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  1. You can feel the bump bump on your tummy when we come here running and shaking dat ass, shaking dat ass! Rawr
  2. Join us to get the Yak mount once WvW server mounts are released! Or... you know... we can dream together.
  3. Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me if I don't join GOAT todaaaaaaay
  4. Goats of all ages head butt. The reason why depends on the goat’s age and on their personality, too — most goats are social, inquisitive creatures and some even more so! Younger goats butt heads in play. Older goats participate in this activity to establish dominance and determine their position in the herd.
  5. Well, hello there. GOAT is a 100% WvW guild which runs almost everyday looking for carnage, loot and boosting the ppt, from early to late NA time (something like 5pm to midnight for squads or whenever we damn please for small party roaming). We have a bunch of veterans and new folks, we try to play silly and fun while also being serious in the battlefield. We do our best to coordinate with the other guilds looking for the best to our server, and have pretty good relations with everybody there. We are located in Yaks Bend and can totally help you get. You would be more than welcome! You can ch
  6. Can't stop the GOAT party! WvW 6x per week, from early NA roamers to prime NA squad to late NA havoc madness, we go all the way through, baby! Join today for a special session of foot massage.
  7. Goats are herd animals and will become depressed if kept without any goat companions.
  8. Yo. You there. You are b-E-a-U-t-I-f-u-L!!!!!! Let me show you a world of Death and Desire.
  9. Goats’ pupils (like many hooved animals) are rectangular. This gives us vision for 320 to 340 degrees (compared to humans with 160-210) around us without having to move and we are thought to have excellent night vision. MUAHAHAHAHA
  10. Follow the plushie on the battle fields for extra boons! No, really, that's my chrono.
  11. Did you know that goats have four “stomachs”? Their food moves first into the rumen (from which it is periodically regurgitated for more “cud chewing”), then to the reticulum, later to the omasum, and finally to the abomasum (which is most like a more sensitive human stomach).
  12. I want to be the very bestLike no one ever wasTo catch bags is my real testTo tag up is my cause
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