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  1. still zero Mirage nerfs in PvE. I guess Anet really is oblivious to the fact that confusion exists in this game. They see the SC bench of 28k and think the spec is balanced. Pathetic and clueless balance team. No spec should be able to do over 40k DPS on any boss yet Mirage has been this way for over a year.
  2. So, the devs straight up told us a bold face lie back in September? That's great of them.https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/680435/#Comment_680435
  3. The "Skyscale of Fear" requires you to "teach the class at Vehtendi Academy" (Glossophobia) but the map is bugged for the event "Protect the Priory explorer while he studies the academy's murals." He just stands in one spot never moving. Been like this for almost 3 hours now. Because of this you cannot get this collection item. Been trying to get enough people in to spawn a new instance but the map is pretty dead in terms of player populationThis is on NA IP
  4. It's not true. I'm Red and half of us have no downstate, the other half does
  5. Same, half our squad doesn't have it. The same half also doesn't get the increased WXP
  6. Well, some "freak outs" are justified such as the lack of Mirage nerfs in PvE. Tell me how waiting for the patch will magically manifest in PvE Mirage nerfs?
  7. how nerfed...its adding MORE burn but slightly reducing torment. " Rampant Vex: Reduced the duration of torment applied by this trait from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. " <meh just 1 second"Call of the Demon: Increased the duration of torment that this skill applies from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.""Call of the Renegade: The amount of bleeding that this skill can stack has been increased from 1 to 2 in PvP and WvW. It now always grants 1 fervor stack in addition to the stacks gained per each hit in all modes." < barely any change Rampant Vex nerf is pretty big since it has no internal cooldown a
  8. So, they nerf Condi Renegade in Raids but leave Mirage alone? Mirage pulls over 40k DPS on Cairn and SH and is oppressively strong on Largos, Cairn, SH, Matthias but they nerf Renegade instead of nerfing Mirage? It's like Anet doesn't even play this game.
  9. It's been extremely bad for a couple days now with my ping being "stable" around 500 for about a minute then dropping to just 60 for about 20-30 seconds then back to 500. It's basically making doing WvW and Raids unplayable. I'm in the Northeast btw
  10. I have tried the Mystic Forge in Mistlock Sanctuary, the portable Mystic Forge Conduit and the Mystic Forge in LA but none let me use the materials necessary for getting clovers (using the recipe for 1 clover), see the screenshot linked below.https://imgur.com/a/YdfnWIh
  11. Your remembered email/password is stored in Local.dat and is encrypted to your user account. LaunchBuddy encrypts your password as well, but it seems they don't care about that either.Of course they don't. Launch Buddy encrypting your credentials was a huge boon to using it. Now, you either have to do use a bat file that you need to patch/update everytime there's a patch, login manually or just give up. It's ridiculous. Instead of fixing the issue they just remove the feature. It's lazy and an absolutely poor decision.
  12. 100% agree. This singular change by Arena Net is completely ridiculous. Also, their "work around" for storing your username and password still stores it locally in side of Local.dat so it is just as insecure as before only now we have a bunch of added headache with no real benefit. Please restore these arguments or allow us to at least store our data to multiple different accounts!
  13. For those wanting to run multiple accounts, you'll need to now use the multiple Local.dat method with -autologin and auto play checked. Do you have a link to this method? I have only ever used Launch Buddy
  14. The tooltip reads 13% but if you take a naked necro at level 80 you have 1,180 precision (I am using Curses, Blood Magic and Spite with no traits selected) you should get condition damage equal to 153: 1,180 X 13% = 153.4. Instead, you get condition damage equal to 130 which is 1,180 X 11%. Either this is a display bug or a tooltip bug (should read 11% instead of 13%). If it's a tooltip bug this means target the weak was stealth nerfed at some point. Or, is Target the Weak not taking Furious Demise into account? Is this intended? EDIT: In case you are curious, the extra 180 precision comes f
  15. I did this instance solo with full Berserker Scepter/Warhorn Tempest using zero defensive utilities or traits. Just play better
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