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  1. I just remember devs talking about this a long time ago, how character data needs to be loaded into a map and the more data it is the more the map gets taxed. Like when more players enter a map. And things that are interactive take the most. It's just what I remember but I could be remembering it wrong. That's why I say "iirc" but I'm not tech savvy. It's just that I kept going with it because people didn't seem to correct me on that. I know that SWTOR devs said something like that and I think I remember GW2 devs saying something similar but I wouldn't put money on that myself. And they're completely different engines so who knows. But it's also the only reason I can think of why Anet has stuck to a fixed UI over the years. Like discussed, in GW1 you had a customisable UI. If you can tell me what other reasons there are for Anet to stick to not having that in GW2, I'm happy to hear them. I just have this memory of devs saying this but as with all memories they can be flawed. I'll be the first to admit that. In fact, I was hoping for someone to either confirm or deny it.
  2. I didn't realise that Alliances actually got replaced with this World Restructuring. I thought it was just another name for Alliances but then I'm still not too clear on what the differences actually are between the two.
  3. I'm just going to put it out there, but I think this post by cmc hasn't aged well at all, at least for WvW.
  4. That's the thing though with a fixed UI. Everything in it has to be in it all of the time and at the same location. So unless you accept a performance loss this can't be changed. That's why I mentioned the number of players per map because that's where the performance needs to be. In SWTOR, for example, their engine could barely handle 16 players (raids are 8 or 16 player) in the same map so there it's much worse. But that's where I learned that everything that's attached to your character info costs performance essentially. I assume that that's something that goes for games in general. Their engine in SWTOR was just crap from the basis on up but that's a different matter. So the way I understand it that everything that is customisable has an effect on the performance because it has to be loaded per character. And when you have fixed framework you don't need to do that. Dunno if I understand it correctly but it does sound right to me. And that's why GW1 and GW2 are so different because performance is not such a big issue when a game is much simpler.
  5. By the way, does anybody else think it's a bit odd that this preview comes out before the next quarterly update is live or even announced with a date? I mean, the quarterly content update will introduce the new weapon proficiencies after all. Presumably, they will change the context for balancing at least to some degree.
  6. GW1 was an entirely different game though. Much simpler and no persistent maps outside of cities. Also the UI was much simpler. So comparing the two isn't really a useful comparison. The thing is that you had 12 players max in one map in GW1. In GW2 you can have over 100 (like WvW maps). So performance is a much bigger issue in GW2 (which is the reason iirc why Anet has gone with a fixed UI)
  7. That's subjective though but I was more talking about them not wanting to do another expansion at all. IBS should've been an expansion and if NcSoft hadn't stepped in we wouldn't have had another expansion ever. If Anet would've just done another expansion instead then we wouldn't be in the situation we are now in. But you make a fair point still, NcSoft probably wanted results yesterday and that would've definitely affected the amount of quality of content. Mind you, I don't care for IBS and I'm also done with SotO. At this stage, only HoT/LS3 have lasting replay value for me. The rest after was fun or useful initially but once I got through those maps, I rarely come back to them again. So it is with PoF, LS4, IBS, EoD and now SotO is going the same way. I suspect that's how I ended up in WvW but then I'm getting tired of all the shenanigans over there and guess what? I'm in playing HoT maps again.
  8. All I'm saying is that I will have all legendary items from WvW done in about 5-6 weeks and then I'll refocus on OW PvE again. Boonballs are a complete kitten show and it really takes all the fun out of WvW for me. I mean, I'm sure the people in boonballs are having the time of their lives but not all servers have well-organised boonballs and certainly not all the time. But Anet and cmc in particular are not even talking or recognising this afaik. All this tweaking is detail work and they ignore the elephant in the WvW room. So yeah, I'll just need around 2400 wvw tickets and them I'm done with WvW, for a while at least. I get that WvW will always be imbalanced, it's sort of part of the deal when you think about it. But boonballs just make things so much worse that it doesn't fit the WvW format anymore. They should have maps for GvG or Zerg vs Zerg for that because ultimately I feel that that's the only thing that they balance around in WvW and all the other aspects of WvW are ignored.
  9. ahhh, that explains it. Thanks. Leave it to Anet to give a non-boon the same icon as a boon. Alright, I understand you now. Edit: just to clarify, I've actually never used a Strength booster, so that's why I didn't recognise it.
  10. So how do you explain then that the two boons in the picture are on different lines/rows?
  11. Well aegis and might are on different lines in the picture so what do you mean with "separate line"?
  12. It still was a beta last time. And nobody knows when or even if the alliance system will come out.
  13. Yeah, who would want to keep track of something like might. You probably missed that icon because it's surrounded by so much other stuff...and that's the point, isn't it? Then why are the might and aegis icons on different rows?
  14. A Dominatrix is better served by Profane Armor which is already in the game.
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