. The Priory maintains a collection of artefacts, so them providing safe-keeping feels logical. The story drops all mention of the map after that mission, so there's no direct evidence of its fate.
  15. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Rescue_the_quaggan_from_the_Sons_of_Svanir The ritual appears to be for unwilling recipients.
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