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  1. That's what I like to call [fundamentally] broken design. Sometimes - not always - people complaining about a champion, a character or a build even after it has received a number of nerfs is a sign of this concept existing within said medium.
  2. Being either doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the overall quality of one's arguments or mindset. I simply laid it out as it is. As such, no one should be able to get offended over it. Should.
  3. Might see a remaster of Dragonstorm at some point in the faraway future. Considering their current resources and and the way their staff's being worked, I doubt they'll have time or stamina left to push out anything new regarding these two dragons, though. Happy to be proven wrong, Anet!
  4. This, to an extent. The issue isn't "there's too much damage" - there isn't. When some builds (and some classes) have access to absurd combinations of survivability and dps, it emphasizes the issue we're currently having: misplays aren't [= can't be] punished enough and are too easy to recover from. However, what also poses an issue is when a spec is too strong both at range and in melee. Because of its resets, holosmith does not have a proper moment of weakness.
  5. It's almost funny how squishy core guard feels by comparison. They're strictly inferior in a 1vX scenario where X > 1.
  6. Grenadier holo absolutely oozes with [uninteractive] mechanics, which is how it's been able to compete in the meta for, what, well over a year now? Two years and some? Despite all the nerfs? Just look at the Explosives tree, you get barrier on an offensive ability, you get an offensive ability on a dodge, you get a defensive condition [blind] on a dodge and you stack vulnerability on an area whenever you dodge roll + hit. It's absolutely loaded with synergistic goodies combining offense on defense and vice versa. Combine this with the insane access to passive survivability that engineer
  7. Which makes it even sadder that it lacks proper support. Guild Wars [1] was a PvP game with sizeable PvE content on the side. This was, by all means and purposes, meant to be a PVP game, too.
  8. You know I care. And that new emote face is kawaii-desunee.
  9. No, you will not abandon your band of progressive cross-species liberals.
  10. The audacity knowing they're getting away with it with their alts.
  11. Same thing happened to me tonight when I logged in to recap decay (busy week). After a certain hour, it's nothing but win traders and bots (~1 AM, roughly, give or take 30 mins). I'm uncertain which is more pitiful; win trading or Anet refusing to properly punish people for it.
  12. Nice bait title. "Teef has too much blind!" --> there's a single thief utility that has bad design. While I agree Smokescreen should see some changes, eventually, it's not among the most problematic skills in the game atm. If you're honestly complaining about Shadow Shot, imagine how much initiative the thief must spend on a telegraphed skill just to keep you blinded for a few seconds in a row.
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