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  1. Greetings, the Foefire chestguard skin is applied along with the leg piece skin of the weist cape (except the legwrap itself) on medium armors, however if the same chestguard is applied to light or heavy it appears alone without the weist cape that appears on medium armor. When using the Legwraps skin on light or heavy armor it appears as the same skin as when using the Chestguard on medium armor. Medium Chestguard Medium Legwraps Light Chestguard Light Legwraps
  2. Those are account bound you need to play wvw or spvp that award them. kitten... Just pretend you do not see it ?️ Since you asked for a desire that nobody can fulfill, would OP be mad if you made a new desire that is actually something people are able to get you?It can be edited in such cases.
  3. I am not sure if this has been reported before, I did a quick search of the Bug section and did not find such report though. The trait Trickster in a Trickery trait-line on a Thief profession does not reduce the count recharge of Scorpion's Wire utility ammunition skill, it only reduces the "re-use"(that is from 1 sec ICD to 3/4 ICD) yet normally reduces the CD of other Trick-category skills.For comparison; the Warriors trait Vigorous Shouts reduces the count recharge of all of Warriors ammunition shout skills, so since those are both ammo utility skills I can only assume that in case of the Thief's Scorpion's Wire the functionality of Trickster trait is likely bugged.
  4. Shhhhh, not so loud!!! We do not dare suggest Thief is actually not brutally OP but rather is a noodle plushie that can only and only run! Somebody might hear you keep your voice down!! None, not even joking, definitely do run Rev If you can and if you don't mind leaving Thief. Yes absolutely, thief is the only profession in game that can't afford to face tank or turn his brain off because Thief is the only spec that doesn't have access to stab and prot or at least to high armor or HP. Historically Thief has always relied on knowledge of other professions heavily. This is the only reason + you can run portal as viable choice, however since Misha played few matches as mes with portal then I think even this part of Thief will get pushed off. Anyway, like I said, never dare suggest Thief is not OP bs otherwise all those people playing specs that have 9/10 advantages and only 1 downside will descend on to you about how Thief with its 2/10 advantages (mobility and evasion when it happens to not be a locked-in frame death sentence) and 8/10 downsides is the most unfair and broken spec.
  5. PW is a fun paradox.It's an unusable trash skill now but considering the amount of stuff it does (stun, evade) then the dmg is fine. If you increased dmg it will instantly be op again, if you remove stun or evade and replace it with more dmg it will be back to trash skill.It may be my limited imagination but I think there is nothing you can do to it without making it either OP or trash with no middle ground. Right now in its uselessness it's quite balanced.
  6. 1th place is earned not given, same as with all games, sports and whatnot.If you can't win AT it means better players defeated the worse which is exactly how its supposed to be. Nobody is abusing anything by winning (unless wintrading, exploiting, etc.), if anything those people provide a value by offering opportunity to face someone more experienced and learn from it.
  7. No. Tournaments are ment to be won by better players, if you want to win you need to be better and you become better by playing against better players.We must never ever remove the main aspect of competitive PvP Mode...a competition.
  8. Samurai definitely sounds more like a Warrior. Even just seeing those two words together feels very very wrong.I want GS though.
  9. Think you kind off completely ignored the fact that whats an issue about Ranger is 11k Tiger pounces and 10k Bird attacks. Even got one 5k bird AA on me.So since Ranger has Maul on 4 second CD (a moth***ng 4 second) capable of 8k dmg AND two pets that both have separate CD for between 8k - 11k then I am pretty sure that comparing it to glass backstab thief is not exactly fair, not to mention that none of the thief builds you linked are popular or even played because A) No thief build uses Assassin's Signet anymore, B.) It never did use it at the same time as using SoA and C) Staff build
  10. 1) Read Wiki page on Stealth, there's many sources of Stealth, so no point in just rewriting it here.2) In PvP stolen items are always the same single item based on enemy profession. You will always steal Essence Sap from any Rev player or Rev build, you will always steal Mace Head Crack from any Guard player or Guard build, etc. It can roll a random stolen item if stealing on AI like pets or phantasms, but even those have limited poll of items so you won't be able to get every stolen bundle in the game If you hypothetically kept stealing indefinitely.
  11. I KNOW right? But if there's any specific profession you'd like me to dig up and compare it to modern footage of said profession on the same or at least similar stats I'm happy to attempt to do so. I don't want to cut in the hype but....you know that @Alatar.7364 have been sarcastic cuz he's a thief's main, right ??........... :# About the Video? I wanted to see it and I did accidentally find it in Thief subsection, not much room or reason for sarcasm there =D
  12. I KNOW right? But if there's any specific profession you'd like me to dig up and compare it to modern footage of said profession on the same or at least similar stats I'm happy to attempt to do so. Ye, Ranger, good luck with that one =D
  13. I'd like to see the Video. EDIT: Nevermind, I found it in the Thief subsection for some reason.
  14. Can't give you answer for all the questions nor go in to detail, just popping here to say that Rev is highly sought after in T4s as a Support role.I think it's this build: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Renegade_-_Boon_Support_Power_DPS_(Fractal)
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