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  1. I’d ask for hiz stuffs, but he sounds too new. 🤦‍♂️🤷
  2. Which…. They might invite you to, in order to allow you to select that as your WvW guild. It’s worth asking about. Many of us have guild mates who aren’t crazy fanatical about WvW, and only play infrequently. But when they do, they like to play with us. Give it a whirl. Getting better in WvW and having fun there can be helped by people you enjoy playing with. good luck!
  3. They went on a ‘few servers’ because it could be counted in to be matched up against each other for good content. It wasn’t ‘one server’. Most don’t want to play with the elites anyway, or so everyone in the forum says lol.. 🤣 To be clear, I am not concerned about EU prime (for the eu servers) or NA prime (for the NA servers. I worry more about SEA and OCX. NA will have enough commanders bounce to multiple different alliances because of space. Individual guilds will be able to recruit. Nit sure there are enough OCX and SEA players that, would s
  4. Yeah, Fractals are probably the best bet. Challenge may be the armor eventually but by completing the first 25 in t1 fractals, it should give you some challenge until you gear out better. I might find some people to run with.. It’s helpful when you have someone that can assist with what’s needed in each fractal. Pugs for those levels are usually fine, but have some experience can make them smoother.
  5. That just looks like a standard relink matchup…. Not the death of a mode lol.
  6. All of the elites won’t group in one alliance. For multiple reasons: 1. Most of the ‘elites’ want people to fight against. That can’t happen if they are in the same Alliance 2. There is only going to be room for 500 players in an alliance. Of course, if all of them play 24/7 then you get ques etc. of course it’s not going to happen. It didn’t happen with the hyper stacked BG. Who, I think everyone would agree had more than 500 active players. And queues only happened at reset times or one map during NA prime for the past 4 years. 3. This actually will allow for guilds
  7. And in a ‘one up, one down’ scenario, that would be balance matchups after one or two weeks. Which effectively is how it is now…. Except now, large guilds, AFTER the matchup is set in motion, can move thus making it take even longer to balance. Which, theoretically will be less likely to happen when alliances actually goes into effect, not this current beta system. So, the concerns about matchmaking within the beta are understandable, but not accurate to the finished product.
  8. Wait…. Out of curiosity, other than creating an argument just to argue, what are you doing in this part of the discussion forum? You obviously only have contempt for the mode. You’ve stated it multiple times over the years. Please , comment on what you know.
  9. A). En Masse as a group of 500.. Game breaking… B). so, you want to make the process even more convoluted? In the hope that maybe it doesn’t happen? C) those play styles will still exist when, (wait for it, wait for it) alliances actually starts.
  10. It’s a beta to work though how team assignment is done. It’s not alliances. There has been no alliance formation as of yet, so as far as matchups, it’s not indicative of how it will be. This week was more like a typical ‘relink’ week where matchups are off. The difference being, this only lasts a week.
  11. The button needed to be checked before the beta started. If there is another beta, the same thing needs to happen as well. Also, something similar to this may be in play when alliances actually goes live, though, as @Chaba.5410said, most of us are hoping for something more polished and visible. Fortunately this beta ends on this Friday at the latest.
  12. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/WvW_Reward_Track the wiki says you can make gains, it’s just a little slower
  13. Yes. Reward tracks do. There are no skirmish tracks for EotM(pips)
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