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  1. Except if it is actually bugged in a way that makes the toon run faster, it can be hot keyed to outrun people and/or catch people, with a swap back for actual combat.
  2. Dear Casual, join a training raid guild. learn through them. Or…., Find 9 other like minded people and do it yourself. Reading these forums, I can imagine you’ll find 1000 people who feel the way you do. You should have no trouble. glhf. Sincerely, a WvW primary player who really dabbles in raids.
  3. It would make for some epic videos taken from aboard a sky scale…
  4. Zerioz bizniz. Refrains from making this MORE of a matchup thread with a comment about BG…
  5. It would be a great option. If ‘yes’ it would increase the price of both ToT bags, and candy corn. Either would be better for the Lab.
  6. Call it what you will. But lord’s room battles with other servers in Garrison on reset night could be some of the best action in WvW…
  7. Wow.. Why don’t you just say ‘get off my lawn’ That was about a big of leap to know-where I’ve seen you do in a long time…. At least Wait until there is a reason to post that kerfoffel.
  8. Mhmm. I wonder why the push for that still exists as the trend for games for a long time has been more ‘twitchy’ games. I mean, I don’t mind a back and forth that takes a while, in fact I kind of prefer it, but many gamers get bored if it takes more than 30 seconds to a minute to kill something.
  9. That and the ability to WP in every 2.5 to 3 minutes because of the brief opening between the events that register as ‘defend’ prior to tactics. Oh, that and when you could banner the Lord…
  10. A game can’t be made idiot proof.
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