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  1. the level 80 boost only makes you level 80 (and gives you some level 80 gear and stuff). You still have to do everything else.
  2. ok, I was expecting to be placed on a team of noobs against real guilds, but Anet took it personally and put me on the worst team possible. So that’s it. Screw WvW; you can have my spot in the queue.
  3. I do beg your pardon, but the notion of umbrellas taking flight is under the exclusive magical jurisdiction of The Walt Disney Company. Any attempt to launch a brolly into the stratosphere without the express written consent of a certain practically perfect nanny could result in a stern talking-to from a cartoon mouse, I dare say!
  4. well, during my second beta, I found myself in a match so perfectly balanced that battles raged on ceaselessly. I mean it, day and night, regardless of the hour, there were always skirmishes, with each team consistently fielding large groups. It was the best week, but regrettably, it was a one-time experience.
  5. Spoiler alert: They will place me on a dead team full of noobs, ppter and pvers players, pitted against two teams packed with members from the biggest guild out there.
  6. maybe next year. It all depends on how well these sells, I guess.
  7. yeah, I noticed the spike in prices. Luckily, I crafted mine years ago. I then destroyed it and recovered it, but that’s another story.
  8. once upon a time, when I was creating a new character, a person attempted to send me an axe. It was not only bothersome, but he persisted even after I had declined his offer twice. This ultimately led to him becoming irate and disrespectful. So, please refrain from such actions. Instead, consider allow others to enjoy their game in peace.
  9. the precursor was always dirt cheap, but the legendary itself has always cost just as much as any other legendary.
  10. ok, I had zero interest in the expansion, but this definitely caught my attention.
  11. Guild Wars 2 appears to be evolving towards a more ‘profitable’ model, similar to other games. With a former developer from ‘The Sims’ now working on housing, it seems the new PvP mode might resemble the typical ‘Overwatch’ game. Both of these games are notorious for their extreme monetization strategies.
  12. Open World - Solo - Battle Royale - Survival style? I mean, we already have team fights (sPvP) and massive team fights (WvW). Regardless, I bet it will become so unbalanced that nobody will want to waste time fighting Guardians, just like in sPvP or WvW. That is, unless we get a limited set of skills and generic gear, so that only player skill matters.
  13. I never paid attention to the story, but I recall enough to be extremely confused about everything that happens, like this part.
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