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  1. I mean yeah but it looks ugly on a guild recruiting post to just slap a big red line of text in where a header image would look better. Are there any image sources that are allowed? I noticed Imgur is no longer supported.
  2. Its been a Long Long time! The original post has been updated with fresh information and dead links have been removed!
  3. So its been 5 years, has there been any development on letting us use imgur embeds for images on the forums yet?
  4. Hello! Someone (probably me) will get you an invite ingame pretty soon, and if you'd like to come ahead and join the discord while you wait here is the server link!. =)
  5. Guild information and discord link has been updated!If you do hop into our server, please chat for a bit or introduce yourself in the #introduction channel o/Also a thread bump please, sir, if you would be so kind!
  6. Sure would have been nice to know that the limited LI -> LD exchange was going away in advance of it just being stealthed out.LD's had no purpose until this patch, so I held off on doing the exchange of LI -> LD until the specifics of crafting Coalescence were laid out.I've made my Legendary armor, and I have no intention of going through that again for more sets.
  7. Really? You (or others) would be put off buying keys because you had a higher chance at getting something that you value out of them? The worthless items suddenly have some small worth, however the exchange is handled. Junk is still junk and still bloats the lootbox drop table, but if this were implemented, you would have the choice to trade it in or hoard it. This would be a viable option if I didn't want those BLC only armor, backpack and weapon skins that they like to add for flavor. Yeah, I did a quick forum search for this topic and couldn't find an existing thread to bump (though ma
  8. Title. I was gifted with a permanent hair kit last year and I bound it to my account. However, it doesn't stop you from getting the regular ones to drop, so between key farming, map completion and the odd key bought with irl money>gems, I've got nearly 90 Self-Style hair style kits. Deleting them seems like a waste though. Outside of this specific and very limited example, though, I'm sure that I also can't be alone between people who often open black lion chests in having a small fortune in revive orbs, repair canisters, Black Lion Salvage Kits, Upgrade Extractors, Mini Claim Tickets, an
  9. This has been really helpful and has given me a good bit to think about, thanks everyone =]
  10. (I went to post this in the guilds sub-forum, but I guess that's not a thing outside of the LFGuild section so uh- here I am!) Introductions, I'm Lavren ingame and I've been co-running a medium sized guild in this game for about 3 & 1/2 years now (the guild itself has been around since 2011).Over the last two years or so we've transitioned from a Guild Wars only guild, to more of a multi-game community with the aid of a Discord server replacing our traditional forum and skype group chat gone are the days of waking up to 500+ skype messages, 50% of which are just keysmashes. It's come to
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