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  1. exactly. i did NOT sign up for this. i want regualr not crappy broken[more broken lol] wvw.
  2. apparently this "bug" has been around for over 10 years perma queuing. can someone at anet go dig up the person who wrote the code for this and have them tell you how to fix it? or hire someone to unspaget the code pls?
  3. i expect some wvw claim tickets for this whole frustrating mess. this is stupid. missed out on my entire guild run making this whole ordeal completely backwards to the purpose of it even existing.
  4. and that is sad beyond words. like the pvp queue sticking glitch.
  5. that means they need to fix that if its been there that dang long.
  6. ditto. gave up. serves me right for getting excited for gameplay. cant WAIT to see how broken EOD is gonna be.
  7. gave up waiting. 3 times in queue is enough time wasted. had i know this was akin to fallout 76 levels of suck i would have kept grinding pvp.
  8. funny how lots of people who actually chose the guild to follow cant actually get INTO the map because of the repeating queues. so it doesn't make any difference anyway.
  9. sitting in a repeating queue for hours when all the rest of my guild is running. thanks for that gold lock icon anet. that was the BEST thing EVER. now i can sit outside the map wile everyone else ether repeats the queue over and over with me or actually plays world vs world.
  10. worst thing for me is when it went past the [fake] queue it said i could travel...i clicked travel..and im STILL in lions arch. gg anet.
  11. agreed. i set up my team WAAAY in advance and this little lock icon made me have to queue for now 29 minutes. THANKS Anet. real swell move there. edit: i also arrived 30 minutes in advance to the reset with my guild.
  12. stuck here too. imagine having a bug for over 4 years and having to manually unstick each player when it happens randomly instead of fixing it. edit: looks like anet does nothing about it except make you wait till reset. lost alot of progress and time trying to fix this. 4 years later. now thats shameful. what is this Bethesda?
  13. wow this bug has been going on for a long time. anet plz.
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