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  1. They started the nerfing of the EoD spec for eke about 6 months ago. By the time the expac is released, the ele spec will have been deleted.
  2. yeah…. I don’t think anyone who has played during the link process would expect anything other than that. it’s also likely why they won’t show it. They don’t want to confirm with date what we already know although they have given up on all aspects of subterfuge though. As soon as @Cal Cohen.2358 started posting the links BEFORE reset, allowing people to transfer before the matchups started, the whole ‘lose pips for two resets’ attempt at discouraging frequent transfers went out the window as an actual strategy. (not like it probably limited many anyway lol)
  3. would love to know the actual play hours. Or even if they produced one of the graphs like they did 3-4 years ago with server names attached. Wouldn’t even care if they put just the host names in, and kept the links out of it. But it would destroy too many stereotypes of some of the server. And I think too many people wouldn’t believe it either lol.
  4. IKR? It’s almost like they want you to buy more storage slots or character slots from their gem store.
  5. Or.., and I am not even slightly convinced this is it, they decided to actually just ‘tweak’ some builds with the intent on watching its impact on composition and game play, with follow on tweaks accordingly., of course, that comes with the assumption that they are actually going to pay attention to the impact of their changes…… or have a reliable way to get data other than relying on the loudest segment in the forums..
  6. No. Still able to do it. Aspects of it were fixed. Now it takes a little more patience. they have been too busy putting up invisible walls in PvE to stop map breaking because reasons.
  7. Whoosh…, They didn’t get it. but yeah, that is how Anet views it. of course I need to amend that very slightly as they allowed this most recent change to help…. The remaining 4 guilds who do it…
  8. Yeah…. Eradon Terrace kind of went through the same thing.. It just depends on your host to be honest. If you get the ‘right’ link, poof. The hard part is if it’s enough and you DO become a host, it gets ugly for 13 weeks..
  9. Until you are bandwagonned to full and become a host in the next linking
  10. Ahh. I mean it would be different if North America had countries as part of it that spoke different languages. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Yeah, they appear to jump really high almost in place then run really fast forward. but when you truly watch it, they don’t fall behind or pop any further ahead than any other warclaw that leaps. I though the same as you when I first started seeing it.
  12. Huh. Color me shocked that there is nothing about Alliances in the roadmap. I am stunned.
  13. One thing I like about this change is that guilds from the same server or link can GvG now. As well as two groups from the same guild. definately a welcome change.
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