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  1. Don't forget that warrior, naturally, wears heavier armor than simple cloth by elementalist (and other light armor classes). Interestingly enough, we have different size for weaponry between humans/norn/charr etc. as well as varying animations (see ranger Maul and Swoop for example), showcasing the bigger races' superior strength. Obviously the numbers still follow the same formula across all races. The real reason behind Caudecus' hatred of centaurs was that he couldn't outrun one.
  2. Depends on what you value: the authentic (classic Tangled Depths) experience, or ease of gameplay. Personally, if I could, I would replay both season 2 and HoT without mounts or elite specs (already) unlocked. It really is a high-quality delivery on every front (except the story length and pace).
  3. Warriors could use some buffs, but not nearly as much as some commentators here would like to think. Common bias that refuses to account for cumulative effects.
  4. This. I was in the same situation back when I started, nowadays I'm soloing legendaries in a haul. Don't take pressure on it, there's tons of players in the same boat, but all it takes is time and experience. AND will to improve - all the information you require to get better is out there, on Youtube, on various sites such as Snowcrows and Metabattle. As long as you play and play to improve, you'll get there.
  5. Because you can build daredevil in 3 different ways: mobile, durable kiter, heavy-handed cleave machine and sustained condi dps kiter. The entire point of deadeye is that it's extremely high DPS on a single target, with the handicap that is requires a lot of micro-management within fights if targeted.
  6. I've seen streamers do it on guardian (or another class with ready blocks). I did it on thief. Took me a number of tries, though, due to just generally being unfortunate. Having additional speed from signets or otherwise also helps with the bomb run phase and dodging those claws. EDIT: good camera rotation/control helps too, especially to predict those quake patterns.
  7. Damage output is very good - against open world trash mobs and vets, as well as instance ads. Against any foe that doesn't die to a single shroud rotation, though, you're more than likely to get out-DPS'd by a competent player using same gear and a different class.
  8. That's the primary reason people like to blame their loss on them.
  9. There is only one Shatterer at a given time, and the ones chasing Aurene and getting killed by Almorra's forces are one and the same. Just speculation, but the collective "cloud" of undead dragons in Orr's skies are "Zhaitan" as a whole. In the actual encounter, we already see Zhaitan consists of numerous smaller dragons, per say, and Tequatl gains a power boost after his demise. Lupicus were a collective species that were wiped out during the previous dragonrise. There is nothing to suggest that the singular specimen stranded in Orr is related to Zhaitan in any
  10. The (previous) elder dragons predate The Six. This is stated in the lore and dialogue a number of times.
  11. Not much to add here, really. Smodur was (character) assassinated for the sake of "stakes and drama". His position could've been taken by someone in the Ash Legion, because playing the "long, long game" in this manner and fashion suits them better, at least IMO. They practically turned him into a GW1 charr after all the character display we got in base and season 2.
  12. Doing the season 2 story achievements amidst "return to" -achievements. The Mystery Cave section is the first achievement romp that's honestly made me feel like the devs wanted to be mean. I consider myself an avid dodger, but this is something else entirely: RNG combined with tight hitboxes.
  13. This. Hand of Abaddon is so well made. It's one of the most satisfying JPs out there. It's "difficult" without being unfair. Same goes for Mad King's Clocktower and Wintersday Wonderland (albeit those are thematically and fundamentally different, per say). Just imagine how much better (read: clearer, less frustrating) either of those Fire Island JPs would be if their pathing was hinted/marked by something as simple as unbound magic orbs?
  14. Lawnoff Myget sounds like a legit name, even for a human.
  15. Fastest methods to make gold, for new players: - Selling festival-specific loot bags (trick-or-treat bags, wintersday presents, etc). - Doing Triple Trouble and/or Tequatl daily for ~3-4 gold, each. - Doing your dailies for a swift 2g. If you're into it, I'd recommend playing one game of PvP, which yields you this in 10 minutes, on top of currency and mats for future combining and crafting. - Keeping an eye out for Daily Mystic Forger, which yields a Mystic Coin (~2g), as well as doing Ley Line Anomaly after Tequatl for another ~2g. Ley Line Anomaly spawns every 2 hours between 3 diffe
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