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  1. New suggestions: Anniversary Items: Cynn’s outfit! (seriously the last OG prophecies character with an interesting aesthetic enough for fashion wars and color combinations!) Other items: Dog whistles (all of these were shown for April Fools so you have no excuses now lol jk but seriously the good boys of infinite affection deserve love): - Black Lab - Husky - Shepherd - Boxer - Corgi - Dachshund - Rotweiller - Pitbull - Golden Retriever (I know this one wasn't shown for dog April fools but still)
  2. Pretty straight forward. I want to make a toon so when EoD comes out with all its new content, I can have a decent damage/support build. I like the idea of pistol/warhorn or Scepter/Warhorn Necro but I want to see what other viable options are out there. Heard good things about scepter/warhorn and dagger/warhorn Tempest though. Anyways, before i start rambling on, which class should I use a warhorn for if i want to do damage/support?
  3. I’d rather see Crane or Panda pets for ranger tbh but still a funny idea.
  4. ...well it might be a spear since what appears to be a shaft end over her shoulder. I could be wrong but either way, it's clear this is the mesmer elite spec.
  5. Right?!?! I mean green moa and golden moa were planned to be ranger pets as well but for some reason, they were scrapped. With the engine change announcement, though, I have hope that we might get more vanilla pets!
  6. Hello fellow rangers! I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic: would you like to see more pets based on creatures seen in core Tyria? Animals like the green and golden moas, ospreys, dolphins, coyotes, and the shark and cat variants that can be found in the vanilla maps.
  7. I mean PoF made new faces and hairstyles for humans so there is no reason to assume they wouldnt do the same for humans in EoD
  8. CYNN’S OUTFIT!!!! We got one for Mhenlo, Eve and Gwen outfits on the gem store. Why can’t our favorite pyromaniac get one?
  9. If it helps: Sai, Kama, Kukri are in-game already. True, but more varieties of those daggers would be appreciated.
  10. Am I the only one that is kind of annoyed at daggers not getting any cool designs aside from their hilt? I mean swords, GS, axes, maces, and even hammers have gotten really cool and/or interesting designs in various weapon sets but for some reason daggers are just letter openers. Why cant we have a miniature scimitar dagger, or a kukri? Hell, why not split charakams or sai's?
  11. i have a cool sword and dagger skin and i want to see which of these classes were best for sword/dagger: deadeye thief or soulbeast/druid ranger?
  12. I assume EoD will be released late June/early July at that pace. I certainly hope it won't come out until the very end of the year.Arenanet's developers require that much time to make the expansion more than just decent.And the expansion needs to be more than just decent to win back at least a portion of player faith they lost.I wouldn't say that the players have lost faith; more like "very disappointed in the Icebrood Saga and its execution," IF they need more time then I expect the expansion to have some new combat features, like land-based spears or event mechanics, to make things more in
  13. I assume EoD will be released late June/early July at that pace.
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