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  1. It does not alway happens, but sometimes when entering a zone, it take 1 minute or more to have it open. It started after the last patch. So far, it happened once in Timberline Falls (and apparently the same thing happened to many players at that same time), and once in Seitung province. It does not always happen. Those two maps opened fine when I entered in them before or after that long load happened.
  2. I'm no big fan of WvW, but I don't find playing that game mode for a gift of battle to be that hard. I go around mostly alone, killing npcs and dolyaks and flipping camps. I sometime win a 1 vs 1 battle against another player. Most of the time I loose. No big deal. I respawn and start again. Except for the occasional battle against another players, everything else is quite similar to PVE. Learn to read the map (what is happening and where), look around before engaging an NPC or taking a camp. It will help you keep out of trouble. And if you absolutely don't want to fight another
  3. Same bugs for me and a friend. Unless we were not killing the right ones...
  4. Totally bugged. All the doors are open. Can complete the levers and the weapons puzzles and that's all. No chests are openables.
  5. Patching right now. Speed is rather slow most of the time ( a few KB/S), but the number of files remaining diminishes at a constant high speed. I have the feeling that my game is veryfing all the files but that I am not downloading the entire 45.000+ files, but only the needed ones. At the end, I downloaded around 100 mb. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes, Sorry for those who had to wait a longer time 😞
  6. same trouble with one mirror in the Lighting the Lair Light Puzzle. One mirror will not reflect the light even if it is positioned correctly. Before making something mandatory for an achievementy, you should make sure it's not bugged.....
  7. Thanks. I saw it now. I missed it because like you said it's a bit out of the way, and hard to spot because it's almost the same color as the rock it is on.
  8. Either we don't have the same definition of what is "the very start" of this jumping puzzle, or we don't start at the same spot. I can go maybe 15 to 20 seconds into the JP, and I have seen no chest anywhere so far.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the bug reappeared right after they turned off the new specialisation beta event. I would not be surprised if they deleted the previous fix from a year or two back when they removed the beta event.
  10. They most likely disabled the code for the fix of this bug when they disabled the access to the beta of the new specialisations.
  11. And they did not considered this important enough to announce it here on their official forums......
  12. At least they should remove the cooldown on summoning minions while waiting for an eventual fix. They should let us know what the issue is.
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