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  1. Few people talked here about how painful it is to get the Legendary Armor through ranked PVP , so i'm going to put down my 2cents and educate y'all. First of all the raiding leggy is easy as cake as long as you get into a guild that raid trains and then puts you into a weekly roster , the WvW one takes the longest time but it is casual playing for pips in a zerg. Now onto the PVP armor ? Basically you have to endure atleast 3 5v5 seasons filled with BOTS , AFKERS , dcers and toxic people that play against you every game in order to get those ascended shards and league tickets , you
  2. Yea but once I get outside there is no show badge , no rank and nothing just a placement scale..
  3. Ok but that doesn't explain the non-placement bug...
  4. Same for me , I started playing right at the start of season , went into 5v5 games and then 5v5 in 3v3 maps and now i've been playing for over an hour still not calibrating / placement . I'm also losing and gaining about 25 points per game lol . Cute anet
  5. Ah understood , I guess i'm gonna have to settle for some other skin because I don't think i can stomach an extra 1200+ ascended shards from ranked in it's state. Thanks for clearing everything up for me.
  6. Yes see I know everything there is to it about the costs it's 1200 ascended shards for the ascended precursor and another 2400 ascended shards for the matrixes to craft the legendary set and the grandmaster marks are there on the vendor . But I wanted a screenshot of what would the requirements look like when someone is rank 100 and has access to see the cost of the rank 100 transmog. That wiki is very dated.
  7. Can someone please either link or tell me the requirements of buying the legendary rank 100 transmog besides the obvious RANK 100 req ? Mistforged Glorious Hero's armor ? Someone told me each piece costs gold but I didn't believe him. Does it have an additional cost like more ascended shards or anything else ? Appreciate it .
  8. I hope you are right because then I have some time left to grind 🙂
  9. So i'm looking for someone to help me understand when does the new mini-season actually going to kick in ? I thought last night after midnight but I logged in 2 mins ago and I'm still at my "Byzantium" chest even though it says on the ranked que tab that the "season has ended". Do we still have some time left today to grind on it or when will it change/reset to the new season ? Thanks
  10. Error Guild wars 2 has been updated . Please exit and relaunch it. Tried this nothing happens . Anet where is the fix ?
  11. Yea i've uninstalled the game today because I don't want to get mad about losing games where my team has atleast 1 in them , it really got tiresome. Every 2 games atleast 1-2 bots in ranked games , they ruined my calibration aswell today, there alot of better games out there gonna play the New World Alpha till the BETA and then im moving completely there , maybe I will check back to see the expansion for this game but doubtful as by the looks of it the state of this game is pretty much dead and ignored by the devs especially WvW and PvP. It's been years and years and they didn't add anything n
  12. Question , when will the new season for 5v5 ranked begin ?
  13. Ranger post-patch ? One word ?Ruined It has been a few years since i've posted around here I used to be a mad forumer back in the vanilla days but this disgusting patch made me very mad. SB LB was the most fun roaming build and 1vX in the game and they had to destroy it somehow. What killed it was the no more pet swaps tbh and increasing the CD on the mobility side of swoop and etc. Playing on Gankdara in this rotation against DESOLATION ( which are the biggest scrubs/exploiters on this side of the free world ) they stack up s/d thieves and warriors it's just impossible to survive anymore , ev
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