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  1. WoW also doesn't have mounts that do anything like GW2 mounts do afaik. And there you are kept busy with level cap raises and new gear tiers, which is something this game specifically doesn't do. I mean Blizzard had to reduce the number of levels in WoW at some point because it was getting out of hand. In essence that's an entirely different kind of grind. So really, you can't compare the two just like that.
  2. I'm not entirely sure what you mean with that. Well, this is what makes video games different from real life. Duh. In a video game people come to, in this case, the world of Tyria new and haven't experienced the stories yet and they can. The whole point of a video game is to offer content. LS1 came and went and they saw that it was a mistake because as of LS2 they made it different for a reason. I mean the same goes for the main story. Would you say the same about the main story? If not then you're being horribly inconsistent. If so you would take a big chunk of content and context awa
  3. I like: Twilight Pharus Nevermore The Shining Blade The rest is either meh or has something that ruins it for me visually. For example the Binding of Ipos has a really cool floating spell book, but has that horrible oversized purple claw. I just don't like that part. And as such I can't see myself putting in that much effort for something I only half-like. I do want to make a special mention of the Dreamer...I hate that one with a passion. But hey, I'm not the only one playing this game so it's fair enough.
  4. To the OP: So when you say "fixed" you mean "nerfed" or am I understanding this incorrectly?
  5. They made a good change since then. In the first few years they used an inventory space for each blue, green and yellow gear piece. Now they've made it so that they are stackable by making them as containers when you get them. So know all the blue/green/yellow gear that drops automatically stacks in one place in your inventory. That makes a HUGE difference. So really it's a lot better now than it was before.
  6. Well, those are likely account bound so they are worth exactly nothing. Just make sure they are unlocked in your wardrobe and you can delete them. You can use transmutation charges if you ever do want to use them. Besides, rare doesn't actually mean that they're rare in this game. Also you have a bank where you can stash some of these items. Just go to any of the capitals. Nah, your calculations are off. Some of these items are stackable anyway but it sounds more and more to me that you've forgotten about your bank (account storage). All your characters have access to the same bank and
  7. Particularly since Living Season 4, I'm not really sure why this is an issue anymore. You can press H and then go to Achievements and any section that has a purple mastery symbol behind it, lists achievements that you can still do to get PoF mastery points. I'm sure you'll find something in there.
  8. Well, not quite naturally. Right at the start when you get into Verdant Brink you cannot advance the story quite quickly without doing the gliding mastery and VB is a pain when you don't have mounts and still have to get gliding. Afterwards it gets a lot better but as for first experiences go, HoT is a rough one. I was reminded of this because my wife went through HoT for the first time this past year and all I'll say is that I heard a lot of swearing coming from behind her laptop.
  9. This is true. Though I do think that there is an overlap because people who don't want to join a guild/alliance generally end up being roamers. Now you make a similar mistake in reasoning. The fact that there are guild tags doesn't mean that they are part of a guild that is active in that map at that time. There are solo guilds, small guilds or even larger guilds that don't WvW as a guild and even if they do, they may not be active at that time. All reasons why there may be players with a guild tag that aren't part of a bigger group on the map doing the "chores". So those are also two
  10. Nope, I've been on the same server since launch. I would invite you to make some changes in your reasoning methods to allow less baseless assumptions. What I feel right now is relevant to me and this is why I gave my feedback. I noticed a big difference like day and night. That's credible enough for me. Again, it's such a difference that I didn't play anymore during the past week. Now it's back to normal I enjoy WvW again. Please don't tell me how to game. I won't enjoy it and I already said in my OP that I have issues in social structures due to mental illness
  11. No you replied with this: "So what you're actually complaining about is that now there is balance and there is content" I didn't say there was balance, in fact I said the exact opposite. How you can argue that 3 maps having the status of "outnumbered" means that there is balance, is just bizarre.
  12. Roamers don't have a problem when there is a blob from your side as well, keeping the other blobs busy. Then roamers can do their thing. Not always successfully but that's ok. What I reported in my own thread is that there are times (even during the evening) where our side was busy on EBG (with a queue) and the other 3 maps only had roamers on our side, but there were blobs from the other 2 sides. I've never seen that happen as much as it does now. All 3 homeland maps had the status of "outnumbered". I don't think that ever happened before for me. So if you're in a group and you see
  13. I was thinking that. I wonder if people who did claim a guild get priority over those who didn't, so basically you're a second-rate citizen of WvW. Maybe that's why you got bumped to another queue. It makes me wonder about the side names which used to be determined by the servers. These names could be the same for every map set so that you don't get to see that you actually join an entirely different group of alliances each time.
  14. I used to enjoy it until this beta. Just what I'm experiencing now. Because I don't do well in social structures, joining a guild is not an option for me. So point 1 and 2, although good points just don't work for me. All I can do is give that as feedback. Anet will decide what they want to do with that feedback.
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