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  1. Eye colour on all the sylvari (female and male ) face gained through the total makeover kit is broken since the patch of 23rd of May 2023 . The visible Eye color is set to a very dark Violet/black, regardless of actual colour (which can still be ascertained in the makeover preview ). Verified on 4 of my 6 sylvari, the two with the standard #1 face (upper left corner at creation ) retained their Eye Colouration, all with made over "exclusive" faces and eyes (regardless of skin colour or actual previous colour ) had their eyes changed to dark violet.example : My druid Winterwise has the eye colour "Light Lime" and the upper left picture from the second page of special (exclusive) faces (I call it #7, but there is no normal signifier ). The eyes ae dark violet atm, instead of a shining limey whitey. if I change faces at the makeover preview, the moment I click on a Standard face, the "light lime " colour reappears, the second I switch back to the face/head I use it turns shade of violet again...Since Anet has fiddled around with the environmental slider (check their patch notes ) I suspect this is an an unintended (if extremely annoying) effect of their environment slider "correction".... After all we spend resources or even real money to get the makeover keys to get these character setups.....Now let's see how long it takes them to correct this. I mean they never fixed use of cursor keys in their forums after more than 10 yearsStopwatch /GO PS further Data : Eye colour loss on "normal" faces also occurs after zone change (tested on Verdant Brink to Bitterfrost. Standard face, standard colour ; exclusive haircut, Eyecolour loss stayed even after relogging back into Bitterfrost and after porting to Amnoon , Lions Arch and finally the Grove, Eye of the North, Bjora Marches, Ember Bay and Bloodstone Fen (most of the zones I remembered for unusual lighting and easy accessibility ) . So, from my early data it seems not linked to the zones environment
  2. interesting - always felt it sounded like a tennis rack vs a ball.... (might be due to the motion on asuras ). And I agree with "if someone judges, or lets be fair call it "assesses", because the friend obviously does not have enough information to "judge" a game after a few cursory moments, he was not interested in it at all. Also, Predator sort of has a silly sound
  3. same problem here - 30 secs+ for char screen but atm it loads after a while... (from an SSD) - esp the background take an unusual time to load
  4. honestly call me a life-worn cynic - but words are cheap, actually solving the problem is not. There are lots of bugs in the game unfixed after several years, they needed weeks to fix the necro PC's mounting killed all minions back in the fall of 2021, still have not fixed zip lines killing all minions necromantic since EoD came out ........and given their lack of enthusiasm to communicate on this bug, I do not think they are "certain" at all. If I had the proverbial Euro for every time someone on my partner's software developing team said " I think we have fixed the bug" but then hadn't, we could go on a long trip around the world
  5. Nawh it just weirdly enough coincided with SAB being patched in..... that be coincidental, but since there was no content added otherwise this is more like a "coincidence", it's 10+players in my guild (most of them thought it was only "them" and all are altoholics ) , and of course people who suffer from this might not actually log in or spend less time in the game ? Would skew your "poll"
  6. Well even if they do not get it fixed (honestly two weeks ?) the by now typical non-reaction by the "community management" is equally galling. "You have a bug - we know, but why do damage control ?"
  7. you must be kidding. But I guess the "one engineer is enough" faction will stick to their guns as long as they are not affected
  8. It's also about spotting the problem : as in more eyes spot more and question and query different things, they also provide different ways to resolve the problem. And they have more time to check out if the solution breaks another part of the code and interacts as intended. Or are aware of changes in the overall software that were - obviously, given the sudden failure of a core function - overlooked ? Need some more analogies why more people usually help resolving a problem ? Especially on a piece of software made and reworked by a team of people over a decade ? Software development is not organic gestation it's a composite structure of logical connections made by a multitude.. but keep white-knighting, it's passing the time
  9. Oh a red post. Unfortunately not anything hopeful. Speaking for myself, the specification that _one_ (ahem "an") engineer is working on the problem has not made my heart dance with joy. It's awfully specific. One out of how many (well it was a few hundred in 2019 ) - after all the problem has been around for a week+X now.
  10. Gemstore interface certainly isn't... same interface structure/coding as the rest of the menues But honestly not expecting this to be solved before SAB leaves us, only been 8 days, seems easier for them to wait it out another 13
  11. less theorizing , more facts perhaps. It is pretty obvious it is related to SAB (started the moment SAB was patched in ) and probably EoD (since most of the accounts affected run EoD ). OCCAMs razor to the rescue, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it likely is a duck , not a T-Rex pretending to be a duck... If they patched in bad code, why did that happen ? And why does it seem impossible to eliminate or correct said code ? Also if they tried a fix, they would have announced it... And not being able to participate in SAB and gaining the skins and achievements from it matters to a lot of the long time players who aim for highest APs and keeping a perfect score on their personal goals, so a roleback or "shrugging of shoulders" sits badly for them. personally I simply don't care but at least two people in my guild are livid over this
  12. one more observation : loading characters on the same location and zone, seems to help on the "black screen problem". I can get up to 5 characters loaded in a row if they are on the same spot (zone) , and I do not change zones and return (say, by accessing the GH, PvP etc ). Changing zones - no more than one change of character, = black screen and a reload
  13. am pretty sure they would have fixed it with the highest priority if it concerned the GemShop. Also - severe bugs affecting whales (aka people who have quite a lot of characters - am feeling a bit "low end" here with only 30 slots), usually people who pay money for stuff "now and then" feels like a bad choice, if the game is B2P in principle. Speaking from personal experience - any coder/software developer I know who's work has a major bug, affecting gameplay for a significant number of people, their company would run extra shifts over the weekend. My significant other's company certainly does. Most professions do.
  14. The rather concise summary of the problem from Thursday. Best check how many of the boxes "yours" ticks or if anything additional happened
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