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  1. There are check boxes next to each weapon under the Equipment tab of the hero panel, like the ones that hide your helmet or gloves.
  2. One of my characters always defaults to the "Novelties" tab. That's a little annoying. Two other characters default to the main screen no matter what I left it on.
  3. Ok, I finally figured out what worked for me, after several account creation attempts, so maybe this would work for you guys/gals. I was having the same problems as others, not finding a code for the outift. I already had an alienware arena account, so I made a new one (now i guess i have about a half dozen after this junk today, not their intent I'm sure). Finally, one last try and it worked. I made a new email (I used yahoo, made a throw-away email), followed the link in the news section here in the forums, and created the new alienware arena account, from the specific page that the link her
  4. For the life of me I can't find where to get the outfit code. Have a new Alienware Arena account. Played the mini-games. See no rewards or codes.
  5. Turning off the focus assist feature in win10 seems to have fixed this issue for me, and I was able to go back to fullscreen from windowed fullscreen. Started getting this same thing happening (the minimizing) once the new win10 update hit me yesterday. Game didn't minimize when I switched to windowed fullscreen mode, but did in fullscreen mode.
  6. Doing what Krasipeace.1589 suggested seems to have fixed my problem with this as well, which I too started getting as soon as win10 updated yesterday. Also going from full screen to full screen windowed fixed the problem as well. Maybe that will help some people.
  7. Thank you for this. I never knew. I have added a couple different times myself.
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