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  1. Now that all of my characters can access legendary gear once I've crafted/bound them, it would be nice to be able to sell/trade all the ascended items I'll no longer need. Doesnt really make sense to keep them account-bound anymore. I'm not referring to items I've purchased or crafted, then equipped and used, but ascended items that come as drops, like armor and weapon boxes, Drakkar's and Tequatl's Hoards, Gift or Aurene, Ryland's Frostsaw GS, etc. Don't let ascended gear become just a salvage item...
  2. Turn them in...Trade your trophies in... Reading comprehension FTW
  3. In my opinion, Account Bound nonsense should go away. I should be able to sell whatever gear I dont plan to use. For example, I have received 4 Drakkar Hoard drops over the last few months, but I already have too many ascended weapons not being used, and I'm not a huge fan of the skins. I wish I could simply sell them on the TP and get the gold instead. Same thing goes for Exotic loot from Fractals, that stuff is account bound, which is absolutely pointless.
  4. The logo for this expansion is a dragon in the waves...guess we'll end up killing Jormag and Primordus during the living world, then face of against the water dragon in the expansion. My guess is this trailer was Aurene talking with Kuunavang, discussing the end of the last dragon.
  5. Looks to be the gen 2 legendary greatsword https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/ExordiumThat is correct
  6. I mean, even the color scheme used in the gemstore pic screams scooby doo bad guy...http://evilseabass.homestead.com/files/gw023.jpg
  7. https://d3b4yo2b5lbfy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/e3db0EN_Equipment.png Wondering what that head piece is. Looks vampiric...
  8. Withdrawing Hatched Chili's from your material storage on a new character progresses the achievement
  9. My biggest issue with the game isn't necessarily the content, but the rewards and loot systems in particular. Games like Diablo 2 gave players a reason to grind day in and day out. The system wasnt perfect, but at least you had reson to keep repeating content. The loot system in this game is pathetic. Champ boxes, loot boxes, all the greens and blues...yuck, no thanks. And the really desirable skins and and other loot (infusions) are so astronomically rare, that the average player will never see one drop. Content that is "fun" will only last so long. Without the chance for good rewards, player
  10. Update: I logged into the game on a friend's computer, and was able to get through it. Still, its a needlessly frustrating step, as there's nothing it prepares you for with the mount itself...
  11. Any tips for completing this extremely aggravating portion of the Skyscale collection? My computer is slow enough that I dont get enough reaction time to complete the hard-level difficulty...
  12. Traited guardian meditations - provides each skill with a great combination of healing + damage/condi removal, and a teleport. win/win/win
  13. ANet has NEVER had a good loot mechanic. Its the one area of this game that really suffers.
  14. I'm not home from work yet, so I can't login to the game and see for myself, but some sigils arent listed in the update notes. Does that mean they didnt change? For example: Sigil of Bloodlust.Thanks
  15. I have opened a ticket, and this isnt simply "speculation gone bad"...ANet changed the vendor price that they were listed at when I bought them. At the time of purchase, yes, I was speculating, but i could've fallen back on the merch price to re-coup some of what I'd spent. Not the case now.
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