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  1. I want Etherbound and Aetherblade armor skins back. Specifically these: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Etherbound_Greaves https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Aetherblade_Medium_Armor_Skin If the wiki is to be trusted - they haven't been in the store for nearly a year.
  2. Item: Sun-Blessed Vision (The new head slot cosmetic acquired from the annual achievement); Race: Asura/All Races (Asura is featured in the screenshot, confirmed to be a problem on humans as well. I believe it's safe to assume this happens to all races); Profession: Light/All Professions (Same as with races, light elementalist is featured in the screenshot, but confirmed on other professions and weights as well); Sex: Female/All (A female asura is in the screenshot, every other character that confirmed the issue, coincidentally, happened to be female. I'm about 97.5% sure this is an issue on m
  3. First of all i dont really care if you follow what i say or no. You clearly dont as far as we are talking about this. I am simply putting to the table straight up facts that can be found on wiki that can be confirmed in game etc. And since you think i missunderstand the involvement of magic in this setting i would like you to tell me your oppinion about this. Because in all threads ppl simply try to prove to me that thief is in fact magician. And every time i put down some fact from wiki or wherever they are gonna dispute that or at least try to do so.These three cases are only cases when in t
  4. my goodness and what did i say that your braincells wanna commit suicide? i would love to know just currious Just about everything. From the fact that you have an absolutely false idea of professions and magic involvement in this setting to how zealosly you demand your deluded vision to be followed.
  5. This OP forced a couple of my braindcells to commit suicide. I'm tempted to follow their example as well.
  6. I like blades. I like edge. I like magic. I like self-sufficient combatants that can take care of themselves instead of relying on others. I don't care if anyone's going to give me shit for playing the "braindead" Reaper, the class flavor is worth it.
  7. Medical kit backpiece. Seriously, is it really too much to ask for? They don't even need to model the damn thing, there's one in the game already.
  8. So, like, boons..? That thing that we already have? We don't need to introduce more boons to the game. We just need to streamline current unique buffs into the ones we already have. They did it with GotL, mesmer's distort share and to a lesser degree Alacrity. and all that was wonderful.
  9. Generica McGenericsson and her legendary weapon "Thematic and consistency are not the words you'll find in my vocabulary". That's a pretty long name for a weapon by the way. You might wanna go with something a bit more snappy and catchy.
  10. I just love the passive-agression practically radiating from this awful strawman OP comment.
  11. Tumblr being tumblr again. The crappy little gifs inbetween add some extra cringe as well.
  12. Your perception of the game mechanics is flawed. Druid is not a class. It is a specialization. Specializations, as the name clearly implies, specialize a class into a certain role. Druid is a spec designed to specialize ranger's nature wielding abilities into supportive cause. Saying "I want druid to be DPS" is like saying "I want marksmanship line to be based around greatsword".
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