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  1. I just thought of something regarding the deep sea dragon. Supposedly the name starts with S. Considering we are going to Cantha which is based off Asian culture (mainly Japanese and Chinese).... the word Tsunami from Japanese... if you took the T away and got Sunami, which obviously has to do with gigantic waves... sort of fits with Deep Sea Dragon no? I bet the name is going to be something like that. So far Anet has used altered names/words for Dragons. Like Jormag is from Jormungandr which is the world serpent. Or Zhaitan which is.... Islamic? For Shaitain, which is Satan. Anyways, just a
  2. Actually people had been asking for mounts forever but it seemed very unlikely it would happen given waypoints. Anet's solution was to eventually make larger maps with very few waypoints.
  3. I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get the look of my character quite right. I don't know if it's the colors, the armor skins, etc. Anyone have any thoughts on it? Thanks. https://i.imgur.com/m8WmuGO.jpg
  4. This game will never have consistent good framerate at max settings. It's always had issues since beta event weekend 1. It's not gonna change. The problem is GW2 engine is a heavily modified GW1 engine. And GW1 Engine started in 2000. So even by the time GW2 came out, it was 12 years out of date. So the engine can only perform so well with it's limitations. Here's my advice. Set both Model Quality and Model Limit to Low Set Shadows to low Set reflections to Terrain and Sky Turn off Depth Blur Turn on Limit Effects LOD This will definitely help with better fram
  5. I too am west coast, Cox. Speedtest is good. Signal strength is good. Terrible lag. Can't even play right now. I gave up. It started yesterday, the 12th for me as well.
  6. Starting since last night 5/12 and especially today 5/13, the lag has made the game unplayable. I reset my router and modem. Speedtest gives me perfect results to multiple servers. Also my signal strength is very good. At around -2 db/mv. So I'm suspecting it's somewhere along the line between me and the server. I live in SoCal. Anyone else getting extremely terrible lag?
  7. And more seriously - if you are not actually counting, but base it on "feelings", you are extremely likely to miss your mark by a mile. If you didn't get that chest yet, i'd say that the chance of it being some sort of a bug, and not you just not passing the 1000 chests mark yet is extremely small. Well, I can pretty much confirm at this point that the wiki is incorrect, bugged or changed now. A couple days ago I got the "complete Dragonfall 25 times" achievement. I've done the meta 4 times since then. There's 36 chests per Kralk run not including the random chests at menders. Therefore 29 x 3
  8. The wiki says if you don't get the Gift of Aurene weapon box by 999 chests opened on the map, you'll get it at your 1000th. Can anyone either confirm or deny this? I've been working at this for months and still nothing. I seriously feel like I've passed 1000 by now.
  9. Could we get some new hair colors and styles please? It's been a very long time. And as much as I like the current selection, new ones are always nice too. Thanks!
  10. You useing nomad or minstrel by any chance? No, full set of Mauraders. It's basically Berserker's with some added Vitality. All the other enemies are just fine. It's something to do with the scaling when it's just 1 player.
  11. It sucked. Felt like extremely lazy programming. Copy/paste pretty much the same mission a few times on maps that were already premade with the same predictable story line for each. And then give the boss champ a bazillion health. Took me forever to kill the champs cause I did it all solo. About 75% of my time was spent doing just that. All other enemies scaled just fine though. Overall, bleh. As far as the story of the entire thing... it was okay but it's way too obvious what's going to happen in the long run. Assuming it's going to continue with the current direction. Jormag wants to "help
  12. This happened because when I pressed enter it did not add another poll option but instead posted it. I tried to edit the page to add another poll option but it wouldn't let me.
  13. It's not fixed. These champs still have waaaaaaay too much health. It took me around 15 minutes to get rid of it. Maybe it's fine if I have a group of 5 but I'm doing it solo. It's not scaling properly.
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