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  1. This new specter color theme, with thief being left unable to wield Binding of Ipos.
  2. Note the wording: it seems this spec limits the player to a single pet (no swap).
  3. This bunny is one of the few true troll bosses in the game. Bet the dev who came up with them had fun times.
  4. Depends on how we view strength in the godly context. Ability to create and destroy? Battle prowess and physicals? Or magical ability? Pretty sure being the forerunner in knowledge goes hand-in-hand with magical prowess. But if we take Balthazar's claims at face value, it can be argued he's the most dangerous god in a haphazard battle - before his fall. I'd argue Abaddon was the most versatile one, based on presumed and recorded feats.
  5. This. I've soloed executioner a few times. Granted, particularly in encounters with OTK-attacks, there's always a chance that something unlucky screws you up out of the blue.
  6. Champions in the core game are actually very easy to solo (safe for a few exceptions, maybe, such as Drakin Cinderspire in The Scorchlands). The expansion ones range from easy to challenging to nigh' impossible to solo (due to certain mechanics).
  7. I forgot about mushrooms. There's one particular Mushroom King in Draconis Mons that brings an explosive army with him, meaning you can't stop. At all.
  8. For you, personally? What do you A) hate facing in terms of mobs and units? B) think is the toughest enemy type (bosses included)? For me it would be A) awakened canids and B) djinn (bosses). Canids are erratic and have very short cues. Djinn bosses, particularly Rubedon and Ellutherius, can be very challenging to solo due to their elemental abilities either nullifying your projectiles or condis. Fire djinn hit like trucks. EDIT: for the sake of fairness, don't include Branded Ley-line Anomaly in your lists, lol.
  9. It would've been a GREAT season if they didn't have the 'rug pulled out' beneath them. I believe we would've gotten 1 or 2 more maps, possibly with centaurs? The atmosphere was amazing for the most part, and the content was simply put fun.
  10. You're better off with deadeye or daredevil, combined with Deadly Arts and Trickery. The issue is how heavily Acrobatics overlaps with Shadow Arts AND Trickery. You get vigor from Bountiful Theft with a (ha har) bountiful duration. Why'd you waste entire major traits for essentially the same effect, but worse (no boon strip). Aside from that, much that Trickery offers doubles as an offensive/defensive tool - plus Lead Attacks is way better than Swindler's Equilibrium, and a minor. I assume I don't even have to discuss SA, because boosted stealth > any of the defensive tools on 300-se
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